Moving my gardens!

U.P., MI(Zone 5a)

Hi Everyone,
We are in the process of buying a new house. We will be closing on the real estate in about 3 weeks. In the meantime I would like to start digging up most of my flower beds.
Can I do that starting now and put them in some sort of containers. Any ideas of what I can use for that, maybe even plastic bags?
I have lilies, hosta, iris, roses etc, all are perennials.

Thanks, Sue

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Sue, if I were you, I would start watching this thread
and see what answers people post. Although I moved nothing when I moved, other people have done.

Natick, MA


I was surprised at your post from a buyers stance, because I would suspect they assume the gardens will remain essentially the same. I'm assuming you are selling your current home. Was this discussed with your realtor, by chance. My concern would be if your buyers come for a walk through before close and/or right after close go home and find the gardens empty (?) it may cause problems for you.

From YOUR viewpoint, I totally understand why you would want to take most of your plants with you.


U.P., MI(Zone 5a)

Thanks Carrie for the link, very interesting. Val I see your point but our house is not listed yet so I feel like I can take what I want. Than I will make sure the gardens look acceptable when we do list it. I won't be taking them all but I spent thousands of dollars on my gardens over the years. Now I am retiring and I know my new budget won't allow buying the plants I used to.

Natick, MA

Oh, well that also makes a huge difference....If you list the house, they see the house with what is there. I was just curious, and I KNOW how one can spend the big bucks on our gardens :)

You'll have to post some pictures of your new gardens when you get settled!

For containers, for starting bare roots, I used ziploc bags that I cut slits in the bottom and one on each end (side) and they worked really well for 3-4 weeks for hostas. I put them in a bin with 4-6 to a bin and it worked well. Iran out of pots and had already bought some..didnt want to spend a fortune on pots! Good luck moving your babies!

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

glamourpuss (wow what a name!)
I would suggest you look on some of the posts Donna Mack has posted. She, ver successfully, moved her plants. I would also contact her. I am pretty sure she would share any experiences she had.

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