Just got this chair and ottoman, LOVE IT !

Frederick, MD

Have to share... just love this furniture.

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Central FL, FL(Zone 9b)

Fun! Is this from Anthropologie?

Frederick, MD

No, but I can see where you would think so.

Found it online at "Sofa Mart". It's party of a bunch of furniture stores in a group of them called Furniture Row, in York, PA.

The fabric is called Kantha. Comes from East India.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

How can you not be happy sitting in that chair ? It must be stupendous in the sun.

Frederick, MD

So true, missing.... and that photo doesn't even do the colors justice. I'm almost done decorating that room and when it's finished, I'll post a few other pics in this thread.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I will follow the thread

Frederick, MD

Okay... my Not So Formal Living Room is finished (except for window treatment). Here's some more photos. See how that chair and ottoman fit in ? My goal was to contrast the brightly colored chair with a muted sofa. I then put the colorful art behind the sofa and the black and white art behind the colorful chair. Note that I mixed a black and white flower pot with the colorful ones. That coffee table is made from re-claimed barn wood for the top and the drawers are actually re-used fruit crates from an orchard in California.

The room is all about contrast... bright vs muted, new vs. old.

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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

It REALLY looks great. What color paint and I do like the choices for wall art and the mix you have going.

Frederick, MD

Thank you.

The walls are a paint from Sherwin Williams called Garden Sage.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I painted our bedroom with restorations Silver Sage. Loved it in the shop..hated it in the bedroom. 😳

Decided to go with a grey and yellow scheme and searched and searched for the perfect grey. I found it -- Revere Pewter. Warm....

Well in certain light (for short time thank goodness) it looks like a milder version of the silver sage!!! 😖

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And here is the green tone...not a fan of it.

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I did want a spa feel in the bedroom....the rest of the house has warmer colors. The Revere Pewter works well 95 percent of the time. Warm pure grey like the first photo I posted.

That painting above the bed was the inspiration for the bedroom.

This bracelet was what I was going for in the rest of the house. The ceiling is wood and so warm works.

So you can see why I love your chair and ottoman.
I do love color - it is a real jewel! LUCKY!!

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Frederick, MD

Well, I kind of like that soft green color. But light gray is a warm tone too.

You know... that chair and ottoman I posted aren't one of a kind. There are more. :)

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Oh I like it too, that is why I keep ending up with it I guess, but my house doesn't like it one bit.

Sort of like that perfect shade of red lipstick ...I keep trying but the skin doesn't like it.

Don't think I didn't look for a free place that I can put another chair.

You made a great choice and I like what you did with your choice of wall art.

Frederick, MD

Thanks a bunch... appreciate it, and all the compliments you've given me in the thread. :)

I should post some better shots of the art work I selected for the room. Two of the black and white photos were taken by a former girlfriend of mine... nice reminder of our time together.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Yes. The best art means something and it sure helps if it is nice too

My father in law painted the first (top) he was a union organizer in NY and worked the garment district. He met my husbands mom in a factory where she sewed....and that really looked like her in the 40's

The lady pouring from the bowl came from an ETSY seller who SEWED all my kids Christmas stocking to my design and a felted ( from an old grey suit ) jewelry case for my sis. We got to "know" each other over the years. she painted this. Her specialty...bridal wear.ballet shoes.veils

The last was our first piece of art when we were married... A homeless person painted it ( brown cardboard) his name was Smokey. New Orleans ....paid $1.25! and so it goes.. Yes, as you go post what you have done.

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Frederick, MD

Those are interesting works of art. And so true... Art that has a personal story means a lot more to us than art done by a person you never met and know nothing about.

Thanks for sharing the art and the stories!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

One last thing and then I will shut up and let others weigh in on your new furniture. It was not a topic and so I stuck this to the back of my mind

I think it was very clever of you to stretch that architectural line of dishes on the buffet..it repeats the horizontal line of the dining chairs and yet gives an opposite effect since one line set is flat and the other set is rounded... Again providing opposites like the muted sofa with the colordul art and the colorful piece with the black and white art.

I have to head out now and talk with a beautiful variegated elm...that I destroyed by moving it. It is holding out for dear life.... The leaves are ruffled and the bottoms and appear to be folded like an accordian...graceful ....and just beautifully speckled with splotches of bright green and white... This tree is a stunner. I hope it lives. I got it at a Plants Delight open house and the nursery doesn't sell anymore 😖. Enjoyed your thread. Hope others get to see it.

Frederick, MD

Thanks... I knew I liked the way I arranged the china in the cabinet but never stopped to think WHY. That's a good observation you made... appreciate it.

And I hope you save that tree ! Sounds like a beauty. I'm heading home to plant a tree, myself. Hard work but I love it. :)

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