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Midlothian, VA

I am a new gardener. I have about 10 straw bales full of veggies. I have done straw bales before (once), but didn't have a ton of success. I prepped my bales properly I believe(felt I accessed good info via the web), but since I have planted I haven't had much success. All plants are alive and "well" but few are much bigger than the day I planted. New growth but just not flourishing. My plants even have blossoms but the plants are SO tiny(most blossoms are dead now). I used blood meal for the nitrogen for prepping and now I have garden tone for fertilizing. Im not really sure what to do next. I feel like the bales need a boost but don't know how to do it. I am trying to do things as naturally as possible. Any suggestions?

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Check out this thread, and talk to TRock...

Midlothian, VA

Thanks Gymgirl!

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The best way to fertilize the bales is with a liquid fertilizer, preferably a fish fertilizer like Neptune's Harvest, buying the one with the higher second number as tomatoes do not need as much nitrogen as phosphorus. Also you should have planted your seedlings in some kind of container mix so the roots are touching soil (but not soil from the garden). I have put together a synopsis of straw bale gardening from all the threads on straw bale gardening here in DG condensed into one page. I try to be as organic as possible so maybe it would help you. Just let me know and I will d-mail it to you.

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