Turf drip irrigation

Landers, CA

I live in the Mojave Desert which some years only has 2" to 3" of rain. This means that everything has to be irrigated. A year and a half ago, I installed about 1,500 SF of TifGreen turf because of it's low water consumption needs. I installed a subterranean drip irrigation system because the area was very odd shaped and with constant desert winds a spray system would not be practical.

Water is very expensive out here as it is all community well water. Fortunately, we live over a very large aquifer and are not affected by the California drought. But, I still want to reduce my water consumption even more.

With the subterranean system, it is difficult to keep track of how much moisture is in the ground as there is never any run off. I probe it from time to time to keep the moisture in the top 6" to 8" but this is risky with a buried drip system. I have punctured lines a time or two. Add to that occasional temperatures in excess of 110* and high winds it becomes a constant battle to not over water.

I would like to install a reasonably priced soil moisture sensor system that could keep the soil moisture relatively constant.

What do you guys and gals recommend?

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