What's blooming today? June 2

La Plata, MD(Zone 7a)

This is Stella's Sparky. It's usually the first to bloom, but Canadian Border Patrol beat it this year. It's related to Stella de Oro.

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Does it rebloom continuously like de Oro?

Miss Michaels clump; Johnny Cash, Jungle Butterfly and although I am pretty sure this has a name, I couldn't see the tag so I guess for today it is a noid! :)

Have some more today, but couldn't get the pics to turn out good because of the sun. Will have to try later.

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La Plata, MD(Zone 7a)

No, it doesn't rebloom significantly. I like it mainly because it normally is so very early in its bloom. Often before anything else.
I like Johnny Cash because it's so dark. It seems it is often darker here than in your picture, but I know it can vary with the light conditions, the soil, etc, etc.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

This is only the second year I have had Johnny Cash.... and last year when it bloomed I was SOOO disappointed. It was very washed out looking. This year is much darker comparatively but maybe it has to mature before it blooms darker? Or maybe it is the different conditions? I don't know, but I am much happier with it this year.

I happen to live about 45 min south of where Johnny Cash was born, so I enjoy having it for that reason as well.

Hazel Crest, IL(Zone 5a)

Love JC also. Stella's Sparky reblooms here all season. She is blooming right now along with her sister Stella's Ruffled Fingers. Stella's Pink Pretty Will be next.

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