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Chickens Dying Unexpectedly

Lehigh Acres, FL


I have currently lost 4 chickens in a matter of days! It started off with my adding a new Tom (male turkey) to the brood. The Tom died in 3-4 days, and suddenly my hens starting getting sick and dying unexpectedly. In addition to losing the Tom, I have lost 3 hens and a rooster. I went to a local wildlife health center, described the symptoms my chickens are experiencing, and they provided me with some type of medication to dissolve in their drinking water. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have been successful. May you please provide any information as to what may be causing the sudden sickness/death of my chickens and provide advice as to what I can do to remedy this problem? Any information would be very much appreciated!

Chicken symptoms:
-- Pale colored comb
-- Diarrhea (however, no presence of blood in the excrements)
-- Swollen crop
-- Loss of appetite
-- Weight loss
-- Eyes are closed throughout the day
-- Trouble breathing
-- Abnormal chicken sounds
-- Appear to be tired/exhausted
-- Wings are droopy
-- One gets sick, then dies unexpectedly, and then another gets sick and dies, etc.

The youngest is 6 months old. There is no obvious presence for lice in their feathers (no scratching nor pecking at the feathers). There is no obvious presence of mites in their coop (they go into the coop to lay eggs normally and sleep normally). There is also no presence of worms in their excrements.

(Note: I also checked my chickens for other symptoms, however, they DO NOT exhibit the following: swollen sinuses, watery eyes, bad breath, standing while sleeping, bald spots, fluffing of feathers, head shaking, scratching, problems with egg laying, or reluctant to sleep in their coop at night)

With gratitude,

Lehigh Acres, FL

Thanks in advance to all helpful responses!

Richmond, TX

Wow, that is sad. It sounds like some sort of acute respiratory infection, but I don't know which. Do they cough or sneeze? How long are they noticeably sick before they die? Did the turkey show the same symptoms?

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

It sounds like something the turkey brought in. Can you possibly move the rest of the chix out and isolate them somewhere and then ''fumigate" it?? Not really the word I wanted to use, but you know what I mean.

Bridgewater, ME

I`m not sure what it could be,it could be a number of things,and yes it probably was brought in by the turkey.Always quarantine any new poultry for at least a month before putting them in with exsisting birds.I would say get some tylan,it mixes in the water,you may have to order it,I think they have injectable to which would work faster.I would start them on that right away.Another good place to ask is back yard chicken,they have a disease page.I would bury or burn the dead ones.Hope this helps a little,so sorry for your loss

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