Grasshopper defense for dahlias

Fort Worth, TX

Before I give away all my beautiful surviving dahlias, is there anything I can spray them with that will stop grasshoppers and crickets from eating them? I am rural and the grasshopper crop is prolific. They seem to leave a lot of stuff alone but adore dahlias. at this point sprinkling at bird time gets rid of some hoppers but they wiped out the dahlias last year, got one bloom only. Anyone have a solution? I did not lift my dahlias this past winter, but the first one is a foot tall already

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Nolo bait

Fort Worth, TX

sounds good. Bees won't eat it?

Fort Worth, TX

ah, may just give away the dahlias. Nosema kills bee hives. Don't THINK they would eat it, still researching.

Researched. Supposedly different strain of nosema, but neem oil looks safer. Thank you Stephanie. I've got 5 hives currently and 4 aren't very strong, was a rough winter.

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Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

The chickens got rid of the grasshoppers, but then started in on the plants- so that also has its downsides...

Fort Worth, TX

Chickens got some grasshoppers and some flowers then my neighbor's dog got my rooster then I locked the hens up and gave up on dahlias. Neem oil does look promising

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