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Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I took a few pics of my Clematis today. I bought some of these way before I knew how important and interesting it is to know and remember the Names of the Clematis. Is it possible anyone could ID these for me?

1. & 2. This one blooms way early. So, it's a number 1 Clematis. It looks like Ville de Lyon but Ville de Lyone is a number 2 and this one blooms too early for Ville de Lyon. It's a reddish pink.
3. & 4. I think this is a number 3 bloomer. It is blooming now along with Jackmanii. It's one of the later ones to bloom. Although, HF Young is a number 2, as well as Henrii, and they are both blooming now.
5. I wonder if this is Ville de Lyon? Heck, I don't know.

I have one more to ID and will post it next. I think it's Ville de Lyon.

It was certainly not my intention to buy so many Clematis that look like Ville de Lyon. When I bought my first clematis, I wanted "red" ones. The tag said VdL would be red so I bought one. (Hah! not red). I bought others that were "supposed" to be red, and I think the tags were mixed up, and I got a couple VdL. I actually have 3 that looks like VdL. Two of which bloom at the same time (number 5 number 6 which I will post in the next thread. But, the first two pics look like VdL, but it blooms way early before any of the other Clematis I have so it's not VdL, but I don't know what it is.

Hope you guys can help me.

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