Fall bulbs ( I know its early)

silver spring, MD(Zone 7a)

I've been trying forever to find a source for colchicum that was reasonable. I ordered some other bulbs earlier this season from Brent and Becky and was quite pleased both with the prices and the quality they sent me. I'm planning on ordering my colchicum from them this year (I just got the fall catalogue). Their prices are reasonable and of course get more so with the quantity. If anyone thinks they'd be interested... I can check and see if they'll be ready in time for the fall swap for delivery.


OH! Bye the bye, there's a 5% discount on all orders in before received by July 1st, 2015 and an additional 5% or 10% total discount on all PAID bulb orders received by July 1st, 2015 on a good sized order that amounts to a lot of bulbs.

I'll probably drive down to pick them up as an excuse to go to Williamsburg.

If anyone is interested I'll start a thread on the group buy list.


Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

The only thing I'm buying this year are tommy crocus bulbs. ADR has them but in huge quantities. I'll be getting about 100-200 bulbs, so unless someone else wants the rest of the bulbs, I'd have to go with a Brent and Becky's.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I can always do tommies!

I realize I've been promising for weeks to get an ADR
thread started... maybe if/when it starts raining today...

I think they might have colchicums, also...

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I want more of those little alliums.

silver spring, MD(Zone 7a)

I haven's seen colchicums on ADR

So, should I start a thread. It would be great to be able to take advantage of the bulk prices plus the discounts. I'd like to put in some of the alliums as well.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

You're right, no colchicums on ADR... I know I saw them somewhere else recently, maybe Blooming Bulb?

Yep http://www.bloomingbulb.com/c-5849-colchicum.aspx

don't know how those prices compare with B&B. note that when they say discount on 5-10, that means 5-10 packs of however many bulbs.

By all means, get a thread going for them! Please put it over in the Group Buy forum so we keep admin happy with us.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I've got a list of fall bulbs started for a group buy from ADR. See http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1397083/

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