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June means Daylilies!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I just looked at your house picture on my iPad and it does load right side up when enlarged! On my laptop it stays upside down! I keep my laptop propped up next to my chair and usually use it when I'm at home.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Cindy, your Tootsie looks like the little sis to our Sarge. Such a pretty lab. Sarge is getting old and has a white muzzle. These were taken several months ago.

Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying Thumbnail by OutsidePlaying
Ripley, MS

Yes, Cayla finished the course she was taking. She also passed all tests and can work anywhere she wants, if I understand it right. She started in early Feb and finished in June, going 2 nights a week. She brought all her stuff Mothers Day and drew all our blood, well Charity and Amanda wouldn't play but she stuck the rest of us. I am a hard stick and she got mine first try.

Well we got a copy of the MRI report today, thanks to the therapist--looks like more surgery as he has a full tear and a partial tear in his shoulder. I am waiting until Monday to talk to the workers comp person. He thinks he wants to have this done at Tupelo, his therapist gave him 3 names of docs there that do shoulder surgery. Since he has the heart procedure Tues, we really don't need any more appts next week, but very soon.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra it just doesn't seem like there is an end! The blow to his arm must also damaged his shoulder. I can see how that injury could have been overlooked with them focusing so much on his arm.

I don't blame Charity and Amanda!! I have to have mine drawn every few months and I hate having it even though it really doesn't hurt. That's a good course to have completed. I would think she would have a lot of places she could work.

Ripley, MS

I hope she enjoys it as much as she thinks she will. Yes the shoulder wasn't hurting while he wasn't able to move it while he was in the huge splint, but as soon as they put the cast on and he could move it some, he couldn't without pain.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sorry to hear that Jerry's shoulder is torn. I had suspected that rotator cuff just had too much pressure on it. You need to try to research the drs experience with shoulder's if you can - some are much better on shoulder repairs than others. I know he is probably sick of going to doctors and appointments. Hope tomorrow goes well. Sounds like he will be off for at least several more weeks than anticipated. Leigh was off 6 weeks when he had his shoulder surgery. I have an extremely weak or possibly torn rotator cuff on my left shoulder, and my right one has some issues. I figure eventually I will have to have surgery, but I am trying hard to rehab it at this point instead of having more surgery.

Charlotte, so glad you were able to keep Richard distracted and that all went well. Hope he is able to eat and drink like normal soon.

Kyle and Maddie came to the house very late Saturday night (sunday morning) from a wedding that she was in at Longview, TX - then went on to Alex's yesterday afternoon to try to get "settled in" there. They were supposed to both be going to crossfit at 5 with Alex this morning..... not sure how that went! LOL.... but they are supposed to get a free month to try it. Then Kyle will be starting his new job as the scribe at the cardiologist office at noon. Still no word from UAMS or UTMB.

How is Cayla feeling Sandra? Glad she was able to finish her course and is looking forward to her new career.

Cindy your blooms are gorgeous. I love that vitex - I had never heard of it so I went and read a couple of articles from Texas about it. I couldn't find anything that gave its range so not sure if it will grow here or not.

MY plants are in shock I think..... two months of overcast skies and rain almost every day and now they are having to contend with 90+ degrees heat and scorching sun........... they are not really liking the change. We drove thru some pretty hard rain on the way to LR on Saturday afternoon, but it didn't rain down our way. I suspect we are thru with rain for a while.......
So far, everything I planted from the RU seems to be doing well and I have a few blooms on the blue sapphire salvia and the red (or orange if you ask Kenny) Monarda that I got. Hope everything catches on fast because it is going to have to to survive this heat!

Elaine, we do have a lot of different DLs - we need to do some swapping! :)

Hope everyone has a great day!


Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Genna the Vitex tree will do fine in your area. They are grown a lot in Little Rock. I got one several years ago that I've ended up being very disappointed in because of the color. I was thinking it was going to be a dark color and it has ended up being a very light color. Almost lavender. But it does really well. Mine is in an area that used to get more sun than it does now. I don't know if that maybe is part of the problem with the color being light.

I actually turned the sprinkler on in the back last night. I have lots of things back there that need lots of water. Lots of my pots were also needing water. My system will hit all my pots and most of my hanging baskets so it was the easy way out! My neighbor across the street watered his front yard yesterday. I didn't think my front needed it. It had been squeezey wet and want to let it get really dried out before I start watering again.

Richard's teeth have done fine. He finally started complaining about them yesterday. I imagine they are healing and feel different. He put a stitch in one that he took out and had said that Richard may feel something sticking up. It will dissolve on it's own later this week. Richard was just generally cranky all weekend. I spent most of my time just to keep him calm and entertained! Didn't get much of anything else done. He goes back Fri just to let the dentist check to make sure they have healed ok.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

From what I read on line, the original vitex had light colored blooms and fairly small blooms, but they have done some hybridizing to increase the color and size of the blooms considerably - but there may still be variations. I would only be interested in it if it was dark as well. I have an "ivory buzz" buddleia that I have waited two or three years to get blooms from........... and I even had some at the Roundup because I had potted up a couple of small ones that had come up from it. It is NOT white - it is a washed out lavender or something - not white! :( Disappointing.

I will have to check into that Vitex and see if I can find it in my area somewhere........ or there in LR.

I bet Richard's mouth has been uncomfortable after all those teeth being pulled. I would be cranky too! ;) Hopefully he will feel better every day. Will they be putting implants back in where they pulled the teeth?

We have been watering the trees that are newly planted and things that are in pots, but I watered pretty much everything last night. It doesn't take many 85-90 degree days in that full blazing sun to start drying up everything!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

No he want have implants. At the stage his Alzheimer's is now there is no way he could handle that kind of dental work! His teeth had broken off at the gum line and his dentist felt they needed to be taken out to prevent possible infection or toothache. One of the teeth that broke off was one of his front teeth. After his gums heal the dentist will put that tooth on a partial that he already has. With Alzheimer's they don't understand what is being done and it is very traumatic for them.

I got my Vitex from a friend that propagates things and I thought her trees were darker than mine turned out to be.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Sandra, I'm sorry Jerry will have to undergo more surgery, but I know that rotator cuff must be painful. Earl had some problems with his (didn't require surgery) and he did rehab and exercises very faithfully and has done fine. I know several people (including my DD Meredith) who had minor tears who had the surgery and have done great afterward. She tore hers pulling on the lawn mower cord too hard. What type of work will Cayla be qualified to do now? I must have missed something, but it sounds like some sort of nursing-related work.

Genna, I know what you mean about the plants being confused. My daylilies look great and the tomatoes have green ones on them and are finally getting more blooms, but it is so confusing. And my potted plants....well they don't look so great. I was out of town 4 days last week and then we went to the lake all weekend and I didn't water much, so now they look pooped. I hope they perk up some this week with the rain we are supposed to get. Hope your kids get settled and do hope Kyle will hear something!

I've got to get a filling replaced this afternoon. Dread that.

Ripley, MS

Cayla will draw blood, a philbotomist ! She is driving here this afternoon to be with us tomorrow.

Jerry drove himself to therapy this morning so I could get some things done around here before Cayla and Eli get here, his Dad is picking him up later this afternoon. He called when he got out and should be home soon, the hand therapy takes an hour and 30 minutes, so if they recommend therapy first for his shoulder he will just spend the day there I guess !

My daylilies are not up to par this year either, all the water they got has some of my buds just dropping off instead of growing and blooming.

Thumbnail by slcdms Thumbnail by slcdms
Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

I meant to add, Sandra, that some of mine have done the same thing. Just dropped buds. Others have done very well. I also meant to say that I agree with Genna....get the very best shoulder surgeon you can get for Jerry. A good one means a lot in terms of less pain & shorter recovery plus a good therapy team to work with him after.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sounds like Jerry's tears are more substantial - I wouldn't expect them to do therapy until they do surgery first........but I guess it depends on the doctor. Sounds like he might get to know the therapy people on a first name basis! :)

Blooms are lovely Sandra. I haven't noticed any of mine just dropping off - but several of the early blooms got beat up by the rain. Now they might be wishing for an occasional shower before long..................

Glad Cayla will be with you tomorrow. Hope everything goes great! I know several people who have had that procedure with great results. Leigh is going to our cardiologist tomorrow. He stays tired all the time and I told him he needs to make SURE everything is ok with his heart.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

We cross posted Elaine............. that is much easier said than done, but I would ask around a LOT! Leigh's rotator was so bad that he could no longer lift his right arm. The entire time we were working at Alex's and for at least a year after that, if he had to raise his right arm up, he would lift it up with his left! Once he got it up, it hurt him, but he could use it....... while we were working on Alex's house he went to a guy who was in the same clinic as our family friend who does knees and other ortho - but doesn't do surgeries...... when Leigh came home he said they guy was very uncertain about doing surgery on him, saying it needed to be REALLY !!! bad before he had the surgery because it would never be the same, etc etc. I told Leigh that surgeon wasn't TOUCHING him! Alex did a lot of checking around for us and found one who had a great reputation in LR..... and he did a great job. Leigh hit the therapy hard and consistent and rehabbed very quickly. He has since injured it again, but I think he lifted something he shouldn't have - a few years after the surgery...... not the surgeon's fault that he is hard headed! :)

Good luck tomorrow Sandra, and once he has a chance to recover some from this procedure maybe you can get him to a good shoulder surgeon.

Ripley, MS

The hand therapist told him he needed to be in therapy now, that the longer it goes the harder it will be on him after the surgery. He gave us the name of 3 doctors in Tupelo that he would let them operate on him !
I can't find anything bad on any of them, but there is not much good either just really no reviews.
I dread tomorrow but glad Cayla will be here, I hope it does the trick so he can maybe get to feeling a little better.

Thumbnail by slcdms
Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra I think therapy before hand is the way they are doing it now. The husband of a lady I know had two knee replacements at the same time about 2 weeks ago and he is doing great. He did extensive therapy for at least two months before he had surgery. I know water therapy was also part of it. Then after surgery he went to rehap for a week or 10 days before he came home. He has done amazing well and has had very little pain. I know Jerry wants to have surgery closer to home but it may be worth it to go to someone you all know more about.

My good friend Judy had her rotary cuff replaced several years (lifting too many big catering containers) and she has not had any problems since then. It took her a while to recover from it. She had to wear a sling thing sort of like what Jerry had been wearing with his hand for several weeks.

I bet seeing Cayla will cheer him up some! I know it get depressing having so many things done and not being able to do his usual things. I know he has some continual pain which can wear you down.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

One thing about it Sandra is that the therapists usually "know" who to recommend. They usually see the results of the surgeries and know who has good outcomes and who doesn't with multiple patients.

I am sure both of you are nervous about the procedure tomorrow. Once they get that defib under control I bet he will feel better! Is he in much pain now with his hand/arm? I hope it is much better!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I have been working on getting the workshop straightened up today. I finally am seeing real progress!!! I took an 8ft table out of the garage last week and put back there but I had to just put it where there was an open wall and didn't like where it was. So today I moved everything around and got it under a big window. I actually got enough stuff off one end of the floor to mop it! Then I put down those square foam pad things that lock together (kids play mats) in the area I make my soap in. I've had them for a number of years and have never used them. A house I listed had them in the garage on the floor. He had a wood working shop set up in it. He had the black side turned up so the color side looks like new. It is a long story but they were a young couple that just left the house full of "stuff" including the mats. There were all kind of small kids toys that I donated. They finally hired someone to come and just haul everything away. Now I need to start back working on the garage and try to get some order in it! Stuff just scattered everywhere.

My plan is to get all my hobby stuff (jewelry, glass, etc) out to the workshop and use the shelves I've been storing that kind of stuff on in the garage for inventory. So that means swapping stuff out on the bakers racks in the workshop! I might get most of it done by the end of the year! The more I work on it the more I realize I can never move from this house!!! Poor Jeff!! I've told him before he's just going to have to hire someone to do something with all this stuff!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sounds like you are making progress Charlotte....... I thought we got rid of some stuff when we thought we were going to have to move - but obviously not enough!! Our garage is full and we are currently looking for a used couch and loveseat or oversized chair for Jessica's apartment in the fall. I have NO idea where on earth we will put it. We desperately need to clean the garage out completely, but instead we keep putting more stuff in ! :( Going to just have to pick a weekend and get it done!

Donnacreek - wondered if your DLs were showing any signs of life?

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jake made it to Szeged, Hungary. He will be there the whole summer. He will get back home just a week or so before he starts back to college for his last semester! He loves his apartment this summer. It is in the middle of downtown Szeged. He has an apartment by himself. He rides a bus to and from work. About a 15 minute ride. Still loves the school. They are furnishing him the apartment and also give him a weekly stipend for food. So all his living cost are paid by the school. There is an American teacher there this summer. Her husband is working in Hungary. There is also a guy fairly close to his age working there so he has a couple of people he can relate to. He doesn't have as much money as he did last summer but he is going to be able to do some travel. He flew into Stockholm, Sweden and then flew to Budapest. It was cheaper to fly into Sweden. Then flights within Europe are very cheap. He can fly lots of places for 40.00 - 50.00. He stayed in a hostel in Stockholm overnight. When he goes back he plans to stay there several days.

He plans to go to Paris and Barcelona, Spain as his two big excursions. He will fly into Brussels, Belgium to go to Paris. It's much cheaper to fly into Brussels than Paris. He will ride the train from Brussels to Paris. Inexpensive. He is going to Serbia this weekend. It's just a short train ride and a day trip. He loves Europe. We may not see him much for the next several years. He wants to teach English in Germany for 1 or 2 years after he graduates. I have a feeling he is going to be able to make that happen. He will need to get a certification to teach in Europe. It's actually less involved than getting his certification for CA. Having spent two summers in Hungary should help him. He is also working (volunteer) for IPEC which is a company that places kids in Europe. He actually placed someone in China. So he is making lots of contacts that should help him. I'm also sure the school he is at now will give him a very good recommendation as they told him when he left last summer they would like to have him back any time he could come. He contacted them direct this summer and they jumped on getting him back.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Glad he's there safe and sound, Charlotte. It is good when young people follow their heart and go see these places while they can. I hope our grandkids (or at least some of them) will go explore the world before getting tied down to a desk job and family commitments. There are a lot of things to see and do out there.

We had a big rain storm move thru here last night. I could see it coming across the mountain as I crossed the river. I just got to the driveway when the rains came, and then some areas 50-60 miles west of us got hit by high winds, knocking down some huge oaks. Then in the middle of the night we woke up around 3 am to thunder and lightning storms again. My poor daylilies look beat. They would have looked pretty good yesterday except for that first go-round of rain.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I drug the water hose all OVER the yard last night trying to water trees that we have planted - and then it poured about 4 am here! I didn't have any idea we were supposed to get rain. Not sure how much we got but it was a good heavy rain that lasted over an hour. Had plenty of puddles this morning so I guess those trees wonder if I am trying to drown them. It was a nice surprise though because I was afraid it might be a long spell before we had rain again.

Talked to Sandra and Jerry made it thru his procedure good. He has to lay flat for 4 hrs before they can head home.

Charlotte, glad to hear he made it there safe and sound. I would love to go on all those excursions he is going on. Sounds like a LOT of fun! I have never been to Europe but I sure hope to see some of those places sometime soon. The only thing that would make me nervous is not being able to speak ANY foreign language. Leigh says most of the Europeans can speak English - but they don't always want to.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jake realizes he's seen and done more than most people do in a lifetime at a the young age of 22. He comes by it naturally. Jeff and Kristi did lots of travel before the kids were born. Kristi also did a lot of international travel in her job - Europe, Japan, etc. She quit that job when the twins were born. They have taken the kids to lots of the US, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize and Nicaragua.

Both chose not to do any travel with their jobs while the kids were growing up. Now that all the boys are in college Jeff took another job within the same company he works for and now does a lot of travel. He is going to Chile for 10 days next week. He's been in Toronto a lot this year. He travels some every month. I expect he and Kristi will start back traveling some on their own now that the boys are going there own ways. They are going to Italy in Oct. Just the two of them.

Jake has not had any problems getting around because of language. He's had 4 or more years of Spanish but few of the countries he goes to speak Spanish. Hungarian is an extremely difficult language to learn. He picked up a little bit last summer and was trying to learn more before he went back. The teachers at his school all speak English. Most of the kids also speak English. Most speak several languages. He works with them to help them with their pronunciation, etc. Jake is an English major. He said a lot of the small shops and some of the wait staff at restaurant don't know English. I don't think he was trying to learn how to carry on a conversation in Hungarian but just enough to know how to do some basic communication.

I hope things are going good with Jerry today. I'm anxious to hear from Sandra.

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Ripley, MS

We are home, the doctor was pleased, but we still have to wait for a month to be sure, he said he might go in and out during the month just from the heart being "messed with"I promise that is what the doc said, I love him, he is so down to earth with his patients.
The procedure lasted about 3 1/2 hours, then he had to lay still for 4 hours, then they had to get him up and be sure he was ok, so we left the hospital at 5pm, the Internet was down in that area of the hospital today so I wasn't able to type all this on my phone. Thanks for your prayers, love you all

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Love a doctor who will call it like it is and not try to sugar-coat anything. Glad to hear all is well, Sandra. Rest well tonight.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I love that kind of doctor too!!! I know you are both really tired tonight. Hope he feels better tomorrow and that you both get some rest tonight.

Ripley, MS

No rest last night, went back to the ER and spent the night there. He couldn't pee when we got home so he had to have a cath put in, they sent him home with it and will keep it until next Tues.
We are hoping it is a side from the anesthesia, but will know more next Tues. we were up for 24 hours and slept till about 11am this morning when we got back, thank God Cayla was here to drive us, I had already taken my nite meds and had to fight to stay awake.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Oh Sandra I'm so sorry he's having such a time. A cath is no fun!! I had some bladder surgery probably 10 years ago and I had to wear a cath for over a week and it was NO fun at all I still remember that. They can cause UTI's. I hope he doesn't get one of those!

Ripley, MS

Me too Charlotte, how is Richards mouth now?

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

It seems to be healing fine. He's complained about it some but I think it just feels different as it's healing. He's not complaining about it really hurting. He goes back for a checkup Mon.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Sorry things did not go so well last night Sandra. I hope tonight is better. Caths can be miserable because they irritate but so is not being able to pee. I could never Go after I had my babies until the aggravation and swelling or whatever would pass. I always had to have a cath inserted but I can tell you from experience the bladder pain is excruciating , you have all those I V fluids building up with nowhere to go. It was almost as bad as having the baby. Tell him I am so sorry he had to go trough that. I understand it is pretty painful when they remove a cath from a man . Maybe you shouldn't mention that though. When Josh had his removed after kidney stone surgery the doc told us we might want to go to the end of the hall because we would probably hear him all the way down there when they removed it. He did not yell out but when I came back in the room he said he had been violated!!!
I sure hope all of you are on the mend . I know he is still dealing with the shoulder and Cayla's is still undecided. I worry about your back with all these trips in the car. I know you do what you have to do so will continue to pray .

Charlotte so glad Richard is doing so good. I know you are proud of Jake and all the things he is doing and seeing before letting life tie him down.
Well we had more horrible rain storms last night. My plants are all yellowing . No drainage would be good enough for the amount of rainfall we have had. I am blessed that we are not flooding like the people in Shreveport so I guess I should not complain.

Sandra your daylily pic first one way back is that Swedish girl? Mine is down to one fan. She is one of my top 5 favorites so I think I am going to order her again. I never even got a bloom off her this year. My blooms on others are deformed or just dropping off like yours. Some the stalk died before the blooms ever matured. Just not a good year. Second. And third picture same daylily same clump just what the weather has done to the bloom last one is my pitiful fan of Swedish girl.

I had a blackberry lily bloom today thought it might be the pink/ yellow one but it was not. None of the old seeds I had ever spouted.

Thumbnail by Riverland Thumbnail by Riverland Thumbnail by Riverland Thumbnail by Riverland
Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

It's actually starting to finally dry up here. I've actual had to water yesterday.

The cath talk just reminded me of a funny story. Sometimes you just have to laugh. A little over a year ago one of the channels Richard watches kept having ads for free catheters. He really didn't have a clue how they worked but he decided he needed one and beside that it was free!! I happened to walk in the room one day and he was one the phone to the catheter person! I tried to talk real loud and say some things so she would have an idea of what she was dealing with. Obviously she didn't get it as a big packet of information comes a few days later. Thank goodness it wasn't something he could have just bought himself. They wanted information about his doctor etc. His doctor had to order it for him. I just wrote a note telling them he as an Alzheimer's patient and signed it as it POA. That was the last he heard from them!!

Another story (sad but had me in stitches - sometimes it's easier to laugh than cry). He decided he wanted to call his old friend he has known since they were babies. He now lives in Fairhope, AL. I had to call for him as he doesn't know how to use a telephone anymore. He tried so hard to put up a good front and tried to kid with his friend like they have always done but most (actually none) of it didn't make any sense. His friend asked how his daughter was. Richard said "I don't have a daughter"! Then he figured out he did have a daughter. Then his friend was asking about me and Richard told him I had a BIG time job!! Repeated that several times!!! Well I do but not exactly the kind he was talking about. He kept saying stuff like that and I finally just could not help but burst out laughing!

I did buy a big button telephone that you program in the numbers and he just has to push the button with my name on it to call me. I have his daughters number programmed in but haven't put others in as he also doesn't have a concept of time and I don't want him calling people at all hours of the night or day.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Cindy, nice blooms, and I am with you on the daylilies. Weird, but some of my DL's are going strong and others have deformed buds too. I think a couple may be in lower, less well-drained spots than others. I have a some blooms that are probably 5" or more in size.

Sandra I'm sorry things didn't go well after y'all got home. Hope you are finally getting some rest and that the catheter will be short-term.

Charlotte, you are right - you have to laugh a little. The stories are sort of funny and I'm glad you can see the humor in the situations.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sandra, sorry ya'll had a rough night! I am glad that Cayla was there too! If Jerry is like most men, you may never get him to go back to the dr when all this is over!

Cindy, sorry to hear you are still having rain. We had a shower a couple of nights ago - but we were to the point that we needed a shower. I had to water my things in pots and some newly planted things last night. Cindy, did you happen to see my post from June 4th above? I have a DL in the pics that I am pretty sure I got from you and I thought you might recognize it. It is a tall one - the bloom is close to 5' in the air.

Charlotte, sometimes you do just have to laugh and roll with it. I had thought you were going to say they sent him a free catheter!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I discovered mealy bug on some of my asiatic lilies this morning! I've never had those on them before! I guess all the rain caused it.

I don't know what came over me but I bought 5 new hydrangeas from a ebay seller that Kathy Ann buys from all the time. I don't know where I'm going to put them! They are all nice looking plants. I put them in pots for now until I decide where I'm going to put them. I have one hydrangea that I may dig up and throw away. I've had it a couple of years and it's grown to a really nice size but it hasn't bloomed. I think it's limelight, little lime?? Anyway if it doesn't bloom this year it's toast!

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Genna not sure but it looks like it could be Miss Jessie

Charlotte loved your stories. Dealing with my Sil was trying but I told Jimbo it had been years since I had smiled or laughed so much. luckily Jackie is mostly happy sweet persona right now so she just laughs with you. She decided when we got there I was the good sister and my sister was the bad one. We had lots of laughs over that. my brother is doing good they are releasing him Fri. He will have to go back for PT daily but cannot drive for 2 weeks. I was going to go back but decided to,let them handle it for a few days then go visit. They have hired someone to come sit with Jackie but she can't come for two weeks. I wished they had hired someone who dealt with Alzheimer's and not just a sitter but not my business.
Charlotte please send me the name of the closed site you are on on facebook I am going to give it to my brother. He used to search for hours for every cure and would do wonderful things with her like,taking her dancing and going to the gym. Maybe this will give him a little hope in managing her at home.

Well Sandra hope your night was better

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Charlotte I know what you mean buying plants you don't need. I am trying to order some daylilies this morn. I hope your limelight blooms I love mine. If I remember it blooms much later than the others. Mine hasn't bloomed yet this year. I have one that the blooms are always hot pink and would like to get some more of it but have not seen it anywhere I've been.

Thumbnail by Riverland
Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Cindy I was wondering how they are doing. The name of the site is Memory People. It is a closed site. Only people that are a member can see posts. He just needs to pull it up and ask to join. They will check his profile to make sure he is a legitimate person. It doesn't take long to get approved. I have recommended the site to several people who have joined and they really like it. There are a lot of men on the site also taking care of their wives. I have really gained a lot of information and it has also helped me understand some things better. They also talk a lot about finding caregivers, respite help, etc. It's also helpful to see that other people are dealing with the very same issues as you and to learn how they handle it. I will send you a link to the site in FB messages.

Luckily Richard is also fairly easy going right now. I lot are not! He seems to be past the stage of some of his tangents about going to the bank and getting money, etc.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

We did a cross post Cindy. I know it blooms later than the others as I have several others in the family. But it's a huge bush and if it doesn't bloom this summer it's never going to bloom.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I just discovered I also have mealy bug on some of my hydrangeas! I'm sure I'm going to find them other places too. I don't think I've had them on outside plants before. Any suggestions as how to get rid of them!

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