Starting to see "Miss Saori"

(Zone 4b)

FWIW it was "Plant of the Year" 2014 at Chelsea.

The dark foliage against the pink flower is an unusual contrast.

Just wondering if there is any reason to think that its old wood is hardier than say an "Endless Summer"?

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Looks real pretty. Too bad they do not mail order it. Hmmm, just noticed your question.. why do you say its old wood is hardier than ES?

(Zone 4b)

Over the past two seasons I have removed 2 established mop heads, specifically ES and "Blushing Bride" as with our more harsh winters the old growth buds do not overwinter...even with some protection. I am tired of seeing so much garden real estate used for essentially a green shrub with a few scattered flowers. I replaced one with "Bobo" and the other with "Tuff Stuff" (both which very reliably flower each season). But I do miss those 'mop head' flowers. 'luis', I don't claim that "Miss Saori" is hardier I only HOPE it is!

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Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

I hear you. Are you planning to drive to that nursery to get one of those hydrangeas? Hee hee hee! As much as I like it, that little note in the ad (about picking it up) caught my eye and killed any chances of me ordering it. But... it makes me wonder where else in the US is it being sold?!?! Hmmm

The only way to get those mopheads to reliably do their thing is to winter protect them. Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle & its pink "cousins" are the only other similar shrubs that you could try.

(Zone 4b)

The above link is for a Canadian site. It has to be available for sale somewhere in the US?

I am long past Annabelle & its pink "cousins" eg Invincibelle...the "floppers" ;).

My partner was disappointed when I removed ES last year (as there was a season or 2 when it showed its worth). And I had to promise not to remove nearby ES until I winter protected it. I did and still the old wood buds had withered away.

I am for sure sounding like a broken record :(.

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