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June means Daylilies!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Everone's day lilies look so pretty! I love looking at all the various colors and designs. I still love the spiders.We got another nice rain tonight. It started about 8 and is a nice slow steady rain. It was still raining when I took the dogs out around 11 pm.

Ripley, MS

Cindy is that the area that used to be your chicken pen ?

Your seedlings are pretty !

Ripley, MS

Quote from slcdms :
Cindy is that the area that used to be your chicken pen ?

Your seedlings are pretty !

That might be "orange crush " Elaine, some of my iPhone pictures do that too, but usually from the iPad they don't, looks like they would all load the same !

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Funny about that Sandra. Here at work they look ok but on my ipad it looked bad. I took them with my big SLR camera and downloaded them to my ipad. I don't know why it happens but that's the first time I've noticed it.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Everyone's D/L's are spectacular!! My few have already long since gone in this heat and humidity.

Congrats to Maddie on the new job!!! With all the benefits that she receives the salary is kinda an after though. Has Kyle been able to find anything yet? School here starts back around the 5th of August already.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

It rained here most of the night last night and has rained off and on all day today. At least I'm saving on my water bill this summer!

Here are a few things blooming. The first is a red hot poker. The second is a tropical hibiscus I bought from Home Depot. One of those they have 3 colors planted in one pot. The kind some of the catalogs lead you to believe is one plant. I think this was the first time all three colors have bloomed at one time. Of course the last two are a couple of day lilies.

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Yes Sandra that is the old chicken pen.
My Avante garde clematis is blooming
All american chief daylily
Hello yellow blackberry Lily
My frog flag
Clerodendrum bungi given to me from Charlotte last year. I had lost all these . Put it in a pot though because it can take over

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Love that last daylily Charlotte must be Swedish Girl. I got an order of Swedish girl in to day from Sterrett Gardens they gave some very healthy looking fans

My evergreen wisteria is beginning to bloom

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I love that evergreen wisteria! I looked it up - didn't figure it would overwinter here and as I see it want!

I have one Clerodendrum bungi in a pot and it stays under control. But for some reason (not thinking) I put one in the ground way back next to the very end of the workshop. Now have to keep pulling them up from that area. Does give me some to give away. I gave one away recently and did tell them to put it in a pot. However, I do like the bloom. You are a little ahead of us. Mine have bloom heads but they haven't opened yet.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I found this worm on my daylily today

Thumbnail by Riverland
Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Cindy don't touch that caterpillar. It will sting the daylight out of you.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

I've never even seen a caterpillar like that, so thanks for the warning! Maybe we don't have those here (hope not!).

Gorgeous blooms, Cindy. I have loads of native blackberry lily that have come up all around our property and I moved them to various places I wanted them. Don't have any other colors though, so I should look for some. Mine haven't bloomed yet.

Charlotte, I think I sent you some a while back. Did yours do ok? I bought a red hot poker this year and it's doing great so far. I've had about 3 blooms so far which isn't bad for a first year plant.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine I was just thinking about the blackberry lily and so far it hasn't bloomed. It was living when I planted it and looked good. I've been trying to remember exactly where I planted it! I know in the front. I have a whole patch of the double/triple ditch lilies. I need to get them out of my bed. I thought I had them all out but these are all in one spot so I must have missed some roots. I actually like them so I think I'll put them in a pot.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

LOL, Charlotte. I just spent about an hour or so last Saturday digging up one rogue DL that I suspect was a ditch lily. I bought the thing a few years ago from a nursery locally and it was supposed to be something else. Don't remember what, but it was not well behaved, so I finally dug it up and put it on the burn pile. I now have some room for some divisions of a couple of my other better-behaved varieties.

My blackberry lily hasn't bloomed yet either. Around here they don't bloom until a little later. But the green leaves are up strong.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I looked like it would sting so knocked it off. Almost did not see it on the stem. I have never seen one like it.

Elaine I had to grow that yellow blackberry from seed and it is slow multipling . I am going to move some of it this year and see if it will do better. Charlotte I gave you a stem of it last year when you were here. Maybe it made it. The foliage resembles walking Iris.

Raining here again . With the sun shining. It has rained every day . I just put out a gal of sedge hammer out without it looking like rain clouds rolled in before I got through.

Ripley, MS

We have had more problems here, a little storm came in and took the entire roof off of our room we added to the trailer. Everything in there was soaked, but it was mostly used for storage and my freezer is back there too. Jerry called the insurance Thursday morning and they said they would contact us is 2 working business days. Today they called and said Monday. I have manage to get everything out of there and either in the gully behind us or bagged up for garbage. The things that mattered were in plastic boxes, so my pictures are all ok. I lost the Japanese Maple my flower friends all went together and bought me when Mamma died. It cut it off about 10 inches from the ground. I am really upset about the tree more than any of the stuff I had to throw away. Jerry called his SIL, Kenneth and he came and climbed on top and put some plastic on it. It has poured down rain here all night tonight.
Now my back is mad at me
I haven't had any time to make pictures, but I think this week end is probably peak. It has poured rain down all night.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

My goodness Sandra!! You all must have had quite a bit of wind. I'm glad it didn't actually harm your trailer! I guess the metal flying across the yard cut the tree down? I'm sure glad your pictures didn't get damaged. What a mess to clean up! It rained all night last night here. But we didn't have any wind with it. It was a little cooler today and overcast most of the day.

I bathed and groomed both dogs tonight. I had put it off until I couldn't put it off any longer! I know they feel better. I was feeling bad that they looked so ragged!

I've realized why I'm becoming more and more of a night owl. Richard usually goes to bed about 9 and from then on it's nice and quiet! When he is awake he is constantly chattering about something that I really can't understand or trying to find where I am. I was trying to walk around the back yard late this afternoon and he was at the back door calling my name. I don't think he even knew why he was calling me!

I really need to clean house tomorrow. I'm really having a problem with Samantha peeing on my kitchen floor which is hardwood. Charlie like to mark the legs of things and I think that scent gets her going too. But it's about to drive me crazy. I read to sprinkle baking soda on the floor and leave it for several hours. I've been doing that and it does really seem to help. It seems to get down in the cracks. I even bought one of those steamer mops to try and get the floor really clean. This has been a fairly recent thing with her. I don't think she is having any kidney problems because she can go from midnight until 9 or so the next morning without needing to go outside and not having any accidents. She also only does it on the kitchen floor. I have a spot that needs to be refinished because of previous water damage. I think I'm going to break down and try to do some touch up on it myself to see if that will help. I'm just not ready to deal with having floors refinished!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Sandra I'm sorry to hear about your roof!! I take pictures when I have a problem of the damage and then have someone go ahead and start the repairs. Do you have Foremost Ins? Anything you can do to save your stuff!!! Don't give up on your Japanese Maple tree. It may very likely come back. I have one that was about 8 ft tall and the wind broke it off and it has come back. It is now about 24 inches tall. It never hurts to say a little prayer either.

Charlotte, Lucky had gotten to where I could take her outside and she used the bathroom but would come back inside and go on my carpet right at the entrance to the foyer(She is not even allowed on the carpet, at all). I had the carpet cleaned and she did it again so I cleaned it one more time and then bought a rubber backed long rug to go at the entrance to the foyer. Now if she does go there I just pick up the rug and throw it in the washing machine. So where I haven't completely eliminated the problem, I can deal with this when it happens.

Jim is home and I can't get anything done this week except laundry. If I have to strip one more bed and wash sheets, I think I will scream. I had 3 beds in the house and 2 in the motorhome and then my BIL & SIL came in Monday night from Texarkana so I've done that room twice now. Too many beds and too many people. LOL!!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I had a rug in the kitchen under the island for years. Charlie would mark the legs of the island and peed on it a couple of times. I had plastic tablecloths under it so I could clean it with my carpet shampooer but I finally decided to get rid of the old rug and get a new one! When I put the new one down I put a square of clean plastic right under the area where the island sits to protect the rug in case Charlie decided to mark it! All was well for several months. Then Samantha decided to start peeing on the long end of the plastic! It would stay on the plastic but I was tired of cleaning it up. So I decided to just take up the rug and go with the bare floor! Well every since I did that she's been peeing on the floor! She goes outside all day long. This afternoon she went outside and as soon as she came in she went in the kitchen and peed! Enough!!! I've been cleaning like crazy! They are both trained to use a wee wee pad upstairs if they need to go and can't get outside. I don't want onedownstairs especially in the kitchen! But I ended up putting one on the floor in there for now to see if that will help. She just can't keep peeing on the floor in the kitchen! Love my dogs but they can be a pain sometimes!!

I discovered Charlie was marking the leg of a fern stand in the foyer and finally solved that by cutting open a thin plastic bag and wrapping around the bottom of the fern stand!! He just loves to mark and he is fixed!

I decided to order a smaller rug than what I've been using to put under the island. I just ordered one that has a foam backing and one that I can hopefully wash!! Sort of your theory Jeri. We'll see what happens!

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Central, LA(Zone 8b)

My coonass reasoning for the rubber backing on mine is that it's on carpet. It does work for me and I'm so OCD that I bought 2 and that way I just rotate them. LOL!! I gave up on trying to figure Lucky out when she keeps going to the Dollar General no matter what I do.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Sandra I hope you did an inventory of everything as you threw it away. And like I mentioned also check to see if the tree is covered. I had storm damage one year and my insurance had a 500 dollar limit on trees. Your tree is worth that I have been looking at them. The prices have soared on the maples. The guys who trimmed my big oak dropped a limb on mine and popped about 8 inches off it. It was the drooping kind. It is really slow growing but it is growing.
I know it is more sentimental to you and you can't put a price on that. It will grow again just slowly . I keep praying for you and Jerry . God has his mighty hand on you even though Satan seems to be trying to destroy your faith. Just goes to show how strong your faith is that he can't budge you no matter how hard he keeps hitting. you are my mentor in faith. You always have a ministry online and you have no idea how many people look up to you and follow your lead. Stay strong my friend. A little verse for you.

When someone loves enough to pray
Then look for God to send great things your way
When someone calls your name in prayer then
expect a breakthrough blessings everywhere
Because friends and family love you so much
Look for good things today: God's miracle touch.

May all of your husbands have a great Fathers's Day and blessings to those whose fathers have passed. and may we all remember who the
great Father is and thank him for our blessings and giving us life.

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Ripley, MS

Just Jeri and Cindy telling me the tree might actually come back has really raised my spirits ! I had no idea they might grow back, so there is something to be hopeful about !

I appreciate you for saying all that Cindy, but look to Jesus, I am just a rotten human, He is our example, I love you all so much !

I thought since you liked Swedish girl so much I would show you a couple more similar to her
Pippa Passes
First Blush
Big smile

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Sandra do you by any chance recognize the first daylily I am pretty sure the second one is mortisa

The other 2 purples are seedlings that have held their color all day.

Daylily garden nearly full from transplants all around the yard. Hopefully I won't get flooded out this time. Maybe I am tempting fate?

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

More pretty day lilies! Sandra I like your second one best. Love the ruffled edges. Cindy I like your 3 or 4th one best. Really pretty intense colors. You certainly did fill up your day lily bed!!

Sandra I had forgotten but I have a variegated dogwood I got in Memphis several years ago. That really bad snowstorm we had a couple of years ago caused the top of it to get broken out when some big pine limbs fell on it. I just knew that I was going to lose it. But it is growing fine and put out a lot of new growth. Of course it grows faster than your maple but there is hope for your maple.

I had a terrible allergy attack yesterday. I was working back in the sunroom by the back door cleaning the windows, floor, furniture and I had been painting a little wicker piece I have in that area. Then something got in my eye or felt like it was in my eye. I washed it out good and never could see anything. Then my eye started swelling and I started sneezing like crazy. This has happened many many times before but it's been a number of years since I've had an attack as bad as this one. I know to get antihistamine in me and lots of it at one time. I took 6 Cloretremineton (not spelled right) and after a few hours the sneezing had stopped. This morning my left eye was almost swollen shut and I had a bag of fluid under it at least a 1/2 tall! I really looked lovely! I've been taking antihistamine all day and the last dose has almost gotten rid of the big bag of fluid. The eye and all around it is still really red.

I know you all think I'm crazy but I've decided to open a booth in another mall. It's just going to be one small booth. I've been thinking about it a while. All the new things I buy from market I have to buy in quantities of at least two of most everything. Lot's of things I buy in much larger quantities. This is a mall I used to be in 28 or so years ago. It's not what would be considered a flea market - a more upscale mall. Lot's of decorators shop there. He is actually giving me one of his spaces but as far as anyone else is concerned I've been on his waiting list for almost 3 years!! The owner is a friend and he helped me decorate my store when I opened it. I will have furniture in it but will also have a lot of accessories. I actually sell more accessories and art work than I do furniture. I can rotate things back and forth between the two locations. He's going to have it ready for me to move into Thurs.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Happy Father's Day!!! Sorry so late!!!

I vote you are crazy Charlotte but in such a good way!!! LOL!! I'm looking to downsize and you keep expanding!!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Sandra, I hate y'all lost that roof and some of your things. I agree with Jeri about the Japanese Maple - don't give up on it yet. I would keep it watered and it may come back. I hope you get reimbursed by your insurance for everything, including the tree.

Jeri, sounds like you have had a revolving door at your place lately, lol! It is fun to have company, but a lot of work. We had friends over for dinner last night, and it seems like I worked on food all day. Well, I did run 4 miles and got that out of the way before it got too hot but the rest of the day was spent in the kitchen or straightening the house.

Wow, Charlotte, do you know what triggers your reaction? Is it dust or something you get in your eye? Hope it is better now. You have some really nice pieces in your booths. I almost sent you a message about that tulip print and the tropical bird prints you posted the other day. It would probably cost too much to send them my way but I really liked them. You are a crazy woman! I don't know how you do it, but I do understand if you have to order in quantity, it makes sense. I'm sure it will do well.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

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Ripley, MS

Cindy, the second one looks more like Morticia to me, did they load different ?

Yes, Charlotte, you are crazy !! I think you just love to work ! So work on crazy girl !!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Mold/mildew is one of my triggers. Cigar smoke another. Friends have witnessed it happen and couldn't how fast it came on. I had a mild attack at Homestead one year when we stopped by there in the fall. As soon as we pulled into there parking lot my eyes started watering and my nose running. It was that way the whole time we were there. As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot it cleared up! They must have just sprayed or something.

The sunroom windows that face the north and they also are by some tall holly had green mildew/mold all over the bottom 1/3 of the window. I had fipped them out into the sunroom and cleaned them really good. A small particle could have gotten in my eye or who knows what! My eye still feels strange. I would be alarmed if it hadn't happened so many times before. I have to be careful what I put on my face. One time I had these horrible blisters below my eyebrows and all the skin kept peeling off. The dermatologist couldn't figure out what was going on. We finally figured out it was the very expensive eye shadow base I was using!

Elaine the big tulip print would probably be expensive to ship because it is so large. The tropical birds would probably not cost that much. A lady from Bentonville saw a cuuple of things in one of my FB posts that she wanted. I have a click and ship account and was suprised that the shipping was not that much. I shipped her a print on canvas but it was probably about half the size of the tulips and I also shipped some farm animal figures.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yes I like to work Sandra! But it's also what will help me keep my sanity! Gives me a way to be involved with people and keeps me thinking about other things.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Charlotte so sorry to here of the attack glad it does not ,effect your airways.

Sandra yes the second is Morticia I was asking about the first picture. Just haven't figured it out may come to me later but drawing a blank right now.

Finally figured it out it is Promoted to Glory.

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sandra, so sorry to hear about your roof! I hope the insurance company reimburses you for everything - and quickly! Hopefully your tree will recover too.

Cindy, your daylilies are beautiful! Love those purples! Love that wisteria too...... I'll have to try to find that and see what zone it is rated.

Jeri, yes, Kyle has been working as a scribe at a cardiologist office since June 8. That is one reason they moved on to LR - because he at least had a job lined up there. It doesn't pay much and isn't full time, but we know three kids who have had the job prior and all managed to get into med school the next year. So, in the event he doesn't get in this year, we are hoping it will help. He doesn't think he will get in at this point, but they said they might could call him any time up until registration in August. So, I just keep praying. It will cost a lot of money to reapply and it will leave them in limbo for another year........... :( I think they will try to get an apartment in August once they know for sure they aren't going to Galveston. The problem will be finding one that is safe that they can afford!! Plus, we will have to co-sign for the apartment because he said that everywhere they have been has said they will have to show 3X the rate of the apartment per month as monthly income in order to qualify. Since rent runs from 800 to over 1000 (well over in some places), there is no way they can show 2400/mo income. I think they can cover the cost, but it will be tight, but we will need to co-sign in order to get them qualified. Her Dad has already said he won't co-sign for anything....so it will be up to us, which is fine. I have no problem with it.

Here at work they are tying in the new Entergy line tomorrow. If we remain on line after the new transmission line is in place, there MIGHT be hope for our plant surviving. If we come off line and stay off line, I am not so sure............... but, I decided when I came back that I will deal with it however it comes. They tell us we will still have a job - but most of us aren't sure we can believe anything they say at this point.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!


Ripley, MS

Genna, you were so miserable at your other job you would have probably been in the nuthouse if you had stayed ! It is so hard to try and figure out life ahead of time to be in the right position because you never know what today will bring. I am glad you made the decision to Trust God for your care !

Cindy your taste has changed over the years, you didn't used to like purple daylilies !
Harbor Blue is the name of this one but it looks purple to me !

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

You are so right Sandra! We can plan for the future but the only thing we can actually do is live in the day. We don't know what tomorrow will bring!

All day lilies are pretty! It's hard to choose a favorite color.

My eye still has a bag of fluid under it today. But I'm hoping I ca get rid of iy today!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Charlotte, sorry to hear your eye is still swollen. Hope that goes away soon.

Sandra, you are right..... not the job so much but I surely didn't want to leave my home and friends. I know we may move eventually but for now, I am so thankful that Leigh is back home working and that we get to stay where we are for now. I love that daylily too.... and it sure looks purple to me!

Elaine, that Crimson Flood came from Cindy originally........ so it was just passed on down the line! :)

Arkansas Post; Outrageous; Hamlet; Midas Magic

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

By the way, I forgot to ask, does anyone happen to have the DL "Diva's Choice"? I am trying to locate it for Jessica.... Also, has anyone ordered from Wayside Gardens? I have never ordered from them but they have it. I am just trying to find a lower price on it - or a place where I know the DLs are good.


Ripley, MS

I don't have that one, sorry
Mahogany Magic
Clothed in Glory
Lorikeets Springs
mountains Bow Down---huge, huge bloom

Thumbnail by slcdms Thumbnail by slcdms Thumbnail by slcdms Thumbnail by slcdms
Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

They are all pretty Sandra but I especially like the last one - Mountains Bow Down.

It was hot hot here today!! I ran by my garden area around the middle of the day and thought I was going to die just trying to water a little bit.

I've been painting furniture trying to get ready for my new booth. I plan to swap a few pieces around. I think I have it figured out. I think I'm going to enjoy playing with it. I know a lot of the dealers in it. Most are people that have been doing it for years.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I don't have that one Genna and have not ordered from wayside.

Sandra I love mountains Bow Down too beautiful.

Charlotte hope you enjoy the new place. I am still taking a break from painting. Too hot in my building. I felt your pain outside. I put out mulch today and thought I was going to keel over. Way too hot. No breeze and the sun was cooking. I finally went back out around 7 and finished mulching the new daylily bed. .jimbo is on vacation next week so will be spending some time at the camp. Not all week though thank goodness . He says he has several things he needs to do here. They are cutting hay trying to get the hay cut and baled this week before it burns up in this heat.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I can cool my garage down. I have an air conditioner in there and I also turn on a big box fan to help circulate the cool air. I can actually cool it down to where it is comfortable. I am going to move my things during the morning. It just gets too hot over in the afternoon. I am probably going to paint the wall in my new booth. They don't go all the way down the sides so it want take me long to do it. I think I already have paint and if I find it I will paint them. They are a bluest green sort of color now and I just prefer working with a more neutral background. It's not a bad shade of blue but just not what I like.

I forgot something in my car and went out to get it around 10 and it was really strange outside. It was really foggy looking. Just really hazy and steamy. Hard to explain. I guess it just had to do with the heat.

Enjoy your time at camp Cindy. Seems like from the pictures I've seen you post that you have a lot of shade.

I haven't ordered from Wayside either. I seldom order anything anymore. Gina there is actually a large daylily farm in Benton. Greers is the name of it. They are on FB. They are hybridizes and sell day lilies.

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