Surprise flower

Decatur, GA

Some plants you just never expect to flower and this is one of them for me. Surprise surprise.
I have had this cactus for years (I had it IDed while ago but lost the tag again).
If anyone knows the name I'll try again on retaining the name.

Thumbnail by helenchild Thumbnail by helenchild Thumbnail by helenchild
Cannelton, IN(Zone 6b)

Mine bloomed for the first time last year. I believe it is Parodia leninghausii

Thumbnail by smashedcactus Thumbnail by smashedcactus
Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

Yes, they are beautiful!

Reno, NV(Zone 6b)

When that one hatched, it was a Notocactus. (Yes, I'm old!).

Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

Yeah, me too. Looking good. The plant looks like it has a few years under its belt. They are amazing once they start clumping like that. Mine flowered in the spring.

Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Congrats on the bloom. Beautiful!

Decatur, GA

I am happy to report my plant is now properly labeled.

Reno, NV(Zone 6b)

We won't ask if you labeled it Notocactus or Parodia as that would give away your age. 8')


Decatur, GA

I've got plenty of age but my labeling was based on what was given to me here.
Parodia leninghausii

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