Desert Rose blooms in rain...............

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

We have had so much rain here I was worried about this plant.....but the plant knew what to so with all that wet.....It just bloomed like crazy.

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Decatur, GA

Nice morganc. Your plant looks huge. Do you fertilize? If so with what?

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

That is a gorgeous Adenium! Plants do like rainwater.

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

I bought the plant at a Farmer's Market in 2008.....It was in a 10 inch pot.

The pot it is in is 24 inches across now.

We make our own compost and feed everything with it.

Here is before in 2008 and now 2015

Thumbnail by morganc Thumbnail by morganc
Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Well done!

Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Nice plant, contrats. I love my adeniums. I have at least 4 that produced as large a caudex as yours, based on pot diameter. Mine have just finished blooming, but new buds are constantly coming along.

My adeniums get a good shot of orchid bloom booster every month. As long as I'm fertilizing the orchids, I might as well pamper the desert roses, too.

Although it is technically the rainy season here in Florida, it hasn't rained as much and as often as usual in the last month or so. We have had downpours every day for the last 3 days and the next 2 days should be wet, also. One thing adeniums hate is poor drainage and soggy soil. I buy the cheapest potting mix I can find at Home Depot and add an equal amount of sand to it. The trick is to ensure good drainage. My terracotta pots sit on a concrete slab. I elevate the pots off the concrete slab by placing little pieces of broken ceramic tiles in 3 spots around the pot's bottom rim, lifting it off the slab about 1/4 inch. That way, no water will sit under the pot to create unfavorable conditions for the adenium. Wet adeniums have a tendency to rot inside out and from the bottom. I haven't had that happen yet here; fingers crossed.

Best of luck with your adenium.

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Thanks Sylvain, I will raise the pot up (weighs a freakin ton!) Usually, it doesn't rain like this in Austin, and I never worry about water....but this year has been crazy wet.

Cville - Thank you.....but the plant did all the work, LOL....I just kept potting up when it grew!

Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

You don't have to raise the pot over your head while you're sliding the little spacers under the bottom rim. Just lift the upper rim and slip in the spacer. lol.


Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

I know that....LOL....was just playing with you :-)

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