Superpoppy Heartbeat color?

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

I ordered this plant from Jung seeds, and it is on the way. Has anyone grown it? I understand I need to plant it in it's permanent location. The photos I see online vary, and I can't tell if the color is a cool wine-red or a warmer red. I have a place for it either way.

Natick, MA


Your post intrigued me and I had to check out this GORGEOUS. I found a link to a UK site that lists the different varieites of this species and shows photos. it also says Heartbeat is " the colour is deep maroon red purple"

I would love to hear how this does in your garden. I have never had much luck with poppies, but always adored them!

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Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

I noticed there is no photo in PlantFiles, except one of a bud! I will have to upload photos , hopefully will get some blooms this year. I have decided to put it near my "Cool Blue" area, unless someone says it is a warmer color.

Natick, MA

I am looking forward to seeing yr blooms! Please post!

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