Branching Dudleyas

Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

A couple of shots here to show the native Dudleyas (D. brittonii) in action. The first plant is from a population south of here which branches dichotomously. You can't see the very center of the rosette too well, but it's splitting horizontally and there are actually two rosettes in there. Here's a shot from habitat showing the same thing a bit further down the road:

The second plant is a seedling from right up the hill and this population does not branch. To force the matter I cored the plant a couple of months ago. Actually I had to core it twice because I was not vicious enough the first time. :)

Last shot shows the two plants side by side in the sun. They are growing in 10 inch pots. It will be fun to see what they look like in a few years.

Thumbnail by Baja_Costero Thumbnail by Baja_Costero Thumbnail by Baja_Costero
Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

First plant now flowering, second plant consuming the full-sized leaves. Looks like it will have filled in around the injury by the time the rain comes back, which is great because it was a serious rot hazard with a cone-shaped depression in the center.

There's a pretty big difference between the two kinds of branching (division of the growth point, axillary branches).

Thumbnail by Baja_Costero Thumbnail by Baja_Costero

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