African Violet starter plants for POSTAGE

Youngsville, LA

This is an updated list of the A.V.s I have extra & offer for postage as of August 11. I can mail 7 or 8 starter plants of the following named varieties to you in a med. 7"x 7" 3 Day Priority Box for $10. I accept this postage in cash only & mail the box when postage arrives. They are available on a 1st paid, 1st mailed out basis as some are very limited. ---- Kostina's Fantasy ---- Buckeye's Loves Caress ----- Kei Yoki --- Cherries N Cream --- Arapahoe ---Ma's Melody Girl ---Beauty Goddess --- RS Aquamarine -- Newtown Grape Suzette --- Louise Croteau -- Pink Pearls --Pink Duchess -&- The Duchess -- Snow Jewel -- Flamingo Dance
Sorry the deal is now a "Surprise Box" of my choice because I only have 1 or 2 of most. If you are still intersted D-mail me to get my address. Thanks for the overwhelming response, Trudy

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