June means Daylilies!!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I am sooo sad, I realized this weekend that Marilyn would no longer be here to start our new monthly chat threads. Since it is June 1, I will start one this month, but ya'll will definitely have to help me out on keeping a new thread going.

My daylilies are in full bloom now and I love seeing which new ones have bloomed out each day. This is Lunar Max - one of my favorites

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Genna! I thought about that too, that Marilyn won't be here to start our June thread. Such pretty daylilies blooming! I woke up yesterday to a bunch of mine blooming and took some pictures but haven't had time to post them yet. That Lunar Max is stunning. Sandra, Roses-in-Snow had 2 blooms yesterday. It's one you gave me and is now one of my favorites.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Cloudy again today! A little bit of sun peaked through and teased us this morning!

My next door neighbor is having a really tall pine tree taken out today. It leans toward my yard so it's good that he's taking it out. But they are making me nervous as they are dropping some of the limbs in a very tight space in my back yard! Then they are putting them over the fence into his yard to take out front. The first guy that went back there was trying to walk through my bed with some hostas in it to get back there. Of course he was about to step all over my hostas!! I showed them the way I want them to get back there and made it clear that was the path to use. They have to walk behind the workshop and between it and another building! The tree is also above the area where my green house is. So I hope they don't damage it. When they get the tree out it will let more light in that back area.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Sheesh, Charlotte!! After all that work you've done back there, I'd be furious if they messed it up!! Of course more light in some of my beds, just means more weeds.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Tree is down and all is well! It was a huge very tall tree but they did a good job. Only thing with any damage is my old stainless steel double utility sink that I use for potting soil. It got a dent on the side but no big deal in the big scheme of things! I think I'll plant a couple of azaleas back in that spot. I had one that died back there but still have one living. I think they didn't get enough light. There is a sprinkle head in that area. There is another big tree (don't know what it is) that has branches that hang way down. Well most of those branches are now gone since it was growing right next to the big pine that came down. So the area will get a lot more light. It's at the end of the workshop and the fence between our yards is close by. Probably just about a 10 or 12 ft space from the workshop to the fence but a lot longer than that.

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

June does mean daylilies, so here are some I photographed yesterday and today. Charlotte, glad the tree is down safely.

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

And some more around the yard.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine your yard looks really pretty. I love that hydrangea! Your day lilies are pretty too!

Ripley, MS

I haven't had much time to take pictures this year, but I had to measure this J. iris today, it was so big it fell over, it measured 7.5 inches.
I love roses in snow too, it is a good one, so glad it is blooming for you

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Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I miss Marilyn already too!!! Thanks Genna for starting our new thread!!!

Charlotte I would have been sick if things had gone wrong after you having your yard is such good shape but those tree cutters are amazing!!! TG!!!

Elaine your yard is looking great as normal!!!! My crew that weeds and puts out mulch has not been here in over a month and with all the rain we can't even get the grass cut. I hired a new crew that started today and hopefully there will be some good pictures but I am having things cut back so it may look like a bad haircut for a little while.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Sandra, that is one huge bloom!

Jeri, hope you get your yard crew working. I hate y'all have had such bad weather. We will probably need rain in a couple of months. Don't know what this is going to do to the tomatoes and other vegetables. Mine look ok, but all this rain is a recipe for blight, fungus and all sorts of bad things.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I getting ready to go check my tomatoes this afternoon. That is if I still have any!

Yes they tree people were very careful.. It took them all afternoon to cut it down. There is also a power line for the whole neighborhood running across the back of our yard (between our street and the street behind us) so they also had to be careful not to hit it. The power line is very close to the tree. They took it down in very small sections and they tied each section they were cutting so they could drop it rather than just letting it fall. There seems to be tree cutting going on all around us! The next door neighbor on the other side had one taken out of his front yard last week. It was a huge pin oak that had died for some reason. They say they have two more in the back they are taking down. One lost one side in the ice and snow storm a couple of years ago and is leaning toward the other neighbors house and I forget the reason they are taking out the other one. We have enough trees that you can't tell they are gone!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Charlotte glad they got the tree down without messing up all your hard work!

Elaine your photos are gorgeous. Your bed with the hostas and JMs looks so pretty. Do you have succulents in the strawberry pot? or something else? What is the red DL? They are all lovely!

I have already thrown away a couple of tomatoes that were messed up - didn't figure it was worth the plant wasting its energy on them and maybe I could get some good ones later.....

I think I may have already asked this, but does anyone know what I need to do to use Cheyenne peppers to make pepper sauce? The type with vinegar and peppers? and how do I know when the peppers are ready to use?

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Don't know if ya'll noticed the "Today's Horoscope" here on Dave's today. "Today's Hortiscope: Don't be disappointed if your gardening plans got rained out. Nature sends rainy days so gardeners can get housework done."

This literally had me laughing out loud..... two solid months of rain and my house is NO WHERE close to being clean!

Ripley, MS

The only pepper sauce I have ever made was just bring the vinegar to a boil and pour it over the clean peppers.
Maybe someone else will know a better way to do it, I don't eat it so I hardly ever make any.

Faith and I got a lot done outside today, we worked from 9:30 to 4:30 and got a lot done, but still have lots more, we are going to Tupelo tomorrow to do Jerrys pre register so no work tomorrow.

Southaven, MS

OutsidePlaying your daylilies are beautiful. I am so envious. I have a spot in my backyard that had the orange "ditch lilies" growing when I moved into my house 12 years ago. Finally last year I dug them all up except for one or two and cleaned out that bed. This year I planted several different varieties there and was excitedly waiting for them to bloom. I went out one day a few weeks ago and it looked like someone had taken a weedeater and shovel to it! Apparently there was a mole out there and my four-legged children (i have 4 and 2 of them are Jack Russell terriers) just couldn't let that mole destroy their mama's flower bed so they commenced to hunt him down. They shredded everything I had growing out there - except, of course, the ditch lilies. Every bit of foliage was torn off right down to the ground. I was just sick. Will they grow back and bloom this year?

Ripley, MS

If the crown is still in the ground, they will come back, but you probably won't get any blooms this year. If the crown was dug up and exposed you could try replanting it.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Prayers Sandra for Yall's trip to Tupelo!!! What exactly are they gonna do this time?

Donna it is wonderful to see that you made it to the chat thread!!! Welcome over here!!! Yes gardening is a challenge at best. Odds are that things like that will happen but when you actually get a bloom...MY OH MY!!!

Two guys worked all day yesterday on the front and it took longer than even I imagined!!! They are cutting back all those big azalea's and cutting out stray pecan trees, elder berries, etc. I had one pecan that had been planted by a squirrel, I guess that has a truck over 4" thick. Hopefully they will get finished today. Just to be safe I ordered 75 more bags of mulch.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri it's amazing how fast things can grow especially things squirrels plant!!! I have to keep pulling up and cutting down trees in my yard. There are oak trees all over it. I know you will be glad to get it all done! You have such a big space.

Welcome Donna! Like Jeri said gardening is always a challenge!

Sandra hope things go well with Jerry and the Tupelo trip.

I'm going to have an interesting day tomorrow. Richard has an appointment to have 4 teeth extracted. Three are jaw teeth that have broken off at the gum line and the other is the front tooth that broke. I just got a call to remind me of the appointment. He is not a happy camper!! I'm just going to focus on the broken front tooth and not mention the others. He's not supposed to have anything to eat or drink for 8 hours before he goes. His appointment is at 10:30. I guess I'm just going to have to get up early and watch him and keep him distracted. He keeps finding ads for dentist thinking someone can magically fix his tooth. He just torn out an ad this morning for dentures. I told him they would have to pull every tooth he had in order to put dentures in! He said well I don't want that! Needless to say he is not in a good mood.

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Welcome Donna! So glad you joined us here! There are a lot of people on here much more of a DL expert than I am, but I was told early on not to plant the regular Daylilies and the ditch lilies in the same bed. Someone else might want to chime in on that........... Hopefully the crowns are still there and the DLs will come back. They are pretty tough plants. How you checked for any new growth? I am sure they probably wouldn't bloom this summer but if the plants survive, at least you could have blooms next year.

Charlotte, will be praying for ya'll tomorrow. I bet keeping him from eating or drinking might really be a problem! :( Hadn't even thought about that........... I sure hope it all goes well for you both.

Sandra, glad you were able to get a lot done. Do you think Faith would like to visit South Arkansas?? :) I could sure use a good helper.

I FINALLY got to put out some Roundup last night. I didn't get nearly all sprayed that needs to be sprayed but at least it is a start. I got my foundation bed and the edge of it done, and hopefully tonight I can get my big round bed and the circular drive that has mostly grown over with grass. Been wanting to spray it for about 7 weeks now and the weather has just not cooperated. I still have all my fence to do- the trumpet vine is trying to take over again, and the big bed down by the road that I am going to completely redo. I guess I will just spray for as long as I can again tonight and see how far I get. I tried to mix it strong enough that hopefully this one application will get it.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Genna, I am out of town this week, but I believe that red one is Alabama Jubilee. It is huge right now and could be divided if you want some of it (or anyone else too). And yes, I have Hen and Chicks and some other trailing sedum in that strawberry pot. I kept it under the house last winter and some of it actually lived, but I replaced some too. The chipmunks have been digging around in part of it.

Thank you, Donna. I am not sure your daylilies will come back and bloom. Sandra will probably know. That is heartbreaking, I know! Some foliage will likely grow back and if it a reblooming variety, it might bloom again if you add fertilizer.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

They finished the front

Thumbnail by jeri11
Ripley, MS

Looks good, Jeri ! My Jerry is having an abalation on the 9th. They go up both legs with a type of laser and burn holes in the heart tissue they think is conducting the electrical impulses incorrectly causing the AFIB. When the tissue heals it is like scar tissue and will not conduct like regular heart tissue does. It should be an outpatient procedure if all goes well. We are hoping for this to fix it, but have been told it will probably be a couple of months before we really know. They will not do any other type procedure for 6 months after this one.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra I hope all goes well with Jerry. My neighbors daughter had that done and she has been fine since and hasn't had any problems. She inherited the problem from her mom.

Jeri your front looks great!!

I'm pooped tonight! I am trying to get my garage and workshop reorganized. I pulled a bunch of stuff out of the garage today and finally cleared off a 8ft table and moved it back to the workshop. Then I flipped some shelves around to open up space in the middle. I also got a pallet of stuff for the antique mall delivered to the house today so by the time I unpacked it the garage is a mess again! I was supposed to have 2 pallets but thank goodness (LOL) one pallet went to Houston so it will be a few days before I get it. I still have a lot of shifting around to get things organized better. I've already decided I'm going to move the 8ft table I put in the workshop to another location. I have some bakers racks in front of a window and I want the table under the window so I'll need to shift the bakers racks to another spot. It may take me 2 years to get this all done the way I want it!!!

Richard has his appointment at 10:30 am tomorrow. I've told him he can't eat or drink anything in the morning but he'll forget!! I'm trying to keep him up later than usual tonight so maybe he'll sleep good tonight. I'm actually going to put everything he might try to eat in the refrigerator in the garage and put some duct tape around the door!!! I don't want him to get up and go out and get a coke. I'm also going to set my alarm early tomorrow so I'll be up and can watch him. I have a feeling it's going to be a long day! I also called them and told them not to mention the word anesthesia in front of him as it freaks him out.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Jeri glad you got things under control. It looks so good. When did you go solar? We kept tossing it around but the say we really would not recoop the investment at our age.

Welcome Donna I feel your pain. Daylilies are pretty resilient but destruction of the crown can mean death. Do as Sandra says just replant them and hope for the best. I add a little slow release fetrtizer to the ground around it.

Elaine Charlotte and Jenna your blooms are looking so good. Elaine your beds have really filled out in just a few years. Y'all really planted right. I always over plant because I am impatient for results. I need some of your restraint. I also get help from the skunks, armadillos, and dogs replanting or thinning my design. No moles or gofers thank goodness.

Sandra glad you are finally able to get in your beds. I hope you did not lose to much with the leaves being in there too Long. That Iris is amazing. I have got to get some for my yard. I think I had 1 but it was in the 4 ft of bank we lost this year. Lost a lot of plants in that slide off.

Charlotte hope today goes smooth saying a little prayer.

I spent yesterday mutilating my large wisteria. The support fence fell in that last storm. Ironically I was cutting it back when the wind started and I cut the branches that were the glue I guess. Next thing I knew the whole mess came tumbling down . The wind was strong. Anyway going to try to keep it in tree form like my white one. My every green wisteria came down that day too. The fence post had rotted in the ground . I cut it back pretty hard but it is fixing to bloom . I wasn't as aggressive with it yet.

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Miss Audrey ( first)
and other seedlings

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Beautiful blooms Cindy!! Wow- 4' of yard is a lot to lose at one time! :( I have no patience either waiting on things to fill in, and one advantage of over planting is less weeding! :) But I don't think I have over planted, in fact, in most cases I think I allowed too much room, so I am going back and filling in spots to try to make for less grass and weed battles. We will see how that goes................... and I have enough gophers for everyone........

Jeri, your front yard looks great. I would love to hire a team to help for just a few days!

Charlotte, sounds like you had a busy day again! I hope that this morning goes well and that Richard gets thru everything without being too rattled or upset. Hope he isn't too sore when he wakes up - although I am sure with work on 4 teeth, he probably will be. :(

Leigh and I bought two large trees at Atwoods night before last on 1/2 sale. They were in those really large tubs and they had to load them with a fork lift onto the trailer, but then of course, we had to get them off by hand! We managed to get the trailer right close to the hole and slid it down the ramp, then we just had to get the burlap wrap and large pot off and get it into the hole. It was a major undertaking but we got one done yesterday. I sure hope it isn't a
"Mistake" tree. It is supposed to be a flowering Canadian Cherry - and it has dark red leaves like a plum tree. But, when we got it unwrapped I could see where they cut runners off of it so I hope it isn't something that is a constant battle. If so, it will have to come out! I don't have enough time or energy to fight anything else. The Cherry tree we planted probably has a 3" trunk on it and is probably 12 - 15' tall. The other tree we bought is an October Blaze maple. It isn't quite as tall, but it is probably at least 10' and maybe taller. Now, the challenge will be keeping them alive over the summer.................. Leigh also bought a smaller oak so we still have some more holes to dig. :) These warmer temps make it harder to work!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Tried to upload pics to that previous post but there was no "Choose file" button at the bottom to allow me to do so.....

Camroon Night with Gold Kissed, Crimson Flood, Autumn Days FFO,

I have lost the tag on the 4th one but I think it is one I got from Cindy..... Cindy, do you recognize it?

Last one is a new one for me - Star of India

Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026
Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Cochineal Canvas, Circle of Friends, Johnny Cash FFO, Spacecoast Hot Topic Clump,
Miss Michaels clump

Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026
Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Sandra I haven't heard of this procedure. They have come so far in what they can and can't do.
Yall will have my prayers on the 9th!!!

Well I'm afraid Jim will choke me but I haven't had any help for a couple of months. So if you look at it like that it's not quite as bad. I have no idea why the picture is coming out upside down. I'll try to figure it out before I post any more. Has anyone else had this problem? I have an Android phone.

Cindy & Genna your blooms are gorgeous as usual!!!

Cindy the solar panels cost $25,000.00 for 20 panels installed. I had to secure a loan for the full amount and the loan company gave us an interest free loan for a year. We rebated $20,000 from state and federal on our income tax so we ended up paying $5000.00 for the entire set-up. I managed to pay that off in the year and had no interest and now average between $100.00 -$160.00 a month savings on our utility bill. The bill is still running me between 250.00 to 350.00 a month depending on what month it is. I use more electricity during the summer and the panels generate less electricity during the winter gloomy months.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Cindy and Genna you both have some pretty day lilies.

Jeri I don't know why your picture posted upside down. I have an Iphone. But it seems sometimes things just do what they want to do!!

Well we managed to get through the 4 tooth extractions! He had to wait about 45 minutes before they took him back and he was really starting to get impatient!! His nephew collects old photos of Pine Bluff and posts them on FB so I pulled those up and had him looking through them. Thank goodness I thought of doing that. It got him distracted and he started talking all this old stuff and got him in a good mood! It didn't take them long to get it done. He only has one extraction with one stitch. I guess they didn't have to cut the others any. When he got out I took him riding around for awhile. That also kept him distracted. Now I need to make an appointment with his regular dentist so he can put a new front tooth in his partial.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Jeri, your home looks so good, as always! So glad you got it done. I had forgotten you had solar too. It's amazing what a couple of dedicated workers can do that would take me a week or so of doing a bit here and there. I don't know why some pics post sideways of upside down but your was right side up when I clicked on it.

Sandra, hope Jerry's procedure goes well. It is truly amazing what can be done, and I hope this gives him relief in at least this part of his health. He's had a bad run of it lately.

Glad Richard's dental work went well Charlotte. I know you were anxious to get it over and done and worried how he would react.

Genna, and Cindy, your daylilies are so pretty. We all have so many different ones and I love seeing them all. Genna, my Crimson Flood you gave me hasn't opened yet. Will be soon. Y'all are a few days ahead of us.

Ripley, MS

Ya'll are ahead of me too I have maybe six or seven blooming today, but no time for pictures, got my last work day out of Faith today, and Jerry and Charity worked inside. Can you believe we were still getting up leaves ? Also got some mulching done and a little bit of mowing that didn't get done last Friday. Amanda is going to pick them up tomorrow afternoon on her way back from Atlanta. She said probably around 2

Charlotte I am glad you had an easy time with Richard, I have been dreading it for you. You really never know how he is going to react. The picture idea was good, maybe an old photo album would have the same results ?? Or he probably won't remember the ones you showed him today next time. I hope he doesn't have pain with them.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Richard's nephew is a big history buff! He get's people to send him old pictures of things to do with Pine Bluff. Then he posts them on his FB page under a section he calls the Pine Bluff Desktop museum. You're right he wouldn't remember that he had seen them but his nephew has a never ending supply!!! I'll have to remember to use that trick again! The pictures kept reminding him of people he knew years ago and stores, etc from his childhood. Then he would think of some story about them and start telling it. It really got him in a good happy mood!!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

That is wonderful, Charlotte!!! I would think Richard would enjoy it another time you have time on your hands waiting for his different appointments. Our did we ever manage before iPads and smart phones. I can't even imagine explaining them to one of my grandparents.

Please remember my poor Aunt Tharon. She is in the hospital with a collapsed lung. She is not responding to the medicine so they are gonna do a scope to check them out tomorrow. Twynette didn't get to talk to the Dr. so we don't know if they can re-inflate the lung while doing that scope. It's called a bronoscope or something like that.

Elaine that is even crazier b/c that picture was still upside down when I enlarged it.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Well that is crazy that it is right for Elaine! You're picture is also upside down for me too!

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Good news Sandra to get things done outside.
Jeri the photo is correct when I enlarge it too on my iPad.
Prayers for your Aunt.
Genna beautiful blooms. My daylilies are almost bloomed out. The rain has really limited my scapes and some blooms never matured. I can never remember a wetter spring. I think we shattered the records this year. Did you see the photos of the Red River at Shreveport?

Charlotte so glad things went well today. ( never know when to use the word well or good properly) drives me crazy.

I bought some tomato plants today hopefully we are past the everyday rain.
Jeri I am heading to Gonzales tomorrow but not staying long enough to come visit. Funeral visitation tomorrow night then going to drive straight back. Not going by myself though but taking Elodie down.
My vitex is in full bloom today and I have several Gloriosa blooms.

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Gloriosa but not such good photos since they point down
The white lily is a crininum
My side kick Tootsie . She chased grasshoppers all afternoon

Thumbnail by Riverland Thumbnail by Riverland Thumbnail by Riverland Thumbnail by Riverland Thumbnail by Riverland
Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Everything looks really pretty Cindy. Tootsie looks really happy! The good and well thing drives me crazy too! Sometimes I end using another word if possible!

I was pooped when I went to bed last night mainly just from mental exhaustion. I was stressed trying to keep him from being stressed and then I couldn't get him to eat or drink hardly anything. I hope I can get more down him today. He is not supposed to have cokes for several days. As you all have heard me say he drinks them all day long!!! I actually put duct tape on the door of the refrigerator outside so he can't open it! I put it on in several places but all he has to do is take the tape off but he can't figure that out! He had been out this morning trying to get one because the door from the house to the garage was wide open.

In our driving around I went by the Arkansas river at a couple of places and it is higher than I can remember before and moving really really fast! It is way out of its usual boundaries. Cindy I hope you all don't get flooding again.

Sandra I know you and Jerry will both be glad to get the ninth behind you. Poor Jerry has really had a rough time lately.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Cindy you yard looks wonderful!!! I'm sorry you loss someone!!! Who passed away? Wish you had more time in my area.

Aunt Tharon had her scope and they found a blob of muscus that was so compacted they had a hard time removing it. Under where it was is a large red spot. They have changed her meds and they told Twynette it would be 24 hrs before they if there is any improvement. Scary stuff!!!

Charlotte I am glad that Richard did so well but I hate that it stressed you out so much. I hope you got some good rest last night.

Sandra, I saw where Cayla graduated. Is that right?

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