Stapeliad, yes, but which one............

Perth, West Oz., Australia(Zone 10a)

I have this little Stapeliad, which is yet to flower ( yep, I know ) likely I'll have to wait 'til it has to ID it with some certainity, Meantime, I'm thinking maybe "Quaqua" . Any thoughts please?

Thumbnail by Drawling
Reno, NV(Zone 6b)

The speckles on the stems should be a give-away of some sort.

Pomona, CA

I have five plants that are mottled like your plant but they are all Orbea. O. schweinfurthii, big long arms and up to 1 inch across, halipedicola, somalica, paradoxa, comutata and dummeri. I think the only way you'll get a positive ID is when it flowers.

Perth, West Oz., Australia(Zone 10a)

Yes, DennisO, very likely I guessed, gonna have to wait 'til it flowers.
Thanks folks.

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