Alikat's Haves and Wants 2015 Trading Lists

Greenfield, NH(Zone 5b)

Hi Everyone,
This thread is for HAVES and WANTS chat here please!
Please post what you have to trade and what you're hoping to receive this trading season!

Greenfield, NH(Zone 5b)

Haves: (I have more than what's listed so please ask if you don't see something)
Columbine - various colors
Giant masterwort - white
mums - yellow and purple
lily of the valley
threadleaf coreposis - moonbeam
purple coneflower
bloody cranesbill
Sedum -- purple emperor - autumn joy - angelina - voodoo sedum
various hostas - no names
siberian iris - purple and white
Great Blue Lobelia
Yellow Loosestrife
black eyed susans
shasta daisies
ladies mantle
bee balm - purple
obedient plant - pink
rosa rugusa (beach rose)
coral bells

Wants: (I really LOVE any types of plants)
silver mound
pink masterworts
pink lily of the valley
bleeding hearts
cushion spurge
coral bells
hostas - love the ones with multi colors or patterns
yellow shasta daisy
foxglove - reds and oranges
agastache - reds and oranges
japanese maple tree
baptista - reds and oranges
centura - black sprite, gold bullion
coreopsis - domino, route 66,
dianthus - ruby sparkles,
coneflowers - reds and oranges
blanket flowers - reds and oranges
foam flowers - love this plant!
bergenia - this is a great plant and I'd love more of it

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Mount Sterling, KY(Zone 6b)

This is a "work in progress" list. I will update as I find things.

Echinacea ,Purple Coneflower, Pow Wow Wild Berry
Cardinal Lobelia
Monarda ,Bee Balm ,Pink
Purple Ruffled Basil
Corkscrew Rush - effusus f. spiralis
Water hyacinth
Aaron's Beard, Creeping St. John's Wort, Hypericum calycinum
Tall Sedum-'Autumn Joy', 'Neon', NO id (Purple blooms)
Kelvin Floodlight
Thomas Edison
Otto's Thrill

Stella D'oro
Happy Returns
NOID red W/ Green throat
NOID , Pink with yellow throat

Noid Red w/yellow edges- King Humbert maybe?
Pretoria-Bengal Tiger (only have a few available)
NOID Yellow

Spiderwort- purple noid
Hosta- 'June', 'Patriot', Variegated (NOID), 'Frances Williams'

Japanese- Crystal Halo
Tall Bearded- Heirloom-Blue noid, White/purple noid
Dwarf- Cinderella Sunshine
Louisiana- Black Gamecock
Siberian Iris -noid
Vinca minor- variegated
Lambs ears

Baby Sunray, Jethro Tull

Cheddar Pinks gratianopolitanus, Firewitch
Gayfeather-Liatris,spicata purple
Variegated Yellow Loosestrife punctata 'Alexander'

Nora Barlow
Wood Sorrel, (Oxalis) Purple
Iron Cross Oxalis

*Shrubs and Vines*
Crape Myrtle- Pink Velour
Orange Trumpet Vine, rooted cuttings
Wintercreeper Euonymus, fortunei 'Silver Queen'
American Holly, opaca
Japanese Maple "Bloodgood" only a few small seedlings available.
Passionflower vine, 'Maypop' ,Passiflora incarnata, rooted cuttings

*Tender Perennials, Tropicals, and houseplants, Annuals*
Colocasia,Elephant Ear,esculenta-'Mojito', 'Red Stem', Large Green EE
Variegated Zebra Haworthia-fasciata f. variegata
Polka Dot Plant ,phyllostachya
Mother of Thousands - daigremontiana
Rain Lily- Asst colors
Purple Heart, pallida
Banana Trees- 'Thousand Fingers' , 'Cavendish Dwarf', 'Little Prince', 'Poquito' (Pups)
Coleus- Asst.

White Liatris
Hardy Geranium-any
Hostas - large and Mini
Japanese Iris
Bergenia -Pigsqueek
Green Jewel Echinacea or any except Purple(I have tons of it)
Brunnera- Jack Frost or Any other
Tall Bearded Iris
Daylily- Fancy or double in particular, any except Stella D'oro, Happy Returns or Ditch lilies
Lavender- Any
Lily- all types
Sedum- Purple Emperor or any red leaved type
Columbine- Any
Cannas- any that are not listed in my have list

I love ALL flowers and would not strictly limit a trade to those listed here. There are so many I don't have, it is impossible to list them all. And if you don't see something you are looking for, just ask...I might be able to "acquire" it for you. Lol

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Iowa City, IA(Zone 5a)


Michael Paul, I. Germanica, I. Pallida,
Concertina, Eleanor Roosevelt, Coronation, Abelard
Cheddar Cheese, Kwanso, Little Wart
Creeping Jenny, yellow/green color
Artemisia "limelight" and Valerie Finnis
Hosta "Kabitan"
Lamium, a few different bloom colors
Sweet Woodruff
Spiderwort, purple
Veronica, Waterperry Blue
Two-row Stonecrop
Wild Ginger


Heucheras and Heucherellas in interesting colors
Cardinal Flower
Dianthus of any color or height
Bugbane, dark foliage varieties
Native, fragrant honeysuckle
Veronicas of any color
Tall phlox of any color
Verbascum cultivars
Buck roses, any
Agastache rupestris
blue Carex or Fescue
any violas that are not wild
Asclepias incarnata
Meyer Lemon
Echinacea with red or orange blooms
Irises that don't mind wet feet
Clematis (any except virginiana)

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(Debra) Derby, KS(Zone 6a)

Obedient plant lavender
Mexican petunia purple
Silver Squil
blue Agave
Clerodendrum Speciosa
noid brugmansia
sanseveria moonlight
sanseveria tall sstripe
wandering jew purple and silver
four o clock tubers
snowberry bush red berried
Cestrum nocturnum
sedum succulent yelow bloom
creeping jeny yellow w/yellow bloom
vinca periwinkle blue
honeysuckle yellow and white
datura stramonium
yellow oppurtunia cactus
small snow queen hibiscus
small red poodle hibiscus
purple wild violet
blue and white wild violet
Black sambucus pink blooms
Kalancho " aligater" mother of thousands
Kalancho Autumn Joy
Vinca variegated blue flowers
double /triple orangered day lilly
oxalis purple
sweet autumn clematis
virginia creeper
english ivy
chinese white lilac
goji berry
asters white

any milkweed
red coneflower
cardinal flower great blue
hardy fern
poppies any color

cardinal flower ruby slippers

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

I'm easy Here for i just Need /Would like to find a few of these plants for fillers :

Sedum --Autumn fire ---blade runner
Rose---mini / tea's ---
primula "s any
polemonium purple rain
Heuchera's ANY
Geums ---ANY
Coneflowers ---- Any
Columbines ---ANY
Dianthus ----Any
Boltonia ---White / pink
Hens-N-Chicks ---- GREEN ONES
Bergenia--- ruby
Brunnera's ---- a few lost tags
Aster's a couple of them one get's bout 3" tall other is shorter
Many colors of Mums some named
Hen's -N-Chicks ---RED ONES
Hosta's --Lost tags
Chocolate Mint
Loads of Daylilies
Loads of SDB & TB Irises
Orange trumpet
Yellow Trumpet
HoneySuckle--- Halls Yellow & White
Spiraea---dbl play big bang
Tall Phlox --- David --- & a couple other colors Purple/white & a Pink/white
Short Phlox ---pinkish
Spiderwort--- Blue / Purple
Rose Champion --- White
Fern's --- Tall 3'
Hollyhocks-- Many babies unknown colors till they Bloom
Young Red Quince Trees
Chocolate vine
many other types of Plants to share just cannot think will post more later

Invassive vines or Mints

Lockport, NY(Zone 6a)

Orange double ditch lilies (hemerocallis fulva)

Anything that can survive Zone 4 winters-- especially perennials.

Thank you!

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