Stump removal from large block planter?

San Diego, CA

Just removed a 15' ficus tree from a stand-alone planter set on cement. Planter size is 10' long x 3-1/2' deep. The soil is full of roots and a large stump about 2'x2'. Grinder services are very expensive and I would like to remove it all and replant with ideas from this website for freestanding planters. Any ideas on how to remove the roots and stump without poisoning the soil or breaking the blocks? Your tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Photo attached . . .

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Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

You can make a fresh cut and pour Roundup concentrate (undiluted) on it , and wait. It will probably take several applications, and about a year, but Roundup has no soil life so it won't poison the soil. The other option is lots of careful digging and cutting.

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

there are stump removal products that speedsup decay. You need to drill some holes and put the powder in and pour hot water in I think.

there are other products

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