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Hello all! Just bought a new house, and we have a living room that has a stone fireplace with dark brown shelving on either side of it. It gives me kind of a medieval feel, so I'd like to expand on that and create a medieval-themed living room. I'm absolutely terrible at being creative, so any ideas would be wonderful. We don't have a large budget, but we are starting from new (we'll be hitting up yard sales, etc, for furniture) and would not have to incorporate anything we already own. We'd like to start with paint before we move in - the walls are a generic off-white color and I'd like to repaint them. Texture/color suggestions? Types of curtains? In the first picture, the view is of the fireplace end of the room - that's the front door on the left, and the open door is hiding two windows. The second picture is from the fireplace - there's a staircase separating the living room from the dining room.

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What are the colors in the stone in fireplace? color of the mortar in the fireplace? consider those colors when designing that space & painting.

white walls need to go.

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It is true that decorating our homes can be costly. We would consider the paintings, the home accessories and the color of our furniture. Well, save yourself that money and modernize your home decor by modernizing old decor with a fresh coat of paint or other additions.

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I agree ... Your furniture and paintings should be very much a part of your color choice. And so, I would find a few key pieces I love and then work around it for paint color choices. Your pieces will lend to the color if metals in lamps,sconces, etc. etc.

I am interested to hear what others have to say - I have no clue about medieval although in antique shops I do see large wood chairs and hutches that have sort of a castle that what you mean?

Seattle, United States

Light aqua may be a better option than generic off-white color. Use Grommet-top curtains that are relatively new. This is great for a crisp, modern room.

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I would say to paint the wall with light color and brighten up the room by adding color in your furnitures. Add bright pillows, rugs, that can help you change the look of the room.

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That appears to be a rather small space, and with the dark stone fireplace essentially taking up one wall, if you paint with anything other than a light color, you are going to feel suffocated when you walk into that area. I am not a curtain/drapery lover so I would leave the windows unadorned as I personally feel that any window treatments would close that area in even more. HOWEVER..........that being said, that is just MY opionion.

Since it has been almost 5 months since the original post, I'm sure you have already "fixed up" the room.............I'd love to see the end result.

I know about suffocating rooms.............when I moved into this house, the living room walls.......all 4 of them, were painted a chocolate brown. If you don't think that didn't grab you by the throat when you walked through that didn't wanna let go either. LOL The room is about 13x15.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Anna I empathize with what you are saying.about color and small spaces. It doesn't have to be small spaces however. I have a large one space living, dining, kitchen area wiith tongue / groove pine ceilings. Pine was lightly whitewashed initially but more and more darkened into the traditional white pine coloration over the years. The floors are white oak stained and sort of golden too.

I found a beautiful cider color for the walls. I should say there is plenty of light flooding into this space and the ceilings are high...14 feet and 24 feet. The furniture is very light. The room is airy. Well, that cider color on the walls and the color of the ceiling and floors together...with sun streaming through made me feel like I was in a big open vat of pee shot with sun rays. Horrible. HORRIBLE. That was suffocating. Gone was the airiness.

Here is the color of the cider still needing to be repainted ( over the door and to the right and you can see it up against the ceiling. ) I kept thinking what was throwing it off was the dark blue frog tape...once I pulled it off it would be all better. Nope. Had to do it all over. Alot of painting and taping.

I did want to stick with warms shades so painted the walk behind the faucet the golden yellow and the short / narrow wall the darker terra cotta. But the rest of the space I had to go with plain old boring cream. So, dark colors work sometimes - like in small bathrooms or foyers -- it just has to be the right dark one --and take into consideration ( I did not ) the floors and ceilings.

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Hello, Amy. Congratulations on your new house, it looks amazing. I think light yellow would be a good fit for the color of the stairs and fireplace. Lighter colors can really open up the space and make it feel much larger. I hope this helps. Good luck on your project!

Massachusetts, United States

I think the color of your room is a little dark,if use bright color,it will be strange.So the softer, pastel colors are really suitable.

New York City, NY

Congratulations Amy for your new home. Its a beautiful house and I really like the staircase area which separates the living room from the dinning area . As you want to repaint it to give it a refreshing look. I would suggest, you should go with Aqua blue as it will compliment the wooden stairs as well as the fireplace area. Moreover, for the curtains color, you can go with rose quartz which is declared as the color of the year by the Pantone.

New York City, NY

What are the shades in the rock in fireplace? colour of the mortar in the fireplace? consider those shades when making that area & artwork.

Bronzers | California Tan

Ontario, Canada

I think light colors would do good.

Brandywine, MD

Okay, even I am not creative at all so I can't give you the advice which you want. But I can help you with the different ideas which you can get. There are plenty of contractors who can provide you with the best advice along with the budget you want. Here are some of them,, etc. I guess this can help you.

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Ontario, Canada

Any light hue will do.. It will reflect more light illuminating the space. Alternatively you can decide on your home decor and then choose the paint color.

32100, Pakistan

Do you want to use wood stoves for cooking?

Kansas City, MO

My new house has a similar layout, so we left the walls white and matched the decor with the furniture. The furniture is mostly gray. If you have the whole picture, it won't be hard to match. I like the idea of painting the walls in light colors.

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