2015 Spring Secret Hosta Swap - Sign-Up Below.

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)


"Hello Everyone!"...A Little Later than Normal but...
"Who's Ready for Some Hosta Swapping....?"

"Welcome to the 2015 'Spring Secret Hosta Swap'"!

It is that Time of Year...Time for Another Fun and Exciting Hosta Swap...
So that Means it's Time for...the...
2015 - Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap'!

The 2015 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap' is Open to...
All Dave's Garden Subscribing Members Residing with an Address in the United States or Canada.
Canadian Subscribing Members are Welcome as Well.
(Just as Long as...
I Get at Least Two(2) Canadian Subscribing Members to Sign-Up for Match-Ups)

2015 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap' Rules

If You Wish to Participate in the 2015 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap'...
You Need to Sign-Up by Thursday, June 4th, 2015 at 11:59 PM.
(Just Before the Stroke of Midnight)
To Participate You Also Must D-Mail Me All Your Information Before the Closing Date/Time.

I Will be D-Mailing the Name of Your 'Secret Hosta Swap' Participants Name that You Will be Sending Your Hosta(s) to by...Saturday, June 6th, 2015.

This 'Secret Hosta Swap' is for Sending...
...at Least One(1) Named Hosta Plant.
(You are Allowed to Send More if you Choose but...You Must Send at Least One(1) Healthy, Disease Free, Named Variety of Hosta, with at Least One(1) Eye and Sufficient Roots for Planting).
There has been Much Discussion Here and Other Forum Sites on HVX and Foliar Nematodes. If You are Suspicious of Any Hostas You Have...Please Do Not Share those in Question with Your Fellow Hosta Friends. Please Only Send a Hosta(s) that You Would be Happy to Receive and Plant in Your Garden.

All 'Secret Hosta Swap' Packages Must be Mailed/Sent out by Friday, June 19th, 2015.
If there is Any Problems Getting Your Package Shipped Out on Time...
Please D-Mail Me so I can Contact Your Secret Hosta Swap Mail Recipient/Partner.
This 'Secret Hosta Swap' is Set-Up so that No One Knows Who is Mailing to Who.

All Secret Hosta Swap Packages Must be Mailed by USPS Priority Mail, FedEx, or UPS with a Delivery Confirmation(DC) or Tracking Number. All of These Shipping Agents Have Delivery Confirmations Available...Included in the Price of Shipping...ad Can be Done Online.
Once You Have Shipped Your Package...Please D-Mail Me with Your DC or Tracking Number.
This Will be Used to Track the Package if there is Any Problems with the Delivery.

Please Remember to Send Me that D-Mail with Your Information for Mailing...So You May Participate in the Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap'.
Make Your D-Mail Subject Line...'Secret Hosta Swap' and Include the Following Information:

Your Full Name (First and Last).
Your Full Mailing Address (Including Zip Code)
Your Dave's Garden 'Screen Name/User's Name'.
Your Personal E-Mail Address.

I Will D-Mail You with a 'Confirmation D-Mail' that You are a Participant of the 2015 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap'.
I Will also be Posting Below the Participant's 'Screen Names' as They Sign-Up. If Your Name Does Not Show Up on the List Below...Please D-Mail Me to Get this Corrected.

A Very Important Sideline Note...
Hosta Secret Swaps are Always a lot of Fun and We Can Avoid Disappointment by Making Sure that those who Sign-Up for this Secret Hosta Swap are Committed to Following through and Mailing out their Packages on Time.
Please...Do Not Sign-Up if You Can Not Complete Your Obligation.

NOW...Everyone...If You Wish...
Post or Link Your List of Hosta(s) that You Have Currently in Your Garden Below When You Post to Participate. 'Wish Lists' May be Added to Your Post Below Also.
(This Does Not Mean that Your Trader Has to Send You a Hosta(s) from Your 'Wish List'. It is Just a Guideline so People Will Know what Hosta(s) You Have Currently in Your Garden and what Hosta(s) You May be Looking for.
Any Hosta(s) that are Sent...are Totally Up to the Individual Who is Sending.
This 'Hosta Secret Swap' is as All 'Secret Swaps' are...For Fun!

So Let's All Have a Good Time!
If You Have Any Questions or Concerns...Just D-Mail Me.


Following are Links from the HostaLibrary.org.:
(A Wonderful Source and a Wealth of Information)

Simple Instructions for Dividing Hosta.

Simple Instructions for Shipping Hosta:

Hosta Virus X - (HVX )

Another Very Good Source with Visuals for:
Digging-Dividing and Shipping Hosta.


2015 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap' Participant Listing
(Here is a Chart of What the Standings Currently are.)


'beclu727' (GA)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/18
6/24 ~Hosta Box Received from ZZTOPSOIL(Lelan) in OR.

'HelenVT' (VT)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/22
7/ ~Hosta Box Received from Mud_Elf(Kris) in AL.

'frahnzone5' (IL)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/22
6/26 ~Hosta Box Received from Wendys_Garden(Wendy) in NY.

'joycet' (OH)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/20
6/18~Hosta Box Received from Tracey8165(Tracey) in MA.

'Mud_Elf' (AL)- Hosta Box Sent- 7/22
6/ ~Hosta Box Received from HelenVT(Helen) in VT..

'Tracey8165' (MA)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/12
6/24 ~Hosta Box Received from UMD_Terp(Paul) in MD.

'UMD_Terp' (MD)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/22
6/23~Hosta Box Received from joycet(Joyce) in OH .

'Wendys_Garden' (NY)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/19
6/24~ Hosta Box Received from frahnzone5(Felisa) in IL.

'ZZTOPSOIL' (OR)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/26
6/20 ~Hosta Box Received from beclu727(Becky) in GA.



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Bensenville, IL(Zone 5a)

Where is everyone this year? Count me in. I need to check what I have and will edit later today.


What I have available
Blue Mouse Ears
Tide Water
Blue Ivory
Puddles & Bumps
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Scarlet Ribbons

On my wish list:
Dancing Queen
Spilt Milk
Catherdral Windows
any giants or minatures

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Pembroke, MA(Zone 6a)

I signed up, Felisa. Last year was my first hosta swap and it was great. I'm hoping some folks will sign up over the weekend.


My Wish List
Any hosta, especially not one I already have, but I will accept any gratefully.

What I Have
August Moon
Autumn Frost
Blue Angel
Blue Ivory
Blue Hawaii
Blue Jay
Blue Mouse Ears
Blue Wedgewood
Blueberry Muffin
Brother Stefan
Captain Kirk
Earth Angel
Emerald Tiara
El Nino
Fire and Ice
Fire Island
First Frost
Frances Williams
Golden Tiara
Goodness Gracious
Great Expectations
Gum Drop
Hadspen Blue
Krossa Regal
Lakeside Paisley Print
Lemon Lime
Night Before Christmas
Northern Exposure
Pandora's Box
Paul's Glory
Pearl Lake
Quilting Bee
Rainbow's End
Raspberry Sundae
Spilt Milk

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Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Here I am!

Please add me, Lelan!

Thumbnail by joycet
Otway, OH(Zone 6b)

If anyone would be interested in sending me a box for postage, just send me a dmail, mine are not big enough to divide yet, but always love to add more. But is is also ok if no one is able to do that. Kathy

Charlotte, VT

I'm in.

My Have List
Sara's Sensation
Holy Mole
Strip Tease
Regal Splendor
Komodo Dragon
Dean's Dream
First Frost

Want List
Dancing Queen
Paul's Glory
Gunther's Prize
Hollywood Lights
Captain Kirk
Goodness Gracious
Stained Glass

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Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

I Have Everyone Added/Posted.
We've Lost a lot of Hosta People Here...
Either Dropping Subscription or Moving to Other Websites in the Last Year.
Glad to Have Everybody Aboard.

Thursday Will be the Last Day to Sign-Up.


Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Hey all!

I am still around. I haven't been on DG in quite a while. I love love swapping hostas with everybody. I am afraid since I am out of routine I will miss things.


Elfie @ Goodwater,, AL(Zone 7b)

Sign me up please. This will be my only swap this year,,,,lol

Dacula, GA(Zone 7b)

Sent my dmail to Lelan earlier today. I am ready to swap!

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Oh crud I am late waffling back to the green side.

If you are an odd planter out let me know.

Troy, NY(Zone 5a)

Leland, am I too late to get in on the hosta swap?

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

I Could Not Eliminate Any Past Swappers.
I Have Added...UMD_Terp and...Wendy's_Garden.

I am A Little Late with Things so...
I am Working Out Names and Will Send Out Names Late Tonight or Early Tomorrow Morning.
Thank You for Your Patience Everyone.

We Are Now Closed for New Participants.


Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

Sorry I missed out this year and last but both times the email came from Lelan I was in the hospital in ICU. Hopeful I will get well this year so I can get back to gardening at our new home on the Oregon coast not too far from Leland actually.

Thaks to Lelan for keeping me in the loop.

Edited because I can't spell. LOL

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Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Hi all,

I would be happy with anything that is sent (esp since the deer mowed down a good majority of my hostas last week).

But am looking for anything that is not green. Different would be my word this year.

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

Lani I am so Sorry to Hear of Your ICU Activity.
and...Happy tho that You are Now Living on the Beautiful Oregon Coast!
Just a Hop and a Skip from Me.

Everyone... Hosta Swap Names are Slowly Now Going into Your Inbox
(I Hear Excitement in the Air


Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

Everyone Should Have a Name!

Friday June 19th is the Day ALL Boxes Need to be Shipped.
Everyone Don't Stress...Just Have Fun!
If You Have Any Questions or Problems...
D-Mail Me.
Let the Hosta Hunting Begin....


Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

I got my name! I'm looking forward to a great swap as usual!

I'm not looking for anything particular. I'll be happy with what I receive!

Elfie @ Goodwater,, AL(Zone 7b)

I got my name. My mailing date will be a week from Friday as that is pay day..lol

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

So it begins...

Charlotte, VT

I got my name too. I won't be able to ship until July 4th weekend. I moved my hostas to my mother's last year and she lives two hours away from me. I will try to make up for being so late.

Charlotte, VT

Mud Elf what kind of hostas are you looking for? You need to give your hosta swap buddy a wish list.

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

OK Hosta Boxes are Being Shipped.
Let's All Work and Get those Boxes Mailed as Soon as You Can.
Congrats to Tracey..."First to Mail"!.


Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

I'm a bad, bad girl!!

I got a wonderful box of hostas from Tracey!

I got really healthy plants and all ones I didn't have. I had once had Geisha and Pandoras Box, but lost them sometime over the years.

Tracey sent
Fire Island
Pearl Lake
Pandora station Box
Blue Jay

All beautiful hostas. Your thoughtfulness was overwhelming, Tracey. Thank you for a great box!

Thumbnail by joycet
Dacula, GA(Zone 7b)

Box is in the mail. Should be received tomorrow. It is so hot here, I hope they survived Atlanta to get to their cooler destination.

Pembroke, MA(Zone 6a)

I'm glad they arrived in good condition. Aphrodite is fragrant. When it is in bloom I walk by it everyday and breathe in the scent. It's one of only two that inhave that are fragrant. I hope you like the scent.


Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks Tracey. I usually don't let my hostage bloom. I'd rather have that energy go back into the hosta. But I'll let this one!

My box is also in the mail. It's scheduled for Monday delivery.

*Dont you just love spell check! I don't let my HOSTA bloom!

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Charlotte, VT

I placed an online order for my hosta swap buddy. I thought the better of making them wait until the fourth of July weekend. I love the excitement of these swaps!!

Dacula, GA(Zone 7b)

USPS tracking says the box I sent was delivered to the front porch yesterday at 2:23 PM! Hope someone was home to get it.

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

Hi Becky.
They Have Arrived!

A Beautiful Box of Hostas Arrived at My Front Door on Saturday Morning.
Becky Sent Me 7 Wonderful Minis, Small and Medium Hostas.
Everything is Taking a Long Soaking of Water Before I Pot Them Up this Afternoon.

Becky(beclu727) Sent Me the Following Beauties;

Allan P. McConnell.
Grand Tiara.
Iron Gate Delight.
Sea Fire.
Silver Crown.
Sugar and Spice

and the Cutest Little Green NOID You Could Ever Love.

Everything Arrived in Perfect Condition and Packing was Fantastic.
These Little Guys Traveled All the Way from Georgia to Oregon.
I So Love these Little Beauties.

Thank You So Much Becky.
Your Oregon Hosta Buddy Appreciates Your Generosity.


Dacula, GA(Zone 7b)


So glad they arrived and are still alive. I was worried because it has been so hot here. Temps are more like August than June! If it doesn't shower here, I have to water almost every day. I've had more deer browsing close to the house than is usual. Almost wiped out a huge Blue Angel in one night! But it has put up a flower stalk! Hostas are tough.


The noid came from seed from one of the 2 plants in the picture. Either the far left one or the center one. It was growing at the base of the wall between them.

Thumbnail by beclu727
Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

My tracking number says my Hosta box was delivered yesterday at 5:02 pm. It was left on the front porch. Hope someone got it!

Pembroke, MA(Zone 6a)

I got a wonderful box of goodies today from UMD_Terp. Thank you Terp!!!!!!

I got Wishing Well hosta, Japanese Painted Fern, UKN Deciduos azalea, Native columbine, Hardy strawberry begonia and a white bleeding heart.

Such great variety! I'll have to think about where I'll put all these beauties.


Dacula, GA(Zone 7b)

Got my wonderful hostas from Lelan today! The box arrived just before it started raining. Perfect timing since the rain dropped the temp from 96 to 75! They are soaking in a bucket even though only one had dried out in transit. I will pot them up tomorrow since the hot weather is just starting. I got Alice in Wonderland, Birchwood Parkey's Gold, Bold Ribbons, Feather Boa, Lakeside Rocky Top, Toy Soldier, Teaspoon, Invincible, Regal Splendor, and Striptease. All are new to me! I am planning a new hosta bed under a birch tree out front and these will be perfect since they are all different sizes and colors.

Thank you so much Lelan!!!!

PS: Hope your computer problems are fixed.

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

OK Folks.
Let's Start Posting When You Receive Your Box.
and...Let Me Know When You Have Mailed.
(Everyone Should Have Mailed Now Except 2...
Which I Have Given the OK or Asked to Wait (Thumbs Up).
It Helps to Keep Me Sane in this Heat...
if I Know What's Going On (lol).


Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

Oh Becky I am so Glad that Your Box Arrived.
I Hope Over the Years that They Bring You Much Joy.
Thanks for Participating.

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Hi ALL! I received my wonderful box on Tuesday but was unable to respond until today!!!! I received beautiful hostas from Joyce. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Luna Moth
Robert Frost
Night before Christmas
Paradise Joyce
Fire and Ice
Ripple Effect

From Joyce! Thank you

Troy, NY(Zone 5a)

A special thank you to Felisa (frahnzone5). I received my box with the following beautiful hostas:

Blue Ivory
Tide Water
Puddles & Bumps
Rockets Red Glare (my favorite)

They arrived healthy and beautiful. I'm enjoying them so much. Thank you again Lelan for putting together the swap.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

As always, it was a fun swap!

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

Yes it is Fun Joyce.
You All Did a Marvelous Job...
Sending Some Wonderful Hostas.

But...We are Still Waiting for One(1) Box to be Delivered.
(It Will be Delivered Soon)

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