Am I wrong? Why did I think..... ???

Middle River, MD(Zone 7a)

Hi there - all of my clematis are Category 3...... I thought for sure I read to give them a hard prune around March and then, after they finish their spring bloom, prune them again for a second bloom....

Did I dream this?

thanks much -

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I have read you are to cut the Group 3 down to about 12 inches from the ground in late February or early March. Don't prune them again until the next year.
I thought someone else would reply, but since no one has, here's my two cents.

Eden, NY(Zone 5a)

I'm wondering... why would I have to wait until late February or early March to prune Group 3 Clematis? Why can't I do it in the fall as I'm getting the rest of my gardens ready for a Zone 5 winter?


Athens, PA

Jennifer - if you prune too early, the warmer days in the fall will spur new growth. You can prune after winter has started to get rid of the dead vines and leaves. December is good - I had learned a long time ago that the time to prune back your type 3's is when the forsythia flowers. I have found that I am more than ready to get into my garden before the forsythia starts - generally Aprilish for me. I am zone 5b, so a tad warmer than your zone.

Wallis - zone 7a, you may be able to coax another flush of blooms for your group 3's. I would try pruning them back after flowering to see if you can get another flush. I know the warmer zones are fortunate enough to get more than 1 flush of flowers.

Eden, NY(Zone 5a)

AAhhhh! Thank you Carolyn. Now, I can patiently wait to prune back the overgrown mess.


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