Buy Clematis Direct / any good?

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Looking at some clematis here --

I couldn't find them in the Watchdog / vendor reviews section. Looked by name under "C," "B" and also by zip code.

Any experience with them? Thanks in advance for any reply.

Middle River, MD(Zone 7a)

Hi James - I'm not familiar with but I can share that I've been thrilled with the Clematis I've purchased from They have an incredible root base and Deb, the owner, is extremely helpful.......

I've purchased between 15 and 20 plants and they're all thriving....

I was especially concerned as we planted about 10 just last year and thought for sure our horrendous winter would harm them..... They're doing well for their second year.....

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)


Thanks. It's a coincidence but I check this page today for the first time, and also today stumbled onto silverstarvinery. I think I'll try them (so far my orders are from Brushwood, Donahue's, and Garden Crossings).

I poked around a bit last week and the flowers pictured on the clematis at are, well, not colored consistently with all the photos of the same varities I found here or across the web. I had originally been excited because several of their photos show buff / peach clematis blooms -- but photos of the same varieties elsewhere showed white, or extremely pale blue.

Thanks again for the input!

Swainsboro, GA(Zone 8b)

Silver Star Vinery is excellent, as is Brushwood. Brushwood plants are quart sized. Two other good sources are Hummingbird Farm (larger with healthy roots) and Bird Song Farm.

Bird Song is selling Donahue plants but they are generally a little larger than what Donahue ships and with a better developed root system. Since these are small plants, I usually pot them up in a gallon pot and let them grow a bit more before planting in the ground.

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