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Help Identify Yellow Iris

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

I never know quite what to call these iris. For some reason I want to refer to them as a Dutch Iris. They get very tall and stand up straight, and are beautiful when they bloom. A brilliant yellow. I also have some in a creamy white. Blooms don't last long. Just took these pictures as it is their time to bloom.

I don't think they are Siberians as I have lots of Siberian and these seem different. I bought them (a very small amount of bulbs) years ago from an elderly lady that was downsizing.

Thank you in advance for helping with identity.

Thumbnail by brendak654 Thumbnail by brendak654 Thumbnail by brendak654
Pittsburgh, PA

Looks like Iris pseudacorus, yellow flag iris. Mine are blooming now, too. Very Invasive, especially near water.

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

No, this isn't the flag. Here is the flag - the yellow in this post - I have that one too, in my pond.

Good try though......

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South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

It looks some like I. halophila, but you say it came as bulbs?

South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

Have a look around here.

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)


I checked the website you suggested. The bloom looks to be near the same, but when I Google farther, it looks like the Iris halophila has a height of only 8-24 inches. That is a really close picture of the actual bloom, but my iris are at least 36 inches tall. Probably taller? Anymore thoughts? I don't think Dave's Garden has this particular iris in the plant files - at least I did not find it.

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Toms River, NJ(Zone 7a)

I've never seen a bulbous iris get that tall. And they are definitely not Dutch Iris.....
If they are not Iris pseudacorus, then I am totally baffled on this one.

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

I just went outside in the rain and measured the height of these beauties, and they are 45 inches tall including bloom. I am confident they are not native. Their root resembles that of a bearded iris, but sometimes it gets a little longer than what I have seen a bearded iris bulb.

Concord, NC

Hi, to me this Looks Like YELLOW SPURIA IRIS..the Yellow Form Spuria That get Real Tall is a Species Spuria called 'IRIS ORIENTALIS' atleast i think thats what You May Have. Spurias are Prized For there Long Bloomtime and Tall Height. Some Cultivars can get 6' feet tall.

Photos Below Copyrite B. Selman where the seeds are available.

Thumbnail by themikesmom Thumbnail by themikesmom Thumbnail by themikesmom
South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

Yes, I thought some type of spuria also. I have grown a sub species halophila, pale blue and a yellow that were around three ft. As far as I know all these we've been talking about are spuria types. My days of Iris hunting are distant memories, emails long forgotten on another computer, names that won't come to mind when you want them.

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

themikesmom - Yep - That looks and sounds about right.

I apprecaite ALL your help in identification of my iris. THANK You~

Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Perhaps the correct term is rhizome not bulb. My Spuria rhizomes have bristly fibers on the portion of the rhizomes above ground. I'll try to get a photo for comparison.

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

Yes, by all means - post photo(s).

Here are photos of what I think to be Siberian Iris, growing in and round my pond. Speaking of rhizones. I know from the rhizones of some of the below photo iris are definitely suited for water.

The # 3 iris are completely growing in the water. I know there is an iris referred to as a Louisiana Iris, but not sure if any of these are Louisiana?

#4 is Shogun.

If I can find a couple more photos I may also post them, just to get your comment(s).

#3 & 5 are the same.

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Western, WI(Zone 4a)

No.4 looks to be a Jap. iris.
I have a couple that look just like that.

Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Iris can not overwinter in water, where it freezes. They can not survive freezing and thawing multiple times, they will turn to mush. We all love the photos of the Japanese irises in the water but this is done only during the blooming season and only for the photographic effect.

Maxine, I am enjoying the progress of all the lovely irises that you shared with me. The early Siberians are blooming now and some buds are starting to form on the Japanese. It's still raining so I haven't been able to get out to take any pictures yet.

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

Mittsy - #3 and #5 in the pictures I posted above do winter over in the water. I was amazed that in mid Feb this 2015, our temp gauge was a negative 15. Rare for our area. These survived quite well. They are far enough out in the shallow water that I have to put my knee boots on to pick them. These look to have more root system than rhizome. They are very interesting. Perhaps that makes them a totally different iris?

Western, WI(Zone 4a)

Mittsy, rain we have received over 6" in 5 days. My sand sent up a white surrender flag, but no kidding, my iris are really putting on a show. Some I had never seen blooms on, trades and purchased new ones.
I got told my my dh and son that I have to scale back and I know that it is getting hard for me to keep up with my back so bad.
glad you like what we traded for.

Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Your zone and perhaps micro climate might be the answer but I'd love to see one of the roots to determine what plant it is. I'm thinking a species or cross between a yellow flag and Japanese,

Northwest, MO(Zone 5a)

Looks to me like it is Spuria Iris "Sunny Day"

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

From what I just read on Spuria Iris "Sunny Day", it has some white on it. This tall yellow does not have any white. All a bright yellow. You about had me convinced.

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