My Heart Shape Hydrangea Bloom

Wiltshire, United Kingdom

3 years old Hydrangea Bush ( pencil stick like when planted ) produce this unusual shape flower last summer. This year showing again more than 3 dozen of potential summer blooms. I hope it will be heart shape again.

Thumbnail by Angelickho Thumbnail by Angelickho Thumbnail by Angelickho
Trenton, NJ

Wow... that is beautiful! That is a perfect heart shape. The color is gorgeous, too. I've never seen anything like that. That is a special bloom, indeed. I wonder if you could cut that bloom, put it in water, then let it dry to preserve it. Thank you for sharing the great photos of your hydrangea.

Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Thank you. I tried to cut a few blooms but unfortunately didn't hold the colour but turned brown eventually. Though took about more than a week before it withered ( as cut flower in water ). I see a lot of flower buds coming out this month so u i hope this will be a brilliant blooms ( again ).

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