Pseudobombax ellipticum

Reno, NV(Zone 6b)

I have spent the last 40 plus years believing this was a Baobob tree (the man that gave it to me told me it was). Because of a discussion in the Plant ID Forum, I have learned my plant is actually a Pseudobombax ellipticum.

Palmbob made the first posting about this plant why back in 2003. Just wanted to share some photos with you of my "Faux Bob" tree.


Thumbnail by DaisyPlantLady Thumbnail by DaisyPlantLady Thumbnail by DaisyPlantLady
Van Nuys, CA(Zone 9b)

interesting, looks like they get pretty big planted in the ground

Reno, NV(Zone 6b)

Even in my Central California home, it was too cold. No chance in Reno - Zone 7

Decatur, GA

Daisy, I've got a P. ellipticum too. Its a cool plant. I'll try and get some pictures soon. I also have a Adansonia digitata I started from a seed about 12 years ago. Again pictures to follow.
I got the seeds from Thompson-Morgan Seeds and just found they are still selling them.

They can take a long time to germinate. I lost a few on the learning curve but one survived and is a tough potted plant. In the winter I stick it in the back room which is dark and don't water it until I put it back out on the porch in the spring. Not sure how hardy it is but it does fine with a dormant period.

Reno, NV(Zone 6b)

I've seen the Adonsonia seeds in Thompson-Morgan but never felt the inclination to buy them as I thought I already had one. I did have one until just a few days ago - and then overnight, as if by magic, I had a new plant I'd never heard of before and no Adonsonia. 8')

Decatur, GA

That magic stuff will trick you everytime. :-)

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