Kitchens wood tile floor

Claude, TX

after searching all around the internet, i found that the wood tile floor is the best and the most suitable floor for the kitchens, because of many purposes, after reading and seeing all decoration ideas you can tell me is it the right choice to make the kitchen floor with wood tile?

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I like wood floors for kitchen
Plain wood
Well sealed
Can be mopped
Refinishes easily when needed
Dropping things on it does dent --- but those ' life marks ' don't bother me

I have not tried engineered wood.refinishing times may be limited
Looks a bit more formal

Ours just wide 5-6 inch plank unfinished white oak...laid down in long lengths .. Finished in place ...can be sanded and refinished many times.

Killeen, TX

I agree. Hardwood flooring has a visual appeal and style. It is durable and also needs low maintenance. However, there are other options like tiles and vinyl. Tiles that look like wood are also in trend these days. You get benefits of both!!

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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I have seen the porcelain wood grained tile and I love those. Long lengths. I saw it also placed on a wall behind a sink Ina bathroom and along with the bright white fixtures it looked fantastic.

Seattle, United States

We use engineered wood flooring in our kitchen. It works well from last one year. It can be ideal for kitchen installation as it is much more resistant to the effect of moisture than hardwood. It has extremely fast installation. The only cons of engineered hardwood is that there is a limited refinishing option available. I am sharing a few articles with you on flooring ideas.,,229547,00.html

Might be helpful for you to find the right type of flooring...!!

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