South End Boston Garden Tour

Hollis, NH

Great garden tour of the small back gardens and roofdecks in Boston Saturday, June 20! Best tour in downtown Boston in a neighborhood with many beautiful pocket parks and community gardens also. Runs 10-4 with a post art sale. Main ticket booth is at the library on Tremont street.

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Lexington, MA(Zone 6a)

Thank you for telling us about it. Have you gone before? Some of the suburban garden tours are good one year and a commerical for the landscape company the next.

Hollis, NH


I used to be on the tour committee - this is a tour in downtown Boston that rotates through ~5 different sections of the neighborhood so it is different every year. These are small gardens, not the large suburban ones but wonderful to see all the back allies and hidden places. The South End is a neighborhood that has many community gardens also - I hope you went and enjoyed or plan to go next year! Truly a great tour.

Lexington, MA(Zone 6a)

There's always next year! Thanks for the information. I would enjoy going.

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