June Blooms, 2015 Edition

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Since May was pretty much a bust due to all the rain, let's hope we get more blooms in June!

Daylily "Cat's Pajamas"
Heartleaf Skullcap
Balloon Flower
Tennessee Coneflower
Daylily "San Antonio Firecracker" and "Trail Boss"

Arlington, TX

A few.

Dallas, TX

Both of y'all have very pretty flowers and pictures. What I have are lots of questions about the 3rd picture posted by Newtonsthirdlaw. Will be specific tomorrow but for now it's kinda 'what the what?'

Ok. I love the herd in your yard. Or is it a flock? Can't quite tell. But I like 'em. Next, what do you have growing in what looks to be a blue pot? (I could try to guess but that would probably end in embarrassing myself.) Last but not at all least, do you have those beautiful yellow flowers (callas?) just growing on a board? I mean, what the what? Please enlighten me. And I'd love to see your entire garden!

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Arlington, TX

Desert rose is in the blue pot. I'm not sure if you are asking me about yellow flowers. No don't see any in my pics. The third pic is a crowd of plants near my pond. Day lilies, cone flowers and black eyed Susan are showing. The plants in the black pots that are like tubes are different types of carnivorous pitcher plants which are being crowded out by too many plants! It makes for a nice vignette though.

Arlington, TX

A few pics today, maybe they will help with figuring out the mess.

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