Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

We had a wonderful time at Sheila's, her garden and her home are beautiful and she was very generous to offer her home to our small group. There were 16 of us and it was very good to see our DG friends.
I hope we can do it again in the Fall.
Thank you Sheila, you are a Sweetheart!!!

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

More people having fun together.

Fort Worth, TX

I really enjoyed the gathering, and am happy to announce my hive wasn't invaded by africanized bees, just having a sassy day as the old queen left with her entourage Friday. no stings at all!

and I don't need to have dinner because the food was fabulous! We have members that can cook.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

It looks fantastic. Does anyone want to put who they are? Names to faces is always nice, DG name would be fine. : )

Fort Worth, TX

I am the blond in the off white tee shirt with mother earth in green and blue and jeans, 5th from right, wear glasses

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Got it. Thank you!

Dallas, TX

I'm the one wearing a blue bandana. I've always said that I wear bandanas to keep my head tied on. After a previous RU someone referred to it as 'brain catcher'. I kinda like that.

Dallas, TX

Sheila, I'm still at a loss for words (unusual for me) to describe the RU. In no specific order, here are some thoughts that didn't slip thru my 'brain catcher'.

You were incredibly generous in opening your home and garden to an invasion of the plant snatchers. And always with a smile on your face.

My jaws are still wide open in awe at your garden. It's not a garden. It's an arboretum.

And then there's your tool shed - - - wow!

Thank you for pointing out a shady place to park my car. (Woo hoo!)

Thank you for exhausting this insomniac so that I actually slept for 12 hours.

Wonderful advice from you (and others) regarding each plant. Wish I had a camera. And had brought a tape recorder (or stenographer) to ensure that nothing would slip thru the brain catcher.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for great driving directions.

In other words, THANK YOU!

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

You are so sweet Joan, it was great to see you.

Rowlett, TX(Zone 8a)

Darn it! I went on a 2-week BVI sailing trip (got home on June 24) and am embarrassed to admit that I completely forgot about this. Which really irritates me because I would have loved to see Sheila's yard and flowerbeds. It looks like a good time was had by all, and I will just have to look forward to the Fall RU.


Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

It was a lovely time! Sheila's yard is an inspiration. Thank you, Sheila, for opening your home and gardens to us. I know you've had a rough year. Please tell Herman that we missed him and he needs to hurry up and get well so he can be at the next one!

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

It was a blast to have you all over to my house! Actually we had 17 because my neighbor Cheryl left early to take her husband Greg who was home with a broken leg, a plate of food. Except for the heat it was a most enjoyable day! At least we did have spots of shade and the a/c to retreat to.
Sybram......As for the electrical cord that I forgot was buried in that area. All it did was knick the cable/cord and threw the breaker. I couldn't see it had been thrown. My son came over this afternoon and fixed it. All is well and up and running with lights on again in the shop! This time I moved a stepping stone on top!

I ended up with a whole watermelon and cookies for days. I took Herman some cookies and some of Smockette's S. cheesecake last night and scored a milk from the nurses for him. It was all gone this morning when I got there at 8:30a. They moved him into a private room about noon today and he is much more comfortable. He sat down in an easy chair and fell asleep immediately. I put everything in place and he was still sleeping when I left! LOL!

In the first picture I am the first on the left, turquoise blouse and jeans.

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Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

For the names (the ones I can remember!) on the first pic:
Sheila (traded out for Josephine in the last pic)
Sybil's granddaughter (whose name I can't remember)
Sybil (sybram)
Cylvia (or is it spelled Sylvia?)
Austin (Sybil's grandson)
Mark (my husband)
Joan (tx_flower_child)
Frank (Josephine's husband)
Gypsi (Sorry I can't remember your real name!)
Linda's friend (Again, whose name I can't remember, but he would like to move to the coast. :) )
Momma (Doris, Linda Alyce's mom)
Linda Alyce (Smockette)
Ciny (Cindy_Love)
Ralph (Cindy's husband)

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Wow,thanks. Great looking group, glad all of you had a great time.

Dallas, TX

I'm so happy that my pot shop 'sold' out. Yay! I still have lots of 3 gallon pots scattered around the yard. (Gypsi, you interested? I can easily drive to Ft. W.)

Thanks to Sheila and Stephanie for the passiflora. (Is passiflora singular or plural? Hmmm.)
Thanks to Josephine for the Flame Acanthus.
Thanks to Gypsi and others who responded to my plea for 'mulch, mulch, and more mulch'.
Thanks to Sylvia (?) for giving me some lovely little herbs that will eventually become tea. Can hardly wait.
And you know who you are that gave me some extras from your wonderful arboretum.
Apologies if anything else slid thru the old brain catcher. It will return.

Thanks to everyone for being excellent company!

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Fort Worth, TX

I can always use more 3 gallon, and have sheds for storage, but it is far from an emergency. Thank you for all the pots Joan!

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