clematis inspiration in a container ?

Wayland, MA(Zone 6a)

I am considering placing my clematis inspiration in a container as it is lost in my perennial bed , it feels like a waste of lovely . would it be bad to keep it in a container for the summer and then moving it to the ground for the winter ? it has been in the ground for 3 years , thanks for any advise

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Hi Laura,
Why not move your clematis more to the front of the garden edge?
Or move some of your other plants?
Or at least cut them back around your clematis?

You could buy a short obelisk and tie the vines to the obelisk to get it started growing up on it.

I have also read one can put a clematis in a pot as long as the vine is two zones hardier than your area. e.g.: This clematis is hardy to zone 4; you are in zone 6. So, it "should" be able to handle staying in a pot through the winter. IF you did this, I would be sure it is a big pot and put mulch on it. I've never done this and am leery of this, but I have read you can do this. I would contact Brushwood Nursery or Joy Creek Nursery that has a lot of Clematis vines.

Moving your Clematis from the garden to a pot and back in the fall is not a good idea. Clematis often pout for the following year after they have been moved. I personally think you would lose it.

Wayland, MA(Zone 6a)

thanks birder 17, The clematis is a group3 type that grows low to t e ground unless tied to a structure and it has pretty dark pink flowers. if I moved it up front in the boarder it still would be lost , I put it in a pot with a prarie wine cups. the clematis is on the shade side of the pot and the prarie wine cups (who likes heat ) is on the sunny side its a gamble I'll keep you posted ! thanks for responding laura

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Laura, you are welcome. I would be quite interested in the results. Let me know.

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