Water Fountain question

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

This isn't a pond question, but involves water, so just wanted some input.

I had a grandiose idea the other day about making a water fountain in my new landscaping project that we will be undertaking since our fire. I'd like to have a type of fountain and this is my idea.................told the Spousal Unit and he basically told me "knock yourself out.........., we got plenty of rocks". I'd like to make a beehive-shaped mound of rocks and have some type of pipe come up through the middle and have the water bubble out and down the rocks. What would work to pile the rocks in that would be a good reservoir for the water to pool and get recirculated back up through the rock pile? I hope I have explained this well enough that you can see in your mind what I can envision.

Decatur, GA

Your idea sounds like a nice feature. I am sure you could find some DIY plans for such a project online somewhere or get a local water feature builder to give you a bid.
If you decide to go a head post some pictures for all of us.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Bid-schmid.................not going to hire someone to do that when I can schlep rocks from our fields. LOL The SU and I are going to build a pergola this summer too. Well, that is the plan, anyway. :>)

I have a vision in what passes for my brain; we'll see how THAT all plays out.

Decatur, GA

My reference to getting a bid would be for the expertise needed to construct the system that will circulate the water properly. You'll need a pump and electricity, plumbing connections, cement work for the stones etc…. Doing the work isn't usually a problem its knowing what to do that can get complicated. But I bet you can find plans somewhere and then go for it. I am a big DIYer too.

(Zone 9a)

I think you would need something substantial to hold a pile of rocks. Something like a steel grate that could sit over your reservoir. Any junk yards nearby???

I think I have an idea of what you are thinking of but wouldn't the water just flow around the highest rocks and disappear between them before it got anywhere near the bottom of the pile?

Sounds like a terrific idea, I hope you can work it out.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Ardesia, I'm semi-retired..........I got nuttin' but time. LOLOL

Decatur, GA

I think I would just pile the rocks on top of each other, no need for anything to hold them. If you didn't put cement between them though the water wouldn't flow down over the rocks but just straight down through them. Oh these pesky details. If you have nothing but time Anna_Z you will be able to do some experimenting. Please keep us posted with undated and pictures.
Here are lots of examples with lots of rocks!


PS - a random internet search, I know nothing more about the company. Not an endorsement.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Hi Anna,
What you want to do isn't difficult and I know you can DIY. You may be able to get away without having elec. out there if you use a solar pump. One gal built one using a heavy duty garbage bag for her reservoir to line a hand dug round little hole. Set the pump in it and then ran a flex tube from pump back up through a pile of rocks which had a little cement in them to guide the water flow.

There are kits for exactly what you are wanting. Wish I could think of the sites I have seen them on. Probably just search for water features and you will find them.

Good luck I know you can do it.

Bonnie D.

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