Transparent jello, hv you ever made it or tasted it

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In rare (I'm lying) occasions DH and I visit the Chinese buffet. The last couple of times they've had a flavored crystal clear jello that I can't get enough of. Dang waitress does not know or doesn't want to tell me what it is. To me it tastes like a mixture of vanilla and/or rose syrup.

I'd love to try it at home if I can figure out what is is. Can you help?

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Perhaps this will yield some ideas...Let us know what you come up with.

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Vossner, that is an Almond Jelly (aka: Almond Jello, aka: "Hun Yun Dou Phoo"). They are often made with different milks, both dairy and non-dairy.

Hope this helps. =)

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

thanks both. I had cked pinterest before posting here and found nothing close to the one I ate at restaurant.

Almond jello is white not transparent. I don't like that one and I'm a jello lover.

Maybe I'll just be bold and go inside the restaurant's kitchen to find out.

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Send us a message and let us know what your bail is. Not that we'd pay it though. Gene

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no worries. i'll just go to

Could it have been coconut flavour?

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and there are these tea jellies

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Good job! It could be either one of them but as I think about it, it could be some kind of sweetened coconut flavoring. I'm going in that kitchen, lol

Order it again, and smell it before you taste it. If you go into the kitchen, you may not eat there again, lol.

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Or you could do like Todd Wilbur and take a bit of it home to examine it further... have some friends and/or family taste-test it for you to give you their input.

Most of those "Almond Jelly's" are made with milk of some sort, it's true; but not all of them.

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If it's authentic it's made with agar, sugar and coconut juice (the water inside the coconut). The juice is availabe canned at Asian markets. A buffet probably opts for less expensive ingredients and uses clear gelatin, sugar and coconut flavoring.

I know this topic is over a year old, but I'm glad to have found this thread. I googled for an answer to "what is the clear jello flavor at Chinese restaurants" and it brought me here. I'm going to try the coconut, agar, and almond flavorings, as others here have suggested, to see if I can recreate it at home. I can't get enough of that jello. Truth be told, I thought maybe it was musk jello, which is why I decided to post here. Years ago a friend sent me musk candy sticks from AU and that's what the jello reminded me of...musk essence. It has a floral flavor to it sort of between rose and lavender. I've only found one online seller that has baker's musk essence, but I don't know if they ship to the US, so I've been looking for alternatives. Best wishes to all.

PS. A link to the baker's musk essence in case anyone was curious (I hope it posts!):

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What a coincidence that this thread popped up. It just happens that I went to that restaurant and asked to speak with chef/cook. She came out and told me it was lychee jello, that they bought in packages from Sysco, a restaurant supplier. I've since found a recipe and it is lychee, sugar and clear gelatin. Haven't tried it yet.

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I'll try to check that out. My son is a wholesale food rep and reps Sysco.

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Ya'll are sooooooooooooooo funny, LOLOL!

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