Rooting a broken rhodo branch

Eden, NY(Zone 5a)

Hello All,

I have, or maybe had, a new rhodo that split in half under the winter snow. (I learned my lesson, and will build protection for them for next winter.) One of the halves fell out of the dirt when I cleared away the leaves supporting it. The other half didn't have much left in the ground either, but I left it. Well, today we had crazy winds, and the half that was left was blown out of the ground. Is there any thing I can do to these two halves to get them to root and hopefully "save" this rhodo? Thanks for your help.


Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Hi Jennifer,
Depending on the type, or hybrid some are easier than others. i use this link because of the nifty how to graphics for Azaleas and Rhoderdendrons. There are a few different ways and I'm sure there will be some good techniques posted. Since the branch is broken, time is of the essence. It takes a while 2 plus months for rooting. Here's the link, good luck!

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