Good Old "Polish Spirit"

(Zone 4b)

Same plant shown on different sides of the same deck railing:

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Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

Polish Spirit is my favorite clematis! I have several Polish friends and they are hardworking, dependable, won't quit kind of people. Aptly describes this lovely clematis.....,

The first picture shows one on each side of the front door. The second one is in my back garden.

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(Zone 4b)

Excellent rteets. It looks like yours gets lots of sun.

Pittsburgh, PA

I have 'polish spirit' in an area of heavy afternoon sun and heat. This is the second year, and It had one flower early in the summer and that is all. It seems too much sun keeps my clematis from blooming.

Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

Mine is in full sun. I would say mine didn't mature completely for about 4 years. Yours might be a little young.

Pittsburgh, PA

Maybe? Mine has lots of leaves and looks healthy. I have lost 4 (H.D. Young, Abilene, Integrifolia and Rouge Cardinal ) of my clematis that were planted in hot sun, this past winter. Although I do not have the best drainage in my soil, it seems that the clematis planted in part-sun, are going strong, and the full sun, mulched plants have gone to the great beyond!

If you look at the individual cultivars in the Raymond Evison website, Abilene (which is one that I lost) states: A very free-flowering plant ideal for a "shady" position in the garden. I presume this was my downfall planting Abilene in burning sun. It bloomed like crazy the summer before it's demise. I am confused regarding their placement in the garden.

I have a Sweet Summer Love, that is now blooming wildly, and has a vanilla scent, planted in full sun, but mulched heavily. They all were mulched heavily.

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