Bella Vista, AR(Zone 6b)

We have a family of groundhogs in our backyard woods. They are cute, but quite destructive. And will only get worse when they grow up. We are thinking about filling up their den with rock after the babies are grown hoping this will move them to another part of the woods farther from our house. Will this put them in danger, or is this a humane way to get them to move on.? This is a picture of one of the four babies. Already not so little anymore...

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Wonder if they are related to mine? :)

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Brooklyn, NY

What a wonderful treat!

The rock-filling idea sounds fairly humane, but you'd have to be careful to do it after the babies have grown ó and eventually they'll move out into new territories anyway, leaving mom behind. So it's not really necessary, it might not work if you can't find every entrance to the den, and if it *does* work it'll be a big inconvenience to a mom who's done so much work to dig her den complex.

My advice is: enjoy your adorable little neighbors! It's their world as much as ours, and the "destruction" is a small price to pay for having them around.

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