Beautiful and colorful May flowers!!!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

We came from here:

Finally! Spring has arrived even up here in southern Missouri!!

I have 3 clematis blooming: Crystal Fountain, Kardynal Wyszenski and Nelly Moser. The Kardynal Wyszenski is loaded with buds and should be really beautiful in a few days. In the meantime, here are some photos:

Thumbnail by marsue Thumbnail by marsue Thumbnail by marsue
Ripley, MS

No Denver for me, too much snow ! I know you hate for her to be so far away. I have a friend that moved there over 20 years ago and they love it.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Love your clematis, Marilyn. I saw the photos of Samantha's graduation on FB. She is so pretty and looks so happy! I just loved the photos of her as a little girl with all that snow white hair. And very happy for her in getting a job so quickly. She will love Denver. My very good childhood friend lived in Denver until recently when they moved to Amelia Island FL and retired for good. She taught high school there (Aurora actually). One of their sons still lives there with his family.

The only clematis I can remember giving you (besides sweet autumn) might have been Jackmanii. Mine is already blooming. It's a medium purple with fairly good sized blooms.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Duh! I thought I had posted on the May thread but realize it was the April one.

St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

No Denver for me either. Hate the cold, it's much easier for me to stand the heat. Here are a couple of my clematis blooming this spring.

Thumbnail by happytail Thumbnail by happytail
Ripley, MS

We have a Cast !!!! Finally !! The had looked good, and we don't have to go back to Brimingham until the 27th of May ! We will spend the night that night and see Dr Kilic on the 28th. The plan is to get the cast off on Wed, then see Dr. Kilic to see if he is ready for physical therapy.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

That's good new Sandra!! I imagine he will be able to rest better with the cast on. I hope so.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Wonderful news Sandra!!! Does this mean that Jerry is not in as much pain?

Charlotte your walkways are looking good and I know you are relieved to get that taken care of!!! It's bothered you for a couple of years!!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yes I'm glad to get my walkways redone! Jeri you've had tons of stone put in so you know how sand gets everywhere when they work on it. That's what I'm trying to do now. Get rid of the excess sand . Hopefully it will be good for a number of years! I still have lots of mulch to put down. I'm just putting a few bags down as I get a little time. It's more time consuming than normal as I'm placing it in places I can't just dump the bag and then spread it.

Yesterday I had to have my RPZ replaced. It was making a gurgling sound and leaking. I took it off and took it out to a irrigation supply company. The guy took it apart to see what was wrong and I ended up having to just replace it. Cost me 237.00 but it would been probably 500.00 if I had called someone to fix it for me. They took pity on me and put it back on the fittings for me. I had taken it off for the winter. But he told me they seem to make them to fall apart after so many years. Mine was about 11 years old. Seems there is always something that needs to be done!!

Ripley, MS

Everything wears out, doesn't it ? Jerry is feeling better, he has more movement now, can move his elbow a little, just not all the way, he has found out his shoulder is very sore, now that he can move his arm more, we are hoping that is just from being unmoved for all this time.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Sandra, so glad Jerry finally got his cast. I would imagine his shoulder is sore now from it being immobile for about 2 weeks. Glad he can just relax for a while now before going back to the doctor. Hope everything your way will be a little smoother sailing for a while.

Charlotte I know what you mean about putting down a little mulch at a time. I try to put out pine straw a little at a time because I like to pile it up under some of my shrubs, not just sprinkle it around everywhere. I like to put a little extra 'insulation' in some places, so it takes me more time to get to the harder to reach spots too.

I still need to get 3-4 more bags of bark mulch for my pathways in the big garden, but that will have to wait. I'm going to enjoy Mother's Day this weekend. Meredith is cooking for us on her 'Big Green Egg' and Mackenzie will be there too. Yay!!

St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

I have been doing mulch a little at a time also. I'm getting too old to do 70 bags at a time, about 10 a day is my limit. And then, my whole body hurts for 2-3 days. I am using Preen for the first time this year, too. Hope it will at least cut down on some of the weeds. So far, this year, I have put out 60 bags, and have 30 more in my driveway. I hope that is the end of it for this year. I also clean out the piled up leaves from under plants, and prune if needed. Also, I will fertilize and pull weeds before I put down mulch too, so it takes more time than just spreading it around. That is also why I do it myself, instead of hiring someone. They won't do as good a job as I will.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sandra, so glad he was finally able to get his cast! I know ya'll will enjoy the vacation from all the driving and just be thankful to be able to relax at home for 3 weeks! Have they said how long they expect Jerry to be off work? I am sure he will have several weeks of physical therapy once the cast comes off. I sure hope he is able to do that part locally!!

I love the brick and stone pathways Charlotte..... think I forgot to mention that in my last post. Looks like they really did a great job. I have some areas where I would love to have a brick path, but I have been afraid to try to take it on.

Wow, Marilyn, my kids would be so jealous! They LOVE Colorado...and they would all love to live there! Alex had hoped to go to Denver for his residency, but now that he has swapped gears, I don't think that is an option. I think he is going to try to do his other visiting rotation in Lexington, KY..... but he isn't sure yet. He is also looking at Chattanooga, TN and a couple of other locations.

I need a few more bags of mulch in my big bed once I have a chance to spray the border - and make sure everything is dead. We just left the very edge exposed, but we have used all the mulch we had. Then I still need mulch to top dress the foundation beds. I hope to have a chance to do my spraying this evening.

Does anyone make strawberry preserves?? I made the recipe for Strawberry Jam in the surejell package, but it isn't really what I was after. Just wondered if anyone had a different recipe that they used.......

Marilyn and Happytail your clematis blooms are lovely.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Well, I tried to load a couple of clematis blooms and I couldn't get it to work - so I am trying again.

I planted these both several years ago and aren't sure of the names...........

Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026
Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I put Preen down this year in my beds out front. They are the ones I have trouble with weeds. I hope it helps. Time will tell! First time I've done it too.

The brick and stone paths I built myself to begin with. I started 30 years ago and have added to it over time to the point I just have paths of stone and brick and no grass in my back yard. It's really not that difficult to do - just lots of manual labor!!! To begin with I had a regular concrete patio and wanted to extend and soften it. So I decided on doing a stone one and leaving a space between the two for planting. You have to put a bed of sand down and then build from there. After you have them all in place then you pour sand all over the top and sweep it into the crevices good. The sand sets them. Both have gotten expensive. When I started mine it was not a popular thing to do - guess I was ahead of the curve! LOL But now everyone uses stone. I decided to line my beds in the back with pavers 30 years ago and wanted the red antique ones. I looked forever before I found them. I hauled them all home myself in a minvan. I had to make several trips because they were really heavy. Then later I decided to make the brick pathway. I also got a bunch of the same pavers from a walkway from a house in the heights there were tearing down and made a "patio" in front of my work area in the back and the storage shed. When I decided to do the brick pathway instead of having them around my beds I didn't have quite enough brick to take it all the way to the "patio". I discovered the same brick at the Antique Brick Company in LR. I could have pulled up the brick and done it over myself but I decided I am getting too old to be doing that and have too many other things to do also. I hauled and placed every single stone in my back yard. I couldn't tell you how many tons I've hauled in. I bought it all by the pallet load. The first ones I had delivered but I had to haul them all from the front yard to the back yard. The guys also cut out a lot of tree roots that were at the surface causing unlevel spots.

The guys were pretty amazed that I had put all that stone and brick back there myself!

Genna what do you mean Alex has swapped gears. Where is Kyle going to be going this fall? Haven't heard you say.

Sandra Jerry has kept that arm so still for so long it probably is sore just to move it.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Preen has worked pretty well for me this year except in my one driveway bed. Grrrrr! It's the biggest one, and there is one area I noticed yesterday where weeds are popping up everywhere. I think it's where the dog walks around a lot and occasionally scratches up the mulch, so that is partly the problem I think. There also is not as much to shade the mulch in that area, so anything that drops there can take hold. I have some daffodils on the border and really nothing between those and the crepe myrtles in the middle in this one spot and the weeds seems to take over. I didn't remulch since last fall, so don't know if that has anything to do with it or not, but I'll be out there pulling weeds before long. They are only about an inch high right now.

Genna, your clematis in the 2nd pic looks like Nellie Moser.

I used to make strawberry preserves and I always used the SureGel recipe. Haven't done it in years though so not sure why it wasn't up to your expectations. Was it the texture or the flavor? I always used fresh strawberries mashed up, a lot of sugar and the SureGel.

Ripley, MS

Genna, maybe you should do them like pear preserves if that is the taste/texture you want. I used to make jellies and preserves, but stopped because of the diabetes. I would soak the pears overnight covered in sugar, then cook them down the next day-no sure jell used with that

Yes, I feel like vacation has come--LOL--I am beat up today after yesterday's trip, I got our expenses sent in to workers comp today and so far we have driven 1,640 miles ! We have made 5 round trips to Birmingham. Tomorrow he has an appt with the heart doctor at 8:15am.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I had almost forgot about his heart problem!! Prayers going up for that visit!!!

Ripley, MS

His AFIB has been better since he is not working, but still there, his heart rate was 105 at the doc yesterday. I think he will probably put the Holter on him tomorrow
Has Jim fully recovered from his fall?

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Charlotte, Alex has decided he will try to go emergency medicine instead of orthopedics which is what he has always wanted to do. But, he will have better odds of matching in the computer system to emergency med - and if they don't match, they can't practice!! Ya'll don't want me on that soap box! Anyway, it looks like Denver probably wouldn't work as a match for him in Emergency med - he is trying hard to research the programs and their past matches to try to fit the mold so he can match! There were 16 of this years seniors who didn't match at first and I think 6 or 7 matched in the 'scramble' that they call the week after initial matches are done..... so that leaves 9 without a residency. Kyle is on the wait list for UAMS, and also in the "wait pool" at UTMB in Galveston. We don't know yet if he will get in either one...... thankfully the school has allowed them permission to stay in their on campus apartment until the end of May when HOPEFULLY we will know something! There is a chance in both cases that they could be calling up until the day before school starts for him to be there!!! He REALLY wants to go to Galveston, and it would be MUCH cheaper for them to do so...... they are going to Galveston next week because they are having an open house for their physician assistant program. Maddie hasn't been to the campus before, so they are going so that she can go thru the open house and she can look around the town and the campus. Meanwhile, he is applying for research jobs at the school in Galveston, and other jobs both in Galveston area and LR. I hope we are able to narrow down which way they are headed soon........ prayers would be appreciated. They both graduate from OBU on one ceremony if its not raining, and at two if it is.

I know what you mean about toting rocks. I used to stop on the way back from Kyle's pole vault classes and load up a few rocks - bring them home and unload those and add to the next week. I managed to get a pallet of flat stones when our corporate office tore up some to redo some landscaping. I asked for a pallet load by email when they offered them up - sight unseen - and then a friend, who used to work here at our plant, brought them to me when he was coming this way. I used those for stepping stones in a few places in my foundation bed. I had wanted some more for my big bed out front, but I ended up just buying some of the square stepping stones at HD because they were so much cheaper.

Elaine, it was the flavor, and possibly texture too. Just nothing like what my Mom and I used to make. We used to have a very large strawberry patch and we put up strawberry preserves every year. I wasn't going to make many, but I just wanted a few jars since these strawberries were soooo good. Its not that the surejell recipe isn't good - just not really what I was wanting. I just couldn't remember if we used surejell or not. I guess she must have made them more like we did the pear preserves. I have a few berries left, and I might try a small batch to see how those turn out. I try to limit my preserve/jelly use but I much prefer the homemade to the store bought - at least I know it doesn't have all the preservatives in it along with the sugar. I was hoping for a few jars of strawberry, then hope to do a few jars of peach and then pear to have a good variety.

Sandra, I know that is a lot of driving! Hope tomorrow's appointment goes well! Hopefully that stiffness and soreness in his shoulder will ease up soon!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yes Genna I know about the matching system. I did some work at UAMS for a while. Can't remember the title of what I did right now. But I was a practice patient. I mainly worked with senior students. Ironically one of the cases I did was as an alzheimer's patient. I had a script I had to follow. Afterward we would give feedback to the student as to how they did from the patients perspective - not whether it was medically a correct diagnosis or not. What is Maddie's major? What will they do this summer for jobs?

Clint got an offer to teach Enviromental Science at Stanford this summer but turned it down. They have summer camps for students and they recruit teachers from Clint's college. It's known for their Environmental Science program. He would have had to live on the campus at Stanford all summer and he didn't want to do that. I think he's ready to spend a little time at home. He will probably have the same opportunity next summer and maybe he will be willing to stay on campus all summer by then.

I know nothing about making perserves. My mother always made peach and pear. Can't remember if she made strawberry. I may eat preserves 3 or 4 times a year at the very most. Richard eats it every day on his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He like seedless black raspberry which is hard to find. However, there is a lady in our antique mall that sell Ozark preserves. They cost more than at the grocery store but they are homemade and taste really good. So I buy those for him. Don't eat it myself.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

They are not sure what they are doing for summer jobs............. so much hinges on which direction they are going. Kyle has applied for some jobs in LR and one in Bryant, but he has also applied for three different research positions at UTMB in Galveston. They pay between 30 - 40K per year, so if he could get one of those, they would be moving to Galveston for sure. If he doesn't get into med school there this year, he should stand a really good shot at getting in next year and he would just spend the year doing research, shadowing doctors, and learning the facility at UTMB. But, so much is up in the air...... I am afraid that by the time they know where they are going that a lot of the summer jobs will be gone. :( He could work here in town again for sure, but of course they don't really want to live with us for the summer. He wouldn't gain anything by working here if they paid rent in town somewhere..... even if we could find somewhere to rent for just a couple of months which I think we could do. But, I told him I don't want him going thru his reserve trying to sustain themselves over the summer. Right now they have quite a bit of money, especially for kids their age, socked back that they have scrimped and saved from selling some of their things and from their refunds from college because they got extra money being married. Hopefully we will have some answers soon. I am thankful that the school has given them permission to stay for May - but not sure we are going to have enough notice to move them to whichever direction without have to move them somewhere temporarily in between. He will graduate Magna Cum Laude tomorrow and I am sure Maddie will graduate Suma Cum Laude. Very proud of both of them........ now if we can just find out what direction to move them! :)

Jessica hasn't found out about one test, but she has A's in two of her classes for sure. The teacher for the test she hasn't heard about is very slow to grade stuff and several people who were in the class last year said she never posted test grades and they didn't know what they had until they received their grade report. Then she has another test this afternoon, but she only needs a 40 on it to have an A in the class, so she should be fine with that one. She also has her ceramics II final today - which is where all their work is evaluated for the semester, but I think she will get an A in there as well. She is trying really hard to have a 4.0 this semester and be on the President's list............ she had never made a B until going to college and if she makes a 4.0 this semester it will be the first time since she got there. But, she is having to take an incomplete in her research because they had to replace her compound - and it still didn't work, then they had to order parts for one of the pieces of lab equipment and it still hasn't come in, so she will have to finish her research in the fall. We don't know if the incomplete will keep her off the President's List even if she has all As in her courses........... I know someone who is going to be VERY upset if it does. :(

I have ended up eating most of my strawberries that I had left, so don't think I will get to try the preserves with this batch, but if I can get some more I will try just the sugar and berries method to see what happens. Those strawberries were so good I have eaten lots of them just plain.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

My grandsons are all going to do the same thing this summer they did last summer. Jake leaves for Hungary the very end of this month and I think will be gone all summer. Justin and Clint have gone to a church camp for 2 weeks every summer since the 6th grade. It is always the first two weeks after school is out. Last summer was the last time they could go as an attendee. This summer they have been asked to be counselors. They love the camp and really wanted to do that and both the places they worked last summer wanted them back and will allow them some leeway in when they start to work this summer.

Genna I'm sure Kyle will find something soon. Is his wife also looking for work. I guess she has to kind of wait and see where he's going to land before looking herself. She's a smart girl too.

We went to Spearsville (north LA) to the cemetery and El Dorado today. I took Samantha and Charlie with us. Somehow Charlie managed to get out of his harness (I must not have had it on quite tight enough) and he decided to run out the gate and run up and down the road. I didn't think I was ever going to catch him. He scared me to death. It is a local road and only one car came by but I had to stand in the middle of the road and keep waving and waving to make her stop!!! To top it off I was running up and down the road barefoot! I was in sandals and they kept coming off so I had to kick them off. I was yelling "sit" at him the whole time! Finally he walked into the grass on the edge of the road and sat for me. I would almost have him and he would run as fast as he could! He will sit but he will not come! I practice having him sit all the time at home because I've never been able to teach him to come. I was beginning to think sit was not even going to work today. I think he is just stubborn!!

Ripley, MS

He was just playing a game with you Charlotte, loving being someplace new to explore ! Sounds like Eli---LOL !!!!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

I had a long post ready to post yesterday and then somehow it disappeared. GRRRRR! I was on my Ipad and couldn't get it back so I waited until I moved my laptop from the bedroom back into the living room today and decided to start over. Now, however, I have forgotten what I was going to say! ROFL

Anyway, I just wanted to let you ladies know that my subscription here on DG expires in about 11 days. I am a member of several other forums (not gardening) on other sites and it just takes too much time for me to keep up with all of them. Since I am on FB and can keep up with ya'll over there, I am not going to renew my subscription here. I have enjoyed my time on DG and I thank God for bringing you all into my life through DG. I am still looking forward to remaining friends with ya'll--just on FB. I will be at Kathy Ann's RU on May 30th and hope to see most of you there.

Oh, Elaine, that other clematis which I couldn't remember the name of is Annabelle. Does that sound familiar to you? I think you gave it to me.

I only have about 3 different iris here but there are a lot of each of them blooming right now. They were here when Al bought the place 18 years ago and, of course, he has no idea of the names but here are some photos of them. The one that looks blue is actually more purple.
The other blooms are snapdragon (red) and False Indigo (blue).

Thumbnail by marsue Thumbnail by marsue Thumbnail by marsue Thumbnail by marsue Thumbnail by marsue
Ripley, MS

My indigo is starting to bloom also Marilyn, so you are catching up quickly. Has been hot and dry here, but think that might change on Monday.

(karen) Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Charlotte your pathways look great! Genna your posts always make me glad my kids didn't want a career in medicine as it seems quite complicated and frustrating - but I am glad SOMEONE'S kids want to do it:) Marilyn I love your iris pics

Here are a few photos from this morning. Hope everyone has a very happy MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Thumbnail by kjuddy Thumbnail by kjuddy Thumbnail by kjuddy Thumbnail by kjuddy Thumbnail by kjuddy
Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

We got a really hard rain here Fri night and again last night. I really need to get some pruning done. I'm going to try to get out later today and get some of it done. I'm looking forward to a nice quite mother's day! I was on the go all last week and have a full schedule this week.

Pretty flowers Marilyn and Karen.

I am afraid I've made a mistake in planting new dawn rose on my pergola. It comes up the pergola on a post behind a japanese maple and the japanese maple and the rose is getting bigger. The rose is getting into the maple and I really can't get up there to train it. I put some wire supports up the best I could last year. Not sure what I'm going to do. You can't see it but it's growing straight up in the air behind the maple.

Thumbnail by cperdue Thumbnail by cperdue
Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope Yall have a wonderful day!!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Happy Mother's Day everyone. Nice blooms Karen and Marilyn. Charlotte, that looks like something that would happen to me, lol. I don't know what to tell you, other than get some guys with a ladder and some pruners.

Marilyn, I don't keep up with a lot of people on FB, and don't really know of other sites where y'all gather, but we will miss you here.

Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying
Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Here are a few more. The iris are winding down but they have been really pretty this year.

The 3rd pic is false solomon's seal and it was really pretty this year too. Finally got everything planted and mulched in the veg garden.

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Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying
Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Everything looks really nice Elaine. I have the false soloman seal but didn't realize that was what it was called. I bought it and probably have the tag buried around it somewhere but had forgotten the name. Your garden really looks nice!!!!

I've been working in the yard all afternoon. I've been doing some pruning on my azaleas in the back and trying to pull up vines and other stuff that just keeps coming up. I also put some more mulch down and still have a lot more to go. The yard waste people come Tues so I'm trying to get as much out to the street as I can by then.

Yes I'll have to have someone do some pruning on the New Dawn rose. It's WAY up in the air. Way too far up for me to be pruning on. I don't need any broken bones.

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Beautiful flowers, Karen and Elaine!

Elaine, where do you get those clay bottle holders that you stick into your potted plants? I'm assuming you fill the bottles with water and then turn them upside down in the holders? I may have some of that false solomon's seal, too. I didn't know what it was but it is blooming. You may have given it to me.

Charlotte, I had a New Dawn rose against the side fence when I lived in Cabot. It would be nice to know if it is still living and, if so, to see how much it has grown. In a way, I would like to go back and see what the lady who bought my house has done with the flower beds but in another way, I don't want to go back--too many memories there.

I hope all you ladies have had a lovely Mother's Day! Al and I went over to Branson and had lunch with my daughter and her husband and one of her step-daughters plus a couple we all know. We ate at Cantina Laredo at Branson Landing. It is an "upscale" Mexican Restaurant (according to their advertising) and very good.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

My New Dawn rose has grown like crazy! I can't remember exactly how long I've had it but I don't think I've had it but 3 or 3 years.

We have a Cantina Loredo in LR. It's in the Mid Town shopping center. I like it and eat there fairly often. The guacamole made at the table is really good!

Ripley, MS

I had a very Happy Mothers Day, so tired though ! I hope everyone else did too.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I forgot to say Happy Mother's day!

I talked to Jeff and they provided foster care for 7 month old twin girls for a week recently. They had agreed to keep them from one to 3 weeks. The mother is in a battered women's shelter and was looking for a job. After a week she wanted them back. When Jeff and Kristi got them they were not sleeping all night but by the end of the week Kristi had them sleeping all night and the mother says they are still sleeping all night. She is thrilled!!! I asked how Kristi did it. He said she just put them on a schedule with naps for certain length of time and at the same time every day. They were also mainly just having formula and she added more solid foods to their diet - vegetables, etc. He said that's the last they will do until fall as the boys will be home this summer.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Charlotte is there any part of the rose down where you can reach without getting on the ladder? My blue sky vine did the same thing but I found where that part started and cut it down there. I just left what was up in the crepe myrtle there and it eventually fell out with the wind after that part of the vine died so I didn't even have to retrieve it.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I may be able to do that . I need to look tomorrow while I'm still pruning. I have some pruners that have handles that extend do that will help. Here's a better picture of it. It would be really pretty without the Japanese Maple but I don't want to cut it down.

I see the first picture loaded sideways for some reason.

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Thumbnail by cperdue Thumbnail by cperdue
Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Marilyn, I believe I ordered those clay bottle holders. May have been from Gardeners Supply but not sure. I broke one last year. Word to the wise...don't try to shove the wine bottle too hard into the holder. I waited too long to put it into the pot & the roots had grown, so I was forcing it a little too hard and it broke. Put them in when you plant your pots and bury them as deep as you can. Then just fill up the wine bottle with water when you water the plants and it will work better.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Marilyn, sorry to hear that you aren't renewing. I understand though because I just renewed mine. I considered not renewing because of FB - but I love the fellowship that we have here that FB doesn't really allow. Plus, I love being able to "catch up" here if I get behind. There seems to be so much I miss on FB because I am not on there enough. But, I am sure I will be seeing at least some of your posts on there!

Elaine, I was going to ask the same thing about the clay bottle holders! haven't seen those anywhere but they look like a great idea! Is that purple lantana in your pot? I have never seen it in purple...........or is it verbena? I couldn't tell.

Anyone on here have experience with this plant? I have heard from another thread on DG that it is a great plant for the heat, but not sure it would live here over the winter. Just wondered if anyone had any experience with it..........

That rose bush is big Charlotte!

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