Bouncing into spring.........April 2015

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Has everyone gotten out of farming? Nobody here to prattle on about what's up on the farm?

The SU and I had to feed calves for the neighbor just down the road. 7 bottle calves and 17 pail calves, all in really nice calf crates. They are all in the former dairy barn, so everything is right there. Just got done with the last feeding. It was a 5-feeding job; they took their kids and went up to the Wisconsin Dells to an indoor water park for a couple of days.

In Feb. we had a relief milking/chore job for 8 days. Really a nice set-up...........a double 8 parlor and 105 cows. Sure was much easier on my old body that I didn't have to bend down/over to milk. The parlor has in-floor radiant heat so that was nice too.

It's finally getting a little more spring-like here, but we could certainly use some rain. We haven't had any, so it was pretty messy when the frost was coming out of the ground.

Come on, peeps............I get lonesome here all by myself. Not EVERYONE has defected to The Other Place, have they??? I hope not, I like this one much better.

Richmond, TX

Hi Anna! I am still here - well, back again. I let my membership lapse. In addition to working on my income tax, I have been extra busy this spring due to all the rain we've been getting. The drought of 2011 severely damaged our pastures and I am frantically spraying weeds and shredding pastures to try to reclaim them. This wet spring is a great opportunity.

As usual, I have added a couple dozen replacement pullets to my flock of layers. They are still in the kindergarten coop; I will need to clip their flight feathers before I turn them loose to free range with the big girls.

My cow herd is still not rebuilt from the culling of the drought and may never be. I am moving away from cows toward chickens. All this year's calves were born without incident.

I am late planting our little vegetable garden. The pigs did not do a good job of tilling it up as it was taken over by rescue grass which they don't seem to find tasty.

I will try to send you some rain; it is moving through here heading north - but too much east so far.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Well, glad you are back. I have to say, I like this place much better than "over there". Just personal preference, I guess.

Yes, need rain. Guys getting gung-ho to plant, but I think most are going to hold off at least a week since they are talking pretty cool again next week, high 30's or so "they" say.

Richmond, TX

The farmers who planted really early were smart - corn and sorghum look great! No one is able to get into the fields now, or at least, in and back OUT...

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