Succulent Help? Echeveria problems!

Summerville, SC

I'm having problems with two of my Echeverias. The first one (first two pictures) is just pitiful looking and I'm not sure the cause. It was shipped to me and it seems like a snail or bugs got a hold of it before I received it.It also seems like it needs better sun which is why I moved it, but it doesn't seem to be doing much better. Any ideas?

Also, the second one (other two pictures) looks like it is slowly cutting itself off its stem. I'm suspecting a bug problem from when I bought it that I didn't notice. I haven't noticed any bugs on it right now but I'm wondering if it is going to need some TLC or just leave it alone? Tips or info on what to do?

Please and thank you!

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What kind of light do they get? An indoor Echeveria should get as much sun as possible.

The second plant will probably need to be beheaded and restarted as the damage to the stem is pretty serious. I would cut it with a sharp knife right above the brownish indented part, so that there is no brown or diseased looking tissue left on the top part you are removing. Give it a few days to heal and then set it up in a new pot on top of the soil. There will be a lag of a few weeks as it sprouts new roots and then it will gradually resume growth. Water normally through this process (so that the soil goes dry or nearly dry between waterings). Leave the bottom part alone and keep watering it normally and you may see new heads sprout from the leaf axils.

If any of this is unclear I would be happy to explain in more detail.

Summerville, SC

i got my posts mixed up on my phone! (Where I have my pictures) sorry, I'll get the correct ones!

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Summerville, SC

Here are the correct ones! I hope I did it correctly, I used a sharp razor and cut out the funk then placed them back in their own pots.
The other one has been moved to a sunny spot to help it get what it needs so hopefully it will help.

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I would suggest not planting that new cutting immediately. Let the cut scab over for a day for two before repotting.

Summerville, SC

Okay, thank you for the advice

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