Questions: PlantFile Photo Submissions & Adding Common Names

(Zone 5a)

I have been taking photos of various seedlings and the stages of growth of the US natives I have on my property. Many of the plantFiles I have looked at contain mostly mature plants, so maybe they will help others. Finding seedling photos on line has been a challenge for me. My question is I know the plant photos have to be verified before they are published. Will those who verify be able to know that my seedlings are what I say they are?

Also, I am having a time searching using Common Names. Today, I searched "Showy Tick Trefoil" and the wrong plants came up with the question, "Did you mean..." I hunted for the Latin name to get what I wanted.

I understand plants can have a lot of common names, but is there a way to have the users add them without having to fill out an error report for someone else to add? I use the common name search because it's the name I remember more easily.

What I did for Desmodium canadense is when I left a comment, I included Showy Tick Trefoil as an additional common name. Will this come up in the searches people use?

Thank you so much for your time.

(Zone 5a)

Edited to say... I found the button to upload images. It was above the comments instead of below. I cannot remove these images, otherwise I would have emptied the whole post. :)

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