Happy 4th Of July

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

We didn't walk down to look at a menu, but it was a nice looking place. It was 4:30 in the afternoon, so we were really not interested in supper yet - plus we ate lunch really late!

Yeah, Charlotte, the Crown shop sells it. Jessica recognized some of the pieces. We just didn't realize we were so close to where it is actually made - and since she has had ceramics at school, she has a deeper appreciation for the pottery. Of course, she may not even have a place you can go in there in Etta - we would have probably checked it out had we known though.

No rain here ............just lots of HEAT!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

The Full Moon on Kavanaugh (Hillcrest end)has it and probably has a much bigger selection.

I used to do ceramics. I have a ton of stuff I made in the attic. Five or six years or so ago I helped the guys at the Veterans home make ceramics for about a year. Actually I did all the prep work. Pouring the molds, cleaning the greenware, firing, etc and all they had to do was paint it. It was very time consuming as they had an old kiln which meant I had to set it and then go back and change the temperature. Set it again and then go back again. But they really got a lot of enjoyment out of it.

I would love to learn how to throw pottery on a wheel like the Etta pottery. I've wanted to take a class at the art center but just haven't been able to work it in.

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Hey everyone like Genna I need to catch up on everyone. I went back to my brothers for a week. He is doing so good. He has a sitter for his wife during the day and that has helped tremendously. While I was there he finally realized he just cannot take her out to public places. She insisted on leaving the minute we got to McDonalds and refused to stay inside the bowling alley. It breaks his heart because they have always done everything together. She is very determined to get her way. So sad was never like that before .
Charlotte thank you for the fb site he loves it.

I have had grands for a week since I got home . They went home for two days then came back. I swear I have no Idea where my day would go but have been so busy I couldn't even sit down to get online. Still feeding Jack from a bottle and some food mushed in milk. So glad when he is weaned.
Sandra I too cook bacon in the oven . I line my cookie sheet with foil to save on the mess. I pour the grease off halway . That is the best clean bacon grease. Hope all goes well with Cayla.

Charlotte good deal with the bees ,that is a win win situation. I cook at home every night and am sick of it. I would love to have to decide where to eat a night for awhile. lOL

Have a grand time Elaine

Jeri glad thing were nice for your Uncle but sorry for your loss. Especially at this time. Funerals bring up fresh emotions that haven't had time to heal.

Genna if you ever get to ruston there is a pottery place there . He took me in the back to show me how he gets theses fantastic colors by using open fire. It was amazing to see the colors emerge.

We finally got a rain yesterday but so many things are already burnt up from the 100 degree heat. It is 99 right now but I am sure most of you are getting the same thing. We were supposed to hit 102 today and reach over 100 till thurs . That's actual temps.

Hope all is well. Take care not to get too hot

Ripley, MS

Just about everything here is burned up but the grass, still growing strong !

Cindy, which color of blackberry lily did you ask me about, I have yellow blooming now

Charlotte, what kind of pie was you showing off on FB ? It looked good and I didn't even know what kind it was--lol

Charity and Faith have been with me since the 16th, Amanda gets back to Memphis tomorrow at 2:45. I think they are ready to go home. faith has kept up with her training while she has been with me. We were at Caylas and she loved running there, too many hills here !

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Cindy that sounds like Raku pottery. I'm fascinated with it! They usually fire it in an open fire. I've always thought Ruston is a neat little town. Lot's of interesting things there.

I'm glad your brother joined MP on FB. I've told several people about it that have joined and they have all really liked the site. I've learned so much on it. So different than just reading a book. You're getting real live experiences as they happen. You can't ever tell how they are going to react to things. Richard wants to go somewhere everyday!! He especially wants to go riding around. He will ride for hours!!! Not something he was that happy to do before. He doesn't like to sit in the car while I go in somewhere. He wants to be moving! I have taken him with me looking for furniture to sell. I take his transfer chair with me and get him out and push him around. Sometimes he gets testy about not wanting to go in but I just get the chair out and open his door and tell him to get in it!!! He will usually do it without a fuss and is happy once I get him inside. He would have never gone to Wal Mart before but it is now one of his favorite places to go to. I can only do it every so often! I push him around in his transfer chair and he loves seeing all the stuff and looking at the people.

I have to take him to places to eat that are not too busy and not real noisy. He doesn't do well with lots of confusion. His table manners are going to pot but that's just the way it is. I have to cut up his food. He can't do that anymore. I've started cutting his burgers into 1/4's as he was having trouble picking up a 1/2. He would have meat and bread sliding everywhere. I can get him to eat at home some if I take him riding and then go home and eat.

I did manage to get him to stay home all day yesterday!!! I am trying to get things somewhat organized. I have taken a whole PU load of stuff to Goodwill and have another load in the truck now! I can actually walk through each side of the garage and get to my shelves. I still have LOTS to do. I can see I need to have a garage sale as bad as I hate to when the weather cools down some. Lots of stuff I'm not just going to give to Goodwill. I have boxes of small tools that I need to sort through and sell. I don't have any idea what that kind of thing sells for so I need to do some research. I have 2 fairly small metal boxes of tools that are so heavy I can't pick them up!!! Plus several large tool boxes totally full of stuff. A lot of the stuff I don't even know what it is. A lot of it was my dad's but if I'm not using it I don't need it! My son went through all the tools of my dad's and picked out what he wanted and I shipped it to him long ago. Just lots of other stuff.

Sandra it was a chocolate pie. I love chocolate pie and every so often I just have to make one. My mother made the best chocolate pie and it was always my favorite. I've gotten where I can make one about as good as hers.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I used to do a lot of ceramics too - but nothing like Jessica did in class. I did the type you are talking about using molds and cleaning greenware and firing, etc. But Jessica has taken two semesters of ceramics. In the first semester, they don't get to use the wheel, but hand build items - they did some sculpting, and made different things. She really had a blast, but then they moved to the wheel last semester. I was really surprised that the teacher actually gives "grades" in the class and it is definitely not an "automatic A" class. Jessica made very good scores both semesters but she said there were several people who got Bs and a couple even got Cs. I was shocked. But, she told Jessica that she is always amazed by how good the science majors do in her class - because they don't see it as an assignment as much as a relaxtion or release from all the tension of the science classes. The art people just see it as another art class and another assignment. They have done a couple of Raku pieces as well, but they take their Raku pieces across the street to HSU to fire because they have a special kiln for that type of firing. I know the Raku pieces aren't food safe but they are unusual. Jessica is taking ceramics 3 this semester and is actually doing some research on the chemical properties and effects of those elements in the different glazes. She is excited. She is wanting to purchase a pottery wheel - but that is going to have to wait a while. I already have a kiln, although it hasn't been fired in years it should still work ok, but the wheels are fairly expensive. I am hoping we can take our time and locate a nice used one for her to have at least to start. One of her first assignments on the wheel was to make 20!!! bowls........... LOL. She made everyone coffee cups too, and the boys and SILs are totally crazy about their's. Kyle and Maddie would go to the ceramics building often to watch the progress of all her stuff, and they even got to pick out the glazes that they wanted on their mugs.

We finally got a rain on Saturday. The plants were thankful, but the heat was back up to scorcher category yesterday so I am not sure if they can tell by now that they got a break! Going to hot here all week!

Charlotte, I saw that Chocolate pie - it looked awesome! I sure miss my Mom's chocolate pie and her coconut pie ..... can't seem to get mine like hers in either case.

If ya'll don't mind, I am once again asking for prayers on Alex's behalf. He takes his MAJOR step 2 exam on Wednesday. It is 9 HOURS long!!! and will determine the rest of his life - it is so scary to me that med school basically comes down to two tests! But, I need all the prayers I can get for him over the next two days leading up to the test and thru the duration of the test on Wednesday. I would definitely appreciate the help lifting him in prayer! I can NOT imagine taking a 9 hr test on ANYTHING! :( It will be several weeks before he receives his results.

Hope everyone has a great day and manages to stay cool!

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Sandra you have solid yellow ? The one I had gotten from you had yellow petal and peachy pink petal.

Charlotte Jackie loves to walk around Walmart . She likes to ride too.

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

That is pretty Cindy!

Ripley, MS

Yes, what I have left now is solid yellow, I guess the pink I had died out

Got the girls back to their parents---Love to see them coming and love to see them going !!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

This has been a long day!!! Started out with a big poop mess this morning!! Samantha got in it before I realized it. White dog (or any dog) and poop don't go together!! By the time I got all that cleaned up it was time to take Richard to the dentist for a fitting for his bottom partial. He still doesn't understand what they are doing. But he should have the bottom partial within a week.

I had to go to Dillard's to do work on some jewelry this afternoon and ended up buying a bunch of jewelry I don't need!!!! But it had been marked way down and I just felt like buying it! So I did. I guess my reward for dealing with poop earlier!

The bee guy still has not come over to move the bird house. I'm going to send him another email and remind him again. I know he is busy so I've been trying to be patient but I've got to get that out of my yard. It is directly over the back of my koi pond and I can't get to any of the controls as long as the bird house is there! They don't bother me unless I get close to the bird house. Then they start swarming out and are not happy. I don't want to get stung again. I have a bunch of different kinds of begonias in that area that I'm just having to spurt water that direction and hope for the best!

I've done sculpting before. I also used to do porcelain and did a lot of sculpting with it. I've also done some sculpting with clay. When I finally got where I had some flexibility with my time I started taking some other classes at the art center and bought a bunch of equipment. I learned to do make glass beads with a torch and sticks of glass. Took a class in metal working and learned to work with silver. Learned wire wrapping, etc. I'm trying to get all my stuff set up in the workshop where I can get to it. The potters wheel is still on my list. It's about the only thing I haven't tried.

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Charlotte, I didn't realize that he hadn't come after the bees............. I thought he was going to get right on it! :( Hope he gets there soon.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Charlotte, Jessica's boss at Merle Norman husband just got diagnosed and she is really having a difficult time with it. She is on facebook a lot and I happened to think the other night that she might benefit from that FB group that you talk about. Can you tell me how she would go about finding it? and how she gets permission to join? Thanks!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Genna the name of the group is Memory People. It is a closed group. Just put Memory People in the search and then she just needs to request to join. They will check out her FB profile to make sure she is a legitimate person and then approve her request. It will not take long for her to be approved. In addition to all the discussion you can do a lot of research on the site.

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Thanks Charlotte! I will definitely tell her.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Bees are gone!!!!!! He came about 8:30 tonight and got them. He did just what I read to do. He first shined a flashlight in the hole to see what was going on. They had gone in for the night. Then he just stuck a wad of newspaper in the hole. They were not happy!!!! You could hear all kind of buzzing and noise going on in the birdhouse. By the time he got it out to his car they were trying to get out and really mad!! He asked for a trash bag to put the bird house in until he could get it down to the park. Now I can get to work on getting my pond up and running again!!! I don't think I'll hang a bird house in that particular spot again! It's been hanging there for several years and been ok but I'm not going to test it!

To celebrate I made myself a snack of fresh fried okra!!! I finally picked some today that was good. I love it but never eat it at a restaurant. It is always soggy and greasy!!! I cut mine up and soak it in a bowl of milk for a few minutes. Then toss it in corn meal with salt and pepper to coat really well and fry it in really hot oil. Probably the same way you all cook it.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I can't believe it! The bird house with the bee nest is gone but there are bumble bees swarming all over the area where the bird house had been hanging and they are not happy! They keep landing on the tree trunk. You can tell they are very agitated! I guess I'm going to have to resort to spraying the area with insect killer. They can't stay in that spot!!!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

uh oh, sorry to hear that Charlotte. Maybe they were the teenagers and they were late coming in for the night and missed the boat........... :( Hopefully he got most of them relocated. Wonder how he handled taking the paper OUT of the hole?? especially with them mad!

I haven't had any fresh okra in a long time, but there is a guy that has a garden on the little road into work and his okra looks so inviting I have been considering trying to pick up some from someone. I use basically the same method except I soak mine in buttermilk - been YEARS since I have made any but it sure sounds good!

Ripley, MS

You probably will have to spray them Charlotte. I got stung on the top of my ear by a red wasp today---ouch, ouch and still ouch ! The nest was in one of the pvc pipes that mark the daylilies, was pulling scapes out and found it. We have had a problem with wasps all summer. We had some that are huge and almost an orange color, they are so bright.

We love okra too, I even like it boiled !

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra that's sort of where the bee stung me. On my left ear right where it joins the side of my head. It had swelling for about a week and itched. Yes I've already had my insect spray out in the area under the tree. They are all over my tree form hydrangea which is in full bloom. Lots of small ones as well as big ones. I'm assuming the small ones are babies. I haven't sprayed there. But I will keep spraying in the area where the bird house came down.

The guy that got them has a degree in bees (whatever that is called) and is the U of A at Little Rock bee expert. He teaches bee keeping as well. So he obviously knows what he is doing. I was lucky to get him to come over. He had his bee keeping suit with him so I'm sure he put it on before taking them out of the plastic bag and pulling the paper out.

I like okra boiled too Sandra but I have to have black eyed or purple hull peas to put the boiled okra in and of course cornbread

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Charlotte, guess a suit would make that job much easier! I never thought about that, but I was sure they were NOT going to be happy about the relocation!

Sandra, we have had a bad problem with wasps for the past several years - just can't seem to make a dent in them. Our porch posts are all turned wooden posts and when we built the house, it was recommended to me to use a little aluminum base that holds that post up off the porch to prevent water from wicking up it and causing them to rot so fast. We thought it was a great idea but we have fought wasps ever since because they would go under that base (only 1/2 tall) and go up in the center of the porch posts and build what had to be huge nests with NO way for us to get spray in to kill them! So, year before last when we were trying to repaint the posts, make minor repairs etc to try to sell the house, we added some pvc molding at the base of each post. It just looks like the post has trim on it, but the aluminum base is still underneath but the wasps can't get into the posts..................so now they are EVERY where else! They build in the eaves, in the grass, even on a tree branch!!! They don't seem to be particular at all. I have a fairly good size nest that I found yesterday right about the overhead door on the garage - I was out of spray, so I will have to try to get it today! But, it is a constant battle. Someone said it is just because I live in the country, but having grown up in the country, there sure seem to be a lot more of the red wasps than there used to be ...... By comparison, I seem to see fewer honey bees and even bumble bees but the wasps seem to be multiplying faster than the bunnies!

Ya'll are sure making me okra hungry! :)

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I'm up for renewal for DG and have decided not to renew at this time. I want to tell everyone how much I cherish the friendship that I have formed with each of you and thanks for all the support when we lost Cameron last year. I'm friends with most of you on FB and if not please d-mail me your email address so we can connect. My love to each of you!!! God bless!!!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I am sorry to hear that Jeri......... I will sure miss seeing your posts on here. I feel like I miss so much on FB - because I can't be on there everyday and there doesn't seem to be any such thing as "catching up' on there for me. Seems like the older posts are just gone forever. :(
But, I wish you all the best and hopefully we can stay in touch! I love my DG friends and have cherished these past few years!!


Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Jeri I too hate to see you leave. I do use FB and I see your posts but I don't see Marilyn's! You know how crazy FB can be with the way it works. I do hope we will stay in touch. You are so supportive of everyone here and we will miss your blessings and the blessing that is you.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I'm also sorry to see you leave Dave's and echo what Elaine said about you. Yes FB is very strange. They seem to keep trying to manipulate things. I've had posts that are over 6 months old all of a sudden start getting comments! Posts that I've even forgotten about. I think maybe someone happens to see it and likes it which brings it back up again. I'm not sure how that happens. Most of the time I spend on FB is with MP and my own business page. Since it's a closed group MP seems to work a little different.

However with my business page I have learned that I have to spend a little money to get the posts actually in the feed of the people that have liked the page. I think our regular FB pages are going the same way. Social media is definitely the new way to market and they are not going to give it away free. I just signed up for something called Constant Contact that is some how affliated with FB. I signed up for a trial. Hope I have time to figure it out.

i'm so tired this afternoon!! It just hit me late this afternoon. I almost threw a full blown tantrum in Home Depot. I was tired and ready to go home. I needed one 12 ft 2 x 6 cut to 10 1/2 ft and I could not find anyone in the lumber area!!! I found 3 people I asked to call someone to the lumber area. They each went on the intercom and paged someone. No one showed!!! I was standing in the middle of the area just about to start screaming!!! A young man (contractor) that was a customer even tried to find someone for me. I was talking really loud to him telling him my problem and he was totally agreeing with me. There was an employee sitting at his station and just totally ignored us! Someone did finally cut my board!

I took Richard over to Pine Bluff to see his brother yesterday afternoon.

This morning I took him with me to Hot Springs to pick up a piece of furniture I had bought. Then I took him to a place on the lake for lunch. On the way home I stopped by a place I can usually find some furniture I can paint. I pushed him all over the mall and did find several pieces. He was getting tired and ready to go home. Just makes it more stressful trying to take care of him and shop at the same time. Brought him home and then headed back out again to do more errands.

Ripley, MS

Jeri, I do not like this at all -------

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I'm sure I will cave in and re-new. We are gonna be busy the next little bit and I thought I'd see if I can make do with just FB. It will be hard. I usually check MS before my email each morning.

Ripley, MS

I am still in touch with Marilyn, on another thread, but you can't quit too ! We have all been friends here for years and like Genna said, we can go back and read these threads if we get behind. I miss stuff on FB all time.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

What is MS?? I don't post the same thing on FB that I do here. I only post very simple things that I really don't care who reads. I would never post the things I post here on FB. I hope you stay with us Jeri.

So many of my friends have been hacked on FB recently you really have to be careful what you click on. It showed that one of my friends had posted this really strange picture of a woman nude from the waist up with all foreign writing on the page. I knew she would have never posted anything like that so I reported it as spam and told her about it and she changed her password and let people know that was not her post.

Then I keep getting a lot of second friend request that are of course from people that have hacked into their accounts. Then I've been notified a couple of times recently that someone accepted my friend request and there they would be in my friend list. I had never heard of them and I remember the friend request I make. I immediately deleted them. I don't know how they can do that but I don't like it!!

I went to bed at 9:30 last night and slept until 7:30 this morning. I never go to bed before midnight and often later than that but I was really really tired last night!!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Yall are right about this being like family!!! Jim has been fussing at me to stop spending money and cut corners where ever possible and I thought that this would be one way to do it but I told him how I was gonna really miss everyone so much and then he said I was being ridiculous to stop my subscription to something that he even knows, means so much to me. So I guess I'll renew after all. Now I have to figure out what he is talking about cutting corners. It's not my fault that everything is so high. It seems my bill is higher every time I go to the grocery. TG we did the solar panels cause my bill has almost risen to the level it was before.

My aunt has been in the hospital since last Friday. She is going down fast. Jim & I are gonna leave Thursday instead of Friday and swing by Mobile on our way to the factory. She did pretty good the week right after Uncle Norman passed (all 3 of her daughters were there) but I think their 71st anniversary on the 24 took it's toll on her, the cousins went home and then she was just there. Her finances have changed since Uncle Norman died. I'm afraid it's all too much for her.

I have been tired to the bone too Charlotte but no hope of that happening before we leave, maybe on this trip I'll get to relax a bit.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I glad you are staying Jeri! I think Jim means something more than a $20 a year subscription for something that means so much to you.

I know what you mean about things gets higher. Prices at the grocery store are getting ridiculous! I'm always amazed at how much just the little amount I buy for the two of us cost. Utilities also keep climbing up and up. I just read where it looks like they are going to get approval to raise our sewer rate every year for the next 5 or 6 years!! I'm already paying around 50.00 a month just for sewer! My actual water is very little.

Richard's daughter and her husband decided to eliminate cable. It keeps going up and up. They will lure you in with a great deal but then that expires and they start raising rates. The last rate increase they go they decided they had had enough and just got a antenna. I think that's kind of the mode we are all in. We have to find some areas we can cut.

If it were not for Richard insisting we have to have the paper every day although he doesn't know what he read 5 minutes later I would cut it out.

Jeri I missed where you are going???? Your poor Aunt! It's so hard on them when they lose a spouse that has been a part of their life for so long. I'm sure she lost all of his income when he died and that can change things.

Ripley, MS

I may be wrong, but I think last time I re upped it was 15 ?
Glad you kept our corner, cut someone else's corner off---LOL.

I missed where you are going too Jeri, what factory ?

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Yes Charlotte, I'm sure she lost all of Uncle Norman's retirement and retiring from the Federal Government I'm sure his life insurance was only around $50,000.00. Sounds like a lot of money until that is all you have. Then it's scary.

Charlotte I'm not old enough for medicare and my hospitalization is a $1000.00 a month and my deductible is $1900.00 a year.

We're heading to Indiana to the motorhome factory. We have an appt. Monday for them to take care of some problems that we have had with the TV wiring since we bought the rig.

I still have not finalized the deal on our park. When I mess something up, at least I do a good job of it. We found the last granddaughter Friday and are trying to make contact with her now. I have been working on this since May.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Jeri, I am so excited you have decided to stay! I will admit that I considered non -renewing back in April, but I figured I would just end up spending that 20 on something that wouldn't mean nearly as much to me! I missed where and when you are going on your trip as well. Hope you have a safe and fun one and that you are able to relax! Your aunt may have to move closer to another family member to gain some stability but maybe she just needs a few months to adjust. My Mom was totally LOST without my Dad. I found it so strange because she made a lot of the family decisions on how money was spent, was responsible for making sure there was always savings in the bank, dealt with all the insurance, etc. but after Dad died she couldn't make even the most simple decisions!! I finally told her that I KNEW she missed him and that her life would NEVER be the same, but that she STILL had the ability to make sound decisions. That was months after Dad died - and I tried to say it nicely - but I do think it was a wake up call to her for how indecisive she had become about EVERYTHING! Thankfully, over time, and I am sure with a lot of effort on her part, she got better. But, 4 yrs later when she got sick - that was it.............she had no desire to fight to try to stay here. She would tell you she was ready to go!

I surely wish I did have an answer to the grocery prices! I think I might truly have to try to raise a REAL garden and I have no idea how I would do it!! But, I am shocked every time I check out and am also thankful I don't have to still feed 3 kids at every meal! Of course, I buy a lot of stuff at Sam's and divide it up to share with the kids so I am still partially feeding them anyway, but definitely not every meal. When Ryan was here visiting - I went thru a lot more in grocery money because I was cooking full meals every night, but then Jessi and I both were eating the leftovers for lunch and not buying lunches..... although I almost always eat lunch at home anyway, and Jess usually takes her lunch. We were just eating leftovers instead of a sandwich, cereal, or frozen lunch. I saw several people with packed out buggies yesterday in Walmart..... I guess they got their government checks because otherwise I don't see how anyone could pay for all those groceries at one time!

We cut the Camden paper back when we thought we were moving and I don't miss it at all. The only thing is the obits - and I do missing knowing when some people pass away, but I try to get online and check the local funeral home but I don't do it every day so there are some I just don't find out about until weeks later. Leigh still reads the democrat everyday - but I never look at it. I have threatened to cut the Dish bill too. I just have the very basic service but it just keeps going up.....and one thing I REALLY don't like is that they made me go to draft payment the last time when we upgraded to the DVR. Now, they just raise the bill and the first notice I have of it is when the draft amount is different. I think they have less complaints because a lot of people don't pay any attention to something that is automatically drafted like they would if they had to think about writing that check for that amount. Like, for instance, I have a coworker who has a draft out of his account for a local gym - pays it EVERY month and has NEVER stepped foot in the place! He has been paying this for at least 2 yrs - craziest thing I have EVER heard of. He says he never thinks about it because they draft it out! Anyway, I have considered just getting an antennae but I am not sure we could pick up the LR stations from our location. I have been told it would be next to impossible. I have also been told that AT&T has done away with the phone renewal contracts and that everyone will have to pay that monthly rental on a phone instead..... which is close to 20 a month PER PHONE...... I sure hope that is not true, but if it is, something is going to have to give because we have 5 phones on our plan. Oh, and Charlotte, they always raise Alex's satellite rates - so he calls them and tells them he is going to switch to direct or whoever .... I think he has Comcast at the moment...... but they always match the other price which is about the same as what he was paying before the rate increase. He has done this twice so far, and it has worked both times....... so we will see.

I am not sure how anyone prepares for retirement with things constantly going up in price!! I was looking at possibly buying a new or new to me vehicle but gosh they are almost twice what I paid for my last one which I have only had 6 yrs!! I bought my suburban used with only 20K miles on it (new in my opinion), but after looking and looking it appears I would have to pay close to 10K more for a vehicle with a minimum of 40K miles on it. I know things go up but that seems a little extreme to me!

My AC is not working in my office - and I am roasting............ :( Hope everyone else manages to stay cool!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Jeri, we cross posted...... maybe he had his retirement set up in an annuity so that she could continue to draw all or part of his retirement..... hopefully! But, of course, she will lose his SS - and hers might go up some if his was more than hers. My Mom and Dad didn't have any type of retirement, just their savings and SS. When Dad died, because he was in a "gap year" and his check was so much less than everyone else that I knew - my Mom got a $4 / mo increase in her check to take it to his level..... but of course, then she only had ONE check instead of 2 to try to live off of. All of her expenses basically stayed the same.....

Good luck on finding that last granddaughter! I know you are ready to be finished with it and start relaxing! Hope it is cooler in Indiana!! :)

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Jeri so glad you are staying on here too . I tried staying off a year but could not keep up with all of you on FB. Every time a friend post something the feed rolls and I miss what is going on with the people I really care about. I don't get everyone's post either. I just re- uped and it is 20 but I have decided that is les than 2 dollars a month and worth it. I am like Charlotte. I don't post really personal things there that I would here. My real support system is here and I know it. Hope all of you are managing to stay cool. Genna I don't know how you are standing an office with no air. We are in for another week over 100.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Sandra what day is Cayla's test

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Rain teased up for a while this afternoon but don't think we are actually going to get any. It got real cloudy and a few sprinkles fell and that was it.

Comcast is who his daughter got rid of. The last time they got an increase they didn't notify them in advance just increased the bill. They got some kind of antenna that they put on the roof and connected it to the existing cable wiring. Not sure how all that works. They first just tried the inexpensive rabbit ear things inside to see what they could get and then decided they could just do away with cable. She said there is really not a lot they want be able to get with the antenna. She said her husband is the one that will have to give up the most a he will not be able to get some of the sport things he has watched before. But he said it wasn't that big of a deal to him. They also did away with their land line. I would get rid of ours if it were not for Richard. I haven't made a telephone call on our home for in ages.

You know me and marching to my own drummer. I never wanted a set monthly retirement plan. My dad retired early (62) and was given the option of drawing his retirement monthly or taking it in a lump sum distribution. I talked him into taking the lump sum (based on what I had learned in banking) and rolling it into an IRA. A bank trust department managed it for him which took the stress out for him. That way he did not have to pay taxes when he received it - just had to pay taxes on what was withdrawn each month. I ended up inheriting half of what he had left in the IRA when he died. I did the same thing I had advised him. I rolled what I received into an inherited IRA (I had to pay no taxes at the time) and only pay taxes on what I take out of it each year. I have taken the require amount out every year for the last 12 years and I now have more in the account than I started with back in 2003. I received retirement benefits from my banking job but I had total control of it and also rolled all off it into my existing IRA so as not to pay taxes when I received the total amount and only draw from it what is mandatory. If I ever need to I can draw additional money but I just don't like to pay any more taxes than necessary. It also grows more if I limit what I take out. That's just me. A lot of people would rather have a set amount every month they know they are getting. I only transfer money out once a year and that's what I operate on for the whole year. I also have a money manager I pay a fee to manage it because I know just enough to know that it's worth every penny I pay him. He has more than covered the fee he charges with his knowledge and ability to grow the accounts.

Ripley, MS

Cindy, she has already has the test and set up for surgery the 18th. We will be going up there with her. The surgery is scheduled for 3:30 pm and she will be in hospital 2 days, then no lifting for 3 weeks. We will have to come back by Thursday so Jerry can get his therapy on Friday. He will miss one day from us going. He has to do his shoulder 3x a week, the hand 2x
She is excited about it and feels good about it. She is coming tomorrow to spend the night, her EX is having a baby on Wed and his wife wanted to keep Eli, the first week when the baby got here---LOL-- guess she has no real idea what she is up against being a new Mom, so Cayla told her she would bring Eli to see the new baby, but he can't stay a week, he is starting school sometime this month. She is very close to Cayla, as Cayla helped her through her miscarriage and of course has been very sweet to her. She is really young, probably 19, maybe 20. They are having a girl, I think. She isn't sure what day school starts for Eli, but thinks it is later in the month. He will go a 1/2 day with other children with autism.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Oh my! She really doesn't have a clue what it's like having a new baby!!! As Cayla is certainly smart enough to know - not the place for Eli for the week!

So Cayla will finally be getting the hip problem fixed??? I know she will be so glad to get that behind her.

How old is Eli now??? Pre-school or kindergarten? My how time flies by!!!

Ripley, MS

Eli was 3 in June, time does fly. This surgery is to remove the mass/clot that has been there since the injection and bleed she had in Oct. her legs are numb and her hands are having some numbness too. He will go in above where your bra sits almost to her neck, drill a hole in the bony part of her spine and try to drain that off. They will also leave a drain inside, the doc said that is the biggest problem with this surgery, they have to go in when the drain clogs. With his experience he said every 3 to 4 years it will clog. It is not on a pump like the shunt in her head. He assured her he would not be doing anything to her spinal cord so the risk of any paralysis is minimal. Her hip still hurts, but after all the trouble she has had I double she will ever try to fix it again.
Eli's school is a continuation of what the in home therapist has worked with. I think being with other kids will help him a lot.

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