Handling new 'baby' plants

Delhi, IA

This plant was a gift seven years ago from a Dave's garden member on the event of our fiftieth anniversary. It produced one 'baby' a couple of years ago but I must have removed it too soon since I don't have it.

It has two babies right now. (9 and 3 o'clock) What is the best treatment? Pot up in larger pot and wait? Think I removed the other one too soon and it didn't root.

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Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

Those offsets are barely big enough to separate. I would wait a few months and try later. They should be easy to get going, even if they start with no roots. Pot them up in about a 6 inch pot (use a fairly rocky mix) and water normally. You should see new growth in a few weeks. This agave (univittata "Quadricolor") is pretty tough and can survive quite a bit of abuse/neglect in my experience. Once it's up to speed it will enjoy a larger pot (like most agaves). The mother plant looks ready for a new pot. Very nice plant you have there, looks well cared for.

Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

Here's my largest plant in the ground (planted this spring from a 10" pot), and a small offset that I started at that time (as described above). It started with no roots at all, a rhizome that had barely changed into a rosette, and it looked quite sad for a while. A couple of weeks ago I noticed it had become green again. You can tell from the two burnt leaves where the new growth started.

I never took a picture of the original offset... it looked really sad and I was not convinced it would recover.

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Delhi, IA

I will pot it larger and wait. Thought if baby was on it's side it might get lop-sided. Will try to set it upright leaving it attached when I repot. Thanks for your advice.

Don't know if he is on anymore, but think the plant came from thistlesifter. Of course in Iowa it is always a houseplant, although it does get outside in the summer.

Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

Sideways agave pups are no problem at all, they will grow right when you eventually separate them and point them upright.

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