What is going on with my Sylvester Palm?

Cocoa West, FL

I have an issue issue with my Sylvester Palm, not sure what to do with it or the cause. I have tried some Palm Nutritional spray applied in a 5 gallon bucket around the base. The new growth is turning brown after a couple of days, and lots of yellow spots on the older fronds. The guy that sprays my yard for pests, says in his opinion it is dying.

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Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

Looks like crown/bud damage… watering that palm with a sprinkler by any chance, with tap water getting into the crown? Can sometimes save it by applying an anti fungal down into the bud area (careful… this palm is nasty sharp and can make you really bleed!).

Cocoa West, FL

Thanks for the response, it gets watered from the sprinklers but would only get rain into the crown of it..thing has about 10 feet of wood now.

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