Is there an EASY way to keep Hybiscus free of weeds?

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

I have several hardy hybiscus growing in the ground, and for some reason it seems difficult for me to keep them weed free. Compared to other flowers, I think it is the shape of the hybiscus that gives me the problem. Any suggestions?

Natick, MA

Hi Brenda,

Mulch (ie I use mostly leaf mulch) is my answer for everything (well, not EVERYthing...LOL!)
But it keeps weeds down/infrequent, and moisture in :)

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

Maybe I just need to get my hibiscus away from other plants. I always seem to crowd them in, then I cannot keep the vegetation at bay.

Valal - Leaf mulch. As in just dry leaves? I should bag my leaves in the fall and use them for mulch this time of year?

Natick, MA

I invested in a leaf shredder last fall, as we have a TON of trees and I figured why not use what nature gave me (vs. wood chips). In the fall, I put a layer of shredded leaves around as many of my plants/gardens as I had leaves. Had a problem with my foot and had to stay off it, so didnt get to finish up (but that's neither here nor there).

The problem with using full leaves is if the layer is thick, it will kill sproutsThat would be OK if you're doing places you dont want sprouts (ie plants reseeding themselves, etc)

However, if you bag your leaves in the fall and then go to use them in the spring, i wonder if there would be enough decomp (if they are in some sun??) I'm guessing that there would not be enough. But it might be interesting to try at least one bag and see ;0)

Hubby isnt crazy about the leaf mulch "look" but it does the job. I have leaves to shred, but have been too busy doing spring cleaning and planting...still have bunches of WS'd seedlings to plant, too.....SO much to do, SO little time!

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

Interesting..... Thanks

Natick, MA

MY pleasure :o)

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