Forcing plants

Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

First off, I must say I have found a nursery in eastern PA (Point Phillip Perennials) that is amazing. Here is why I like - no LOVE - them. They don't force their plants. You buy them quite small, as in picture 3. These have been in the ground about 6 weeks so they are already considerably bigger than they were when I planted them. The first two pictures shows the same plants I got from them 1 YEAR AGO. It's phenomenal. It's come to the point that I hate getting plants anywhere else. They look big and beautiful when I buy them and it takes 3 years for them to look like this. They are junkies and when they come here, where I don't use chemical fertilizers, they are not happy for a long time.
Thanks, Herb and Kay, for growing plants that would make anyone look like a gardener!

By the way, the two plants are corydalis lutea and Stachys 'Hummelo'

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Natick, MA

Too bad they are local only (dont ship). it's always nice to hear such high praise!

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