July 2015

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

So, here it is, early July. We are getting rain as I type. We actually need a nice shower, so it is welcome. Well, except for the guys that thought the forecast was a lie and mowed hay! LOL

The yard will need to be mowed in the next day or so as it is growing great guns too.

I have to work at the sale barn this afternoon. I suppose with the rain the farmers will load up their calves and bring them in. Mondays are usually running over with calves. :>)

Richmond, TX

We have had a lot more rain than usual this spring and it seems to be continuing into summer. All I seem to do around here is shred pastures and fix things. Yesterday I went to help run a horse trials 50 miles north of here. The road leads through a lot of crop land and there were two distinct stages of growth: large healthy sorghum and cotton and corn (it was ready to harvest) which had been planted early before the rains made the fields too wet to work, versus the little sprouts that have been planted recently after the weather dried. Quite a contrast!

My lawnmowers just got back from the shop, and I could barely mow through the grass in the front "lawn" which had only been cut with the shredder in their absence.

I am currently waiting for the well men to come find out why the pump keeps popping its breaker. Always something to fix!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

The SU and I mowed "the estate" and it now looks company-ready. If someone would just drive in and tell us it looks nice. LOL

We were at a campground with the RV from Thursday thru yesterday. It was only an hour away from home, but it was fun to get away. It was the rally of the Heartland Owners, the RV brand we have. It was a small group, about 6 RV's and a dozen people. The SU and I went bicycle riding on Sunday afternoon on a couple of the bike paths in Dubuque, IA. We went 12 miles. The paths were paved and very nice riding.

We decided that this particular campground is one we'd like to take the grands to, because of the bike paths and the campground also has a swimming pool. I know our GD is equipped with a good set of gills, if her time in the Caribbean last fall is any indication. LOL She spent most of her waking hours in the water. we hope we can make it work before they go back to school.

Richmond, TX

Sounds like fun! After our wet spring we are now having a couple of weeks of sunny weather in the 90s. I hope it dries the grass up a little; I keep breaking things trying to shred the pastures because the grass - especially the Bahia - is so thick the shredder gets clogged. Currently I am waiting for the welder to make a small repair so that I can catch up before it rains and everything starts growing again. I think it is safe to say that the pastures have now recovered from the drought of2011. I keep thinking that maybe I need more cows...

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Oh, cripes, don't do anything THAT dumb........getting more cows. LOLOL You really want more trouble???

Got the yard mowed and this afternoon I FINALLY got the rest of the plants moved out of the g'house. Then I started cleaning up there. I need to fill my water tank again so I can hose the floor down again. There was enough in there to soak everything down so now I will have to go shovel up the mud so I can do it again.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Today is entry day for our county fair. I am the open class baked good superintendent, those items are brought in on Thursday, the day of judging. Then after they are judged, they will be sold by silent auction. The proceeds go to the fair association. I have also been asked to help check in things today starting at noon. That means I need to get my entries around and get there earlier so I can take the things where they need to be before I start to "work".

I'm taking 4 plants, 1 photo enlargement, and several baked goods. When the samhill I am going to actually BAKE the stuff is beyond me. Wednesday morning I have an appointment for my weight-loss weigh in, I have to work at the sale barn in the afternoon, and the SU wants to take the grands to the opening night grandstand show at the fair, the rodeo. Oy-vey............looks like an all-nighter for ME!!! I have white bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies and a couple pies I was wanting to make. Hmmmm..........may have to re-think all that. LOL

Richmond, TX

There is possibly something contradictory about a weight-loss program and a baked goods competition. - Or maybe not; it sounds as if you are too busy to actually eat any of your baking. What happened to the body building competition? That sounds like more fun.

All of it sounds better than waiting half the day for the welder to decide to show up to replace the ball joint on the lift arm of my favorite tractor. Then he found he had forgotten about half of his equipment but got it done anyway - somehow - including using a hand-held chop saw to cut off the old part as he had brought empty gas bottles for his torch. So I'm back to shredding pastures for the foreseeable future.

Let us know how your entries do at the fair.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I mixed up the cookie dough tonight and put it in the fridge. Hopefully I can make the roll and loaf dough in the morning and put that in the fridge too to retard yeast activity. Brownies.............Hmmmm..............dunno yet. Pies??? Same deal, but I'm hoping I can get the fillings thickened and also in the fridge so I just have to make the crusts. Who knows?

I really want to get in good enough shape to compete again. We'll see how THAT all goes. I will have to lose the 15 or so pounds that I haven't so far..........no way I can compete looking the way I do now.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

We've moved to a new month........


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