Clematis ID and Ooops! Did I prune incorrectly?

Niles, IL

Hi. I am a newbie clematis lover and need your help.

First of all, can you please ID my clematis?

Secondly, did I prune it incorrectly? I cut it back a few weeks ago to the first set of bud I found going from top to bottom.

Thanks for your help!

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Williamstown, NJ(Zone 6b)

Is this picture after the pruning? If so, next year I would trim it back farther before it starts to put out much. that would give you more growth at the bottom and more blooms there too.

Anyone correct me if I am wrong.

Niles, IL

Thanks for your response Marie.

Yes, the last two photos are after pruning. So where would I decide to prune back to? A certain distance from the base? Leave a certain number of buds per stem? Thanks again for any input.

Williamstown, NJ(Zone 6b)

Next time you prune in the fall or early spring. cut it back to about 18 inches above the ground. That will force more growth to the base and root. My dear Clem friend taught me to use granulated manure and a tbs of Epson salt in a gallon of luke warm water to each Clem. And then Mulch real good.

Niles, IL

Thanks for your input. I will definitely cut it further back next spring. And will look for granulated manure. Epsom salts? That's a new one for me but if it works well for you I'll try that too.
Happy gardening!

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