looking for specific plant - iris

Saginaw, MI

Hello, Was told there is an iris named "Shirley" . Any info on where to see pics and where this might be purchased ???? Thank you.

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

PlantFiles lists 6 irises with Shirley in the name:
'Shirley Pope' is the one which comes up most consistently on a Google search;
not sure if that's the one you mean?
Looks like there are several vendors selling it.

Saginaw, MI

Weerobin, Thanks for the info. The one I was told about was a tall bearded iris and there is indeed one listed in the info you gave me , but no pic, no color, no nothing except the name :( Nobody listed as having it either :( But it's a start to my hunt -- at least I know there is in fact one named "Shirley" -- now to find it !!!! Thanks again.

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